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Online gambling attracts millions of people all over the globe. It’s no surprise after all, because online casinos deliver both fun and adrenaline in a very satisfying and straightforward way. Surely, that’s also true for brick and mortar casino houses, but where online casinos really stand out is generous bonuses and loyalty programs. Casino bonuses are a win-win proposal. A player gets a few more spare dollars to spend, while the casino gets an involved player.

But here is the catch: not all online casino bonuses are worth your attention. There are plenty of casinos out there and numerous ways they try to cheat with bonuses starting from enormously high wagering multipliers to bonuses being not bonuses at all. That is why you should rely on proven ratings only made by real experts in the gambling field.

Casinority answers all your questions on best casino bonuses

Not only do we provide a superior FAQ to the best online casino bonuses (see below), but we also deliver our rated list of casinos where you can find the most enjoyable, trustworthy and fun casinos that also put forward the most compelling online bonuses for free.

Who are Casinority in the first hand?

We prefer to not reveal our true identities to not compromise our anonymous casino testing approach. The idea behind our tests goes beyond gathering user opinions and testimonials online and adopting casino’s website text. In fact, we anonymously create a user account at a casino, make our deposit and play games. This approach allows us to test each and every aspect of casino operation including but not limited to evaluating how no deposit and welcome bonuses work and whether or not are the sums of bonuses worth it.

With dozens of years of experience, some inside knowledge and decent skills we are able to deliver the most unbiased online casino reviews you can possibly find on the web.

Casino bonus online FAQ

When it comes to a fully legitimate and proven casino, online bonuses it offers may be confusing at first, especially if you are new to the whole online gambling thing. Sign up bonuses, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, newcomer free bonus – a variety of online casino bonuses is overwhelming. What are these bonuses? What’s the difference? Which ones are to be preferred and which ones are better to avoid?

In Latin language, the word ‘bonus’ means something good or pleasant. That’s also true for online casino bonuses. Is there anything better than receiving a solid $1000 for free when you only deposited $500? And what do you say about a no deposit bonuses granted to each and every player for registering? Although, there are a number of specifics and pitfalls of casino bonus codes you should know about. Of course, you are not obliged to read this, but equipped with information like that you are less likely to be cheated, neither you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you have won a serious sum, but can’t withdraw it. Let’s go!

What kind of free casino bonuses are there?

All bonuses casinos offer divide into three main categories:

  • casino sign up bonus, welcome bonus or no deposit bonus;
  • casino deposit-based bonus;
  • loyalty-based bonus.

Bonuses are not necessarily money, but also free spins, free draws and such. Sign up bonuses usually require no deposit from you. That is, a casino gives you a certain sum just for registering and creating an account. Welcome bonuses are usually not that huge, but provided they are completely free that’s still a bargain.

The second category is money you get for free in addition to your own invested deposit. That’s what seems the most popular and effective bonus type. Some casinos go as high as 400% or even 500% deposit bonuses, but 100% or 200% are more common. New casinos tend to offer higher bonuses because they desperately want to attract audience. More established gambling websites are not so generous, but still sometimes offer very good time-limited promo bonuses. Deposit bonuses usually require you to make some minimum deposit and also have a top limit. That’s individual to each casino.

The third category is loyalty programs. These bonuses are provided to long-time players of for completing daily promo goals. Such bonuses are rarely paid in money. Usually, you will receive free spins in online slot games or additional roulette spins for free. Still good, if you ask us.

Are casino bonuses free?

Yes and no. Yes because you aren’t actually pay or otherwise purchase such bonuses. No because you can’t freely administer these funds, you can only spend them on playing in the casino. For example, you can’t withdraw a welcome bonus instantly after your registration in a casino is complete. That’s would be great for you, but the casino is not that stupid.

Are there any pitfalls of casino welcome bonus?

As said above, a casino will not easily part with its money. So when it gives you something for free it expects you to spend this right here, in the casino. Technically, this means you cannot withdraw free bonuses off the bat, but have to wager them instead. The playthrough rate differs from casino to casino. Some ask for 30x wagering multiplier, others for 50x.

What is a wagering multiplier?

This is the number of times you have to playthrough the bonus you received to finally be able to withdraw it. Let’s say you received extra $1000 as a bonus. The wagering multiplier is 40x. This means you have to win $40,000 to be able to cashout that $1000. Sounds ridiculous, but please take into account it says “win”, not “collect” or “put in bank”. Every single win counts. For example, if you bet $50 and win $200 with your first spin, and then lost your bet 5 times in a row, that’s still worth $200 for the sake of playthrough.

What about no deposit casino bonuses?

A no deposit casino bonus is relatively small. Something around $20 or $50. Good news is: you don’t have to wager it, but still can bet this amount in many games. Bad news is: you can’t win a lot with it. Let’s imagine you bet the entire no deposit bonus and hit a jackpot with the very first spin. You think you will grab your big roll now? Fat chance. It is more like you’ll grab twice your no deposit bonus amount at max and only if you invest some funds first. Conditions differ from casino to casino, so always read terms of each particular website regarding no deposit free bonuses.

If I play mobile, am I eligible for bonuses?

Surely. Mobile casino bonuses are nothing more than the same bonuses you would receive if played from your desktop PC.

What are the best bonuses to grab?

At Casinority, we do not recommend to swallow those fantastic percents you often see in casino online bonus numbers. Not only because a casino may be cheating with you, but also because there could be a fine print somewhere in the depth of the user agreement that does not allow you to actually benefit from this bonus. To make things easier, Casinority tests casinos’ bonus programs and verifies which bonuses ARE bonuses, and which ones should be avoided. We tested the top online casinos above against fair welcome bonuses. And we also check new casino bonuses and loyalty programs to see you want to submit for them too.

What are loyalty bonuses?

They have various names: loyalty program, VIP program, club bonus and others. The idea is simple: the more you play, the more the casino rewards you for that. Bonuses include cashback, free spins, better rates or even lower wagering multipliers. You gain your preferences for depositing funds and for playing through casino games online. It goes without saying, a casino wants you to stay with it for longer, so almost any online casino today offers some kind of loyalty bonuses. It is up to you, whether you want to play at the same casino all over to benefit the most from loyalty bonuses, or hop between several sites to collect as many welcome bonuses as you can.

Are there any bonuses to avoid?

All casino bonuses may look tempting, but some are just a hook to make you invest extra funds to the casino. We recommend reading our thorough casino reviews and see our opinion on whether or not it is worth to get each particular bonus. With higher bonuses you can play more, win more and have more fun from your gambling experience. And Casinority just makes sure you play only on proven, legitimate and fair casino sites with generous but not tricky to benefit from online bonuses.