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The number of visitors who come to try instant play casinos daily are through the roof. The reason for popularity of no download casinos is in the great number of games easily accessible right from the browser tab. You waste no time downloading and installing a space-consuming soft. All you need is a browser with Flash and connection to the Internet to access instant play casino from any device.

Not all instant play casinos are worth of your attention, though. Casinority have selected the best instant play gambling websites that offer cutting-edge security, quality games and best bonuses for all admirers of no download casino.

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

List of the best instant play casinos


What are our selection criteria for instant play casinos?

Even if you only want to take a look at what a casino is and to spin the reels once or twice in online slots, don’t leave the choice of casino to chance. We at Casinority know firsthand about the deciding impact of such random instant play gaming on players’ perception of Internet casinos. There is a small chance that pirated games of poor quality will make you go back to casino gaming. That’s why, there are immutable rules we follow when picking instant play casinos for our punters.  

#1. Compatibility across browsers, devices, and operating systems.

This criteria is, by all means, the defining one. Instant play casino has got to give access to instant play games no matter what device you access it on. If you play on PC or laptop, you should be able to do so from Mac, Linux, and Windows-based computers. You also should be able to play no download casino games no matter what kind of browser it is you use: Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox… Same goes for mobile devices. Compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems is a cannot-do-without for modern egaming providers.    

#2. Variety of games.

Not taking all traditional games like slots, roulette, blackjack, etc., good casinos have exclusive games that you can’t find anywhere else. The more games you can find offered by a provider for instant play, the better.  

#3. Availability of support.

24/7 support has got as much to do with reliability of gaming provider as everything else. Player needs to be able to access support anytime via the most convenient mean of communication. Gamblers can get consults on deposit and no deposit bonuses, as well as resolve withdrawals problem together with customer representatives. As a rule, live chat support accessible right from a casino’s website is the choice of the majority of players.    

#4. Privacy of having an instant play account.

Having casino instant play account does not subject you to any risks connected to the personal data security. Each time you log in with your email and pass that no one else knows. You can do so from any device, just do not forget to log out.

#5. Sound and image quality.

Naturally, what every gambler wants to see is a high quality and realistic picture regardless of what game she plays. If the picture lags and the sound isn’t crisp, who would want to play that?

Having applied such strict criteria, we can assure you, no weak casinos get even close to our list. We’ve decided that Spin Palace casino deserves to be named the best in “No Download” nomination. The given casino, by all means, excels in the number and diversity of instant play games that can be run on different devices, across different platforms.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No Download casinos

If you can’t make your mind on what type of casino is the most suitable for you, we suggest estimating the pros and cons of online casino with no download. The very first one arises right from the name - no download. In fact, this feature of casinos has been singled out by players themselves. They began looking for instant play casinos by Googling them as “instant play online casino” or “no download casino games.” This way, this group of casinos united all the casino operators who deliver games to players to enjoy playing without download right from an Internet browser.

As promised, we gathered all useful info about instant play casino, in particular, things you may like or dislike about it.

  • Instant access
  • Compatibility across devices
  • Play right from browser
  • Saves disk space
  • Works for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry mobile operating systems
  • No need to download anything
  • Abundance of new instant play casinos
  • Requires browser with Flash support
  • Works best with high-speed Internet connection
  • Not all games will run on Flash
  • Need to login each time
  • Lower quality of graphics
  • Need for constant Flash player update
  • Flash won’t run on iPhone and iPad.

Different types of instant play casinos

99% of games in instant play format are based on either Adobe Flash, Java, or HTML 5. As a rule, you already have these installed on your computer and this is some great news for Linux and Mac users. The latter cannot always download and install the full casino software on their computers for the majority of downloadable soft is for Windows. Yet, the solution is in safe instant gaming not only for Mac and Linux users but for all those who are into convenient and complication-free gambling.


Flash games are widely popular among users who seek to play for fun in no download casino. They are run in browser with comparatively quality graphics and sound with the help of Adobe Flash player build in a browser. This type of instant games is the most easy to find your way around with as it it the most used by top gaming developers. Flash games come in 2D or 3D, which makes them perfectly visual.

If you are bothered by the fact it still won’t be as good as the downloadable version, we would disagree. With no time and space expenses, you get cutting-edge graphics and animation that you can view in full-screen mode. Besides, you will receive notifications about the updates of Flash Player regularly. The updates are free and fast, and only require your permission to get done.


Java programming language has found wide application in egaming long ago. Today, there are plenty of Java platform games that one can play from computer or mobile browser. As compared to flash, they are somewhat more difficult to deal with. First of all, you need to have Java virtual machine on your computer. Secondly, you need to control the updates by yourself since they don’t start automatically as those of Flash Player.

Taking into account that Java is only used for writing low-weight games, they suit perfectly well to play on Android and iOS devices. Will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.


HTML5 broke into online gambling world as a compatibility solution. It loads on all operating systems and devices. Some believe that HTML5 browser games will surpass and eventually replace Flash games. These games are created using Phaser and Pixi.js - the HTML5 game development frameworks. Instant casino built with the help of HTML5 technology won’t bother you with requests to download or update plugins. Besides, it is ready to offer even more advanced graphics, audio, and video features.

If we talk about downloadable soft, HTML5 excels here as well: you will need to download only one app that will run both on mobile and desktop. Casino providers have taken up creating games based on this technology since 2014 and many tend to keep heading up in this direction. Even though there currently aren’t as many HTML5 platform games as, for example, Flash games, the number is expected to start growing exponentially in the nearest future.

Which Platform to Choose?

The choice of platform will emerge from the compatibility of games with your device. You don’t choose a platform, a platform will choose you. As a Mac user, you will find Java or HTML5 games more appealing since they are compatible across iOS devices. If you like to game in high quality and full screen on Windows computer, Flash Player will help you out.

A few words about HTML5. Despite the notorious reputation and positive predictions, it is still not 100% defined to become the next Flash. For now, you won’t find too many casinos that use this technology because the technology is under development.

In general, we would recommend using instant play casinos to users who want to save time and still enjoy the best quality of games.

Games that can be found in No Download Casinos

By all means, you won’t be able to find as many games as there are for downloadable versions. Yet, each provider would offer you exclusive no download casino games for playing in instant mode. Their variety ranges from slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette to keno, pai-gow, and craps. You can undoubtedly find the most legendary creations such as Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck, Jurassic Park, 7 Stud Poker, and many others in instant play section.

To those who like to try playing different games each time, instant play gaming is what you need. If, however, you are a one-game lover, you may need some advanced software in disposal.

Instant play games like slots are very light, which is why they will run anywhere, even using mobile data. Instant-win games like keno and scratch cards are among the most demanded for no downloadable play.

Devices which a no download casino is compatible with

If you are not certain that no download online casino for real money will run on your device, we can assure you that, with modern software, you’ll be able to play even on TV. Sure thing, the best solution for no download casinos is a computer browser. Whether you have a laptop or a PC, games on Java, Flash or HTML5 should work well. Note that Mac, Linux, and Windows are three different operating systems and they may be compatible or incompatible with some of instant play modes.

Same goes for phones. You will be able to find games for instant play if you have iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry device.

  • Android

Tablets and smartphones based on Android operating system permit playing from built-in and installed mobile browsers. Android users have virtually no problems with instant play from browser as well as with downloading and installing casino apps.

  • iOS

Java games have been an answer to instant play question of iPhones and iPads that aren’t compatible with Flash. Users from the USA and Canada who tend to be the most active iOS users, are the most concerned with this problem. With wider spread of HTML5 browser games over time the problem is likely to disappear.

  • Blackberry

Blackberry users may face a disappointment downloading their favorite casinos since not many operators offer Blackberry soft for download. The good news is, Blackberry phones are Flash-friendly, which enables users to play the majority of games from mobile browsers.

  • Windows

Windows phone users have to face the same issue as Blackberry users - Windows smartphones aren’t as popular as Android or iOS devices. The best option for its users is instant play from browser.

Sum Up

Instant play is a widely accessible and convenient playing mode. It allows playing for real money or for fun with minimum investment of time from your side. By cutting on downloading and installation, you still obtain a possibility to gamble having a broad choice of games with crisp graphics and sound features. Overall, it is possible to find an instant play solution for any type of phone, laptop, tablet, or PC available.

With top 10 best casinos recommended by Casinority, you will not run out of instant play casinos any time soon. Each of them has quite a few instant play games for punters of all tastes.




Instant play casino is a type of Internet casino gaming where users play casino games right from the browsers. The game of choice is readily opened in a browser tab with the help of Flash Player.
The majority of game types can be found in high quality and different variations in a downloadable casino. However, it is still possible to find all major types of games in no downloadable mode as well.
You can choose between various browsers and pick the one you want. The main thing for it is to have Flash plugin installed, so that you’d be able to play your favorite games without wasting time.
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