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Ben Still

Ben’s last name fully reflects his manner of work. He can remain still for hours designing his new project, being totally absorbed into his meticulous work. Ben is a perfectionist, and this is the reason why he is so critical about all websites he sees or works with. For him, good and well-though design means seamless user experience which makes the user love the platform.

At the same time, as a Quality Assurance manager, he tests the sites for bugs and glitches, and believes that every next glitch and bug the user stumbles across decreases the possibility of conversion for several percent. Ben is convinced - and we support his opinion here - that today the competition in the online gambling is so high that one just cannot afford having a bad and glitchy website that makes the user’s eyes bleed. If they do, Ben says, then they earn money in a different way than providing positive experience to their customers.

Visual experience and navigation on the site are not just aspects of “prettiness” of the sites; these are the first layers of interaction between the user and the online casino. Ben Still assesses these two things to identify whether the casino takes care of its visitors, or not.

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Australia opens wide horizons for fans of betting, because all types of gambling are legal in Down-under. There are online casinos, lotteries, as well as racing facilities functioning all over the country. According to the recent statistics, Australians are the most gambling nation in the world, spending and winning more money than any other nation out there

Online Blackjack Tournament Tips

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What do we know about online blackjack tournament tips? Some people can hardly imagine that blackjack tournament actually exist. No wonder, when we talk about the gambling tournaments, we associate them with poker mostly. Nevertheless, each player who plays backjack online should be aware of the blackjack tournament tips if one day he or she wants to become a champion.

Roulette History and Interesting Facts

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At first glance, there is nothing special in this game of chance: light ball and a wheel with the colored cells. It is, however, difficult to accept the fact that the age of the roulette wheel is not even one hundred years. Roulette is so old and legendary that if you even try to print all of its famous stories, it would be necessary to allocate a huge library for storing thousands of books!
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