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Online Keno


If you haven’t heard of Keno, it is a gambling game that is offered at many new land-based gambling facilities as well as online casinos. If you know how to play Bingo or Lotto, you will find loads of similarities to Keno. It’s quite simple, you make your bet by selecting numbers from 1- 80 (unless stated otherwise), and a random number is then generated with a “ball machine”. We will explain this in detail in just a bit.  Free casino games like this one are about chance and luck - not much more than that. There is absolutely no strategy to this game, so all it is- is hope, faith, and simple fun. 

Although the premise of the game is simple, there’s still a whole lot more that goes into the process when it comes to the rules and requirements. Not to mention, you must make sure that you’re playing on reputable sites to avoid any trouble. There are plenty of places you can play Keno for free, but not all of them are safe. And that is what we’re here for- we will teach you how to play, tell you where to play free Keno games, and even show you which of them are the best in this Free Online Keno review.

How to play Keno

As we already mentioned, Keno is extremely easy to understand and requires no previous knowledge of gambling. This is a perfect game for anyone who’s new to casinos and simply wants to enjoy testing their luck. Whether you play Keno for free or gamble with real money, the rules stay the same and all that’s required of you is to pick a number and cross your fingers. 

1. First you will be presented with a Keno card that has 8 rows and 10 columns of 80 numbers in total. Each Keno game has its number of spots you are allowed to select. Typically, you will be allowed to mark up to 10 numbers, but some online Keno games will let you pick up to 20 numbers of your choosing. You will also find that some Keno games will have an “auto-pick” option where the computer decides what numbers to select for you. 

2. The second step will be to decide how much money you’d like to bet.  That goes for free online Keno games as well, you can play with virtual money without actually making real bets. Anyway, whether you’re betting with real $ or playing for fun, the game usually allows bets that are as low as $1, up to $20 max bet. That all depends on where you play. Some online casinos will allow you to bet way more than that. 

You can wager on groups of numbers, meaning that you can bet a certain amount on a certain bundle of numbers that you’ve marked. Distributing the bet amounts will give you a higher chance of winning something rather than betting everything in one place and risk winning a minimal amount or losing your money completely. You get to choose the bet amount per draw and change your bet amount whenever you please.

3. Depending on your draw section, you will be able to select the number of games you wish to play. The rules for this can change depending on which online Keno game you’re playing. 

4. This is the most exciting part, regardless of if you’re playing Keno online for free, or for real money. Get ready to test your luck and “Draw” to trigger the Keno ball machine. You will watch numbers being drawn at random. Now start praying to see at least one of your numbers, and if you do- TA-DA! You win an amount depending on what you bet. 

How to win Keno games

Although there is no real strategy to go by when playing Keno games online, there are still some pointers we can give you that MAY better your chances of winning. Now, notice that we said “may”, these will not guarantee you a banging victory, so don’t be coming after us if you follow all these suggestions and still lose. These are some suggestions that will help navigate you in your online Keno journey. 

  1. Whether you are playing Keno online for free or betting real money, make sure that the casino you choose is safe, secure, and provides decent bonuses. Take advantage of bonuses playing Keno, which may increase your chances of winning without investing as much money as you would without them.
  2. Before you do play for real money, get comfortable with free online keno games. That alone will prevent you from losing money, and will give you much more confidence when you’re ready to make real bets. 
  3. Don’t bet insane amounts right off the bat. Start slow, and don’t go too crazy. Test out the waters and see what works best before you start betting serious amounts of money. But if you’re playing Keno for free, do what you please, it’s not like you’ll have anything to lose. 
  4. When you are choosing the amount of numbers on the Keno card, only selecting 6-8 may just increase the odds of winning. This is based on observation, and not straight facts. So select whatever amount your heart desires.  
  5. Find out what the payout will be before you play, otherwise, you may miss out or make a bet too big and get a small return if you do happen to win. 
  6. Each online casino Keno game has its own rules and variations. Make sure to figure out exactly how each game works, especially before betting real money. Knowing the general rules won’t always help you understand every online Keno game. 
  7. Whether you believe in luck or not, we suggest that you don’t fixate on your “lucky” numbers. Remember, the draw is done by a computer, not a gambling god. So don’t expect a machine to consider your number to be “lucky” and grant you a winning opportunity.  The machine chooses randomly, and so should you. This isn’t some spiritual ooey-gooey nonsense. 
  8. Try out different online Keno games, don’t stick to just one. There are hundreds upon hundreds of them online, and you might be missing out if you’re constantly playing the same one. Besides, there are Keno games that have different themes, styles, and rules. Why not try out something new once in a while?
  9. Calculate the risk and reward before playing, especially if you are using real money to bet. You may benefit from making smaller bets if you distribute them and wager in increments throughout the games. 

Cons of playing Keno

We could probably all agree that Keno is fun, effortless, and exciting. However, one downside of playing Keno is that you have no control over what happens in the game. As we already told you, there’s no strategy. Online gambling is risky, and it’s much better to participate in games that allow you to affect the results. You cannot be “good” or “bad” at Keno. You either win or you lose- no in between. So honestly, we find that there’s not much satisfaction for players who want to advance in their gambling skills.

Playing Keno online for free is even more useless since you’re not strategizing or even winning anything real. But who are we to say, everyone has their preferences when it comes to online gambling. Honestly, there’s no reason not to try it out, you may get some sense of entertainment from choosing random numbers and seeing the machine pick the same ones you did. And if you make real money bets, you can win a pretty decent amount playing online Keno games in real money casinos.  


The best thing to do is play Keno for free, especially if you’re a beginner. Once you feel comfortable with the game and understand the rules to the T, you can proceed to make small bets and go higher as you play over time. That way you won’t lose money, and the game won’t discourage you from playing again. All online casinos that we have to show you will grant you an opportunity to do both.

Absolutely, there are loads of mobile casinos that will let you play Keno for free, or for real money. Among them, you will find many no download casinos that let you access Keno instantly. The ones we have selected for you work wonderfully on any smartphone or tablet, and they all provide excellent graphics and a friendly user-interface regardless of the device you are using. 

There are no Live Keno games that you can play. All you can do in regards to Keno is play for free, or select a trustworthy casino site to gamble with real money. However, USA online casinos have loads of other live games that you can check out! Among those, you will find popular Playtech games that will grant you amazing opportunities to play for free or win real money. 

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