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Many players, especially beginners, are wondering what is the maximum bet they can make at an online casino, in average. Of course people are interested in making max bets because the more money you bet, the more is your win if you are lucky. Also, inexperienced bettors expect the casino to provide them with additional perks because, well, they bet big and invest money into the platform. However, this does not really work this way.

First of all, you cannot find out what is the general max bet at online casinos, simply because every platform has its own limits on betting. So, to see what is the biggest sum you can bet, you should go and check Terms and Conditions (which many beginners ignore). Also, different games may have different limits; for example, table games and slots have different limits on the max bet. So, if you are interested in playing big, honestly, read Terms and Conditions, and check the rules for every type of game (be it slots, card games, table games, video poker, or whatever).

Secondly, without being aware of the max bet limits, you risk to violate the terms, and the casino will simply take away your winnings at best – if you prove that it was your mistake. In the worst case scenario, all your winnings will be takes away, bonus nullified, and account closed.

Thirdly, if you have an active bonus that you have claimed when registering at the casino website (this is very much true about Welcome bonuses, because these promotions are usually the biggest), your max bet may differ even more. So check Terms and Conditions applied to the bonus you take, before you claim it.

Fourthly, if you want to bet with really big sums, an average online casino is not what you need. Betting big without all those problems and issues is possible mostly at high roller casinos.

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Best online casinos for max bet


Maximum bet at High Roller casinos

High Roller casinos are created specifically for people who are ready to risk bigger money in order to win more impressive sums. If you are such type of gambler, you have two options.

The first option is to look for an online casino that allows its VIP clients to bet big. Look for reliable and reputable platforms that have been on the market for many years, and check their VIP programs. Many sites allow their loyal customers bigger bets as a “thank you” for regular playing.

The second option is to look specifically for high roller casinos. These are sites accepting only big bets, and their max bet is way higher than at an average website. In fact, there are plenty of reliable high roller sites - for example, King Billy, Betchan, or PlayAmo. They have their own rules, accept pretty high bets, and also many of them allow depositing with cryptocurrency, which means the lowest possible bet is still higher than average.

Therefore, if you have a goal of winning jaw dropping amounts of money, and you are ready to bet big, just choose a reliable high roller web casino that accepts such players. However, please keep in mind that even high roller sites have their max bets and limits.

Why do online casinos have a maximum bet?

Now, why do casinos even have those stupid max bet rules? Many gamblers believe that if they deposit and shoot big, the site is still in benefit due to the house edge. Yet, everything is not that primitive.

Of course, if you parlay considerable money to the site on a regular basis, the site earns on that. Yet, when you win on your bets, you can make a packet and this sum may make a hole in the casino’s budget. If they do not set limits for amount of bets, gamblers will raise their bets almost endlessly (at least those who can afford it), and those wins will definitely send the casino’s budget into a spin.

When the site sets a limit on stakes, it means the management of the casino counts what amount of wins the venue can handle without going bankrupt. And you do not want the venue to go bankrupt, especially on your win, because they can roll the dice and deny you the withdrawal, or shut your account altogether. Leaving one player unhappy is better than losing budget for business.

So, the gaming houses count their budget, identify what amount of cash they can pay as winnings to players without losing the whole thing, and depending on this set the limits on max bet allowed.

What is the max bet rule?

The max bet rule is literally the rule of the casino defining the largest sum you are allowed to bet within one stake. While you keep under the upper line, you are fine and your winnings are legit. In case you breach this rule, the platform will most probably take action and either denies your withdrawal, or nullifies the winnings, or even suspend the account until they make it all clear for you.

Please keep in mind that this rule works even if you were too lazy to read the Terms and Conditions, and were not aware of the limitation. Many gamblers believe the management and operators are too busy to watch the amount of stakes for one single account, but they are wrong.

Surpassing the max bet limit means you can demand from the platform more money than it was ready to give you as winning. If more than “one account” does it, the platform risks to lose impressive finance. This is why the process of monitoring the bets is done by casino software, and sooner or later, they identify those who violates the rule.

This is especially true for newly registered customers who claimed the Welcome Bonus.

Active bonus max bet

The most frequent problem about max bet appears in case a newly registered user claims a bonus (usually a Welcome bonus), but learns nothing about terms and conditions applied to that bonus, let alone the max bet allowed. However, the casinos watch these very closely, because they already give out some cash as a bonus (yeah, those have to be wagared through first, but still some gamblers manage to win cash).

By giving out Welcome package cash, the platform already risks some of its funds, and it expects the gambler to return some money while wagering the bonus. But if the gambler surpasses the max bet and wins, the platform’s financial risks double.

We understand that this max bet rule is definitely unfair from the gambler’s point of view. However, please keep in mind that online casinos are businesses created by owners to make money in the first place. Having a business also means counting the risks and preventing those risks. If the casinos don’t have these limitations, they all will quickly go bankrupt, and anyone will have a chance to win a life changing sum.

So spend several minutes of your precious time to learn about the max bet amount for every site you visit for gambling, and pay special attention if you claim any kind of bonus.

Best max bet online casinos

CasinoMax bet
KingBilly casino€/$10 per spin
PlayAmo casino€/$5 per spin
Spinia casino€/$5 per spin
Nomini casino€/$5 per spin
Casinonic€/$5 per spin

The best games for making max bets

Not all games are equally suitable for placing max bets with the most profit for yourself. Learn more about what games can be used for the biggest advantage if you want to bet like a high roller.

Roulette max bet

Roulette is a nice option for placing big bets, because you can use a strategy to optimize chances for success. This way, your big bet will more probably bring you high win. Check out some of the best Roulette games:

  • Premier roulette by Microgaming
  • American roulette gold
  • Roulette royale

Slots/Pokies max bet

Slots, or pokies, are good for placing high bets for newbies who want to give it a shot. Since there are not many rules, and no complicated strategy to apply, all you have to do is calculate what game payout will bring you more profit on your high bet. Check out the list of slots that have the highest RTP rate:

Blackjack max bet

Blackjack is a good choice for those gamblers who is skillful at card games. Using smart strategy with cards, you can maximize your winnings with higher bets. Check out some blackjack games below:

  • Blackjack single deck
  • Live casino blackjack
  • Live casino common draw blackjack

How to use the max bet feature at online casinos

If you want to take advantage of the highest bets possible, you should know the limits in the first place. We have already figured this out.

Now, many games, especially slots, actually have the “max bet” button showed to you when you play. In case you are an experienced gambler, have counted your budget, have not claimed the bonus, and you are sure the returns will be awesome, then you may use this button to make stakes. However, the only fact that this button is there does not mean you have to use it.

If you are not 100% sure you have it all covered, better do not risk your potential winnings. It is very disappointing to deposit the money, wager through the bonus, win a couple of games and even a small jackpot, only to find out that you have unknowingly surpassed the upper limit and now all your wins will be nullified.

Of course we do not recommend you to avoid max bets. But it is always a good idea to visit high roller casinos for such kind of gambling. There, you will be allowed to make high stakes and risk your funds for the sake of jaw dropping wins, and the site won’t ban you because they have counted their budget and are ready to cover the wins. In an average online casino, though, it makes more sense to keep it low profile, gamble quietly, and cash out your winnings without any issues.

Will your account get closed if you win?

More often than not, casinos do not pay much attention on the size of your parlay as long as you do not win big, or win at all (the smaller is the budget, the more attention they pay). You may not be aware of hitting the upper limit, or you may be aware and think that you are smarter that everyone else, until you win a more or less considerable sum and want to withdraw it.

The casino, generally, does not care until you hit a jackpot, or until you request a cash-out. Every time you make a withdrawal request, it takes 24-72 hours (or even more) for a casino to check your gambling patterns, see if you have met the wagering requirements or bonus terms and conditions, and whether your win and withdrawal are legit. And this is exactly the time when the platform find out that you have violated the max bet rule.

I’ve broken the max bet. What next?

If this has happened, you do not have many options, really. In the majority of cases, most probably your withdrawal request will be declined, all the money in your account confiscated, and your account suspended or blocked.

While this scheme seems incredibly unfair, unfortunately, web casinos have to follow it, to protect themselves from fraud. Hackers invent dozens of ways to breach the casinos’ protection layers, and make software that gambles at the site automatically, trying to outsmart the system. So the sites become too cautious and want to play it safe.

If you have any reasonable line of defence for yourself, you may try to contact the Customer support and argue your point. However, we have to inform you that the outcome is unlikely to change. So the best strategy is to avoid such situations altogether.

Protect yourself using the max bet protection

If you are concerned and not sure whether you can keep in mind the max bet correctly at all times, there is only one efficient solution to look for. You can use the tool for setting the betting limits on your account. Only the best and the most reliable casinos offer it, but it is not hard to find a bunch of such websites that take care of their customers.

What you have to do is go to your account settings and look for possibility to set the betting limits. Check out the max bet on the site first, and make the necessary corrections on your account. If you cannot find such option in the settings, contact the Customer Support and ask if they can help. If there is no such function at all, maybe it makes sense to visit another web gambling platform.

By setting the betting limits, you will be able to always make max bets without breaking any rules of the site!


Max bet is an attractive concept because it suggests winning larger sums while gambling at online casinos. However, most sites have strict max bet limits in order to protect themselves from unexpected financial losses if someone hits a jackpot or stuff. If you would like to make big parlay, look for high roller casinos that allow big wagers. However, please pay attention to the max bet limits to avoid problems with the operator.

The best place for max bets is high roller casinos that accept high wagers and pay big.


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