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Best Australian Betting sites

Best Australian Betting sites

Australia is the paradize land for gamblers as well as bettors, and is the most gambling country in the whole world. The players have such a wide range of entertainments that it makes sense to give a try to every type of gambling – offline, online, lottery, a land based casino, a legal Australian online casino, sports and even fantasy sports. Just in case you are not into casino games but would like to bet, or you are a sports fan and would like to get additional benefits besides being happy that your team wins, try sports betting at Australian betting sites.

The best thing about betting on sports is that your win depends on your choice of the team, and if the team wins, you win! That simple, no complicated rules. Now, when your team or athlete win, you can buy beer to the whole pub for money you win by betting! Isn’t that awesome? To find the best Australian betting sites, check out our carefully collected list of Australian online betting sites below.

Is sports betting legal in Australia?

Australians are generally lucky, because while businesses and casino operators face strict rules and limitations, the citizens are free to play as well as gamble anywhere they wish. So yeah, all Australian betting sites are totally legal in Downunder. It is ads and promotion of punting services and entertainment that are illegal, and only operators should care.

You. as a player, can choose any sport you love, support your team or athlete, and benefit from their victories. The most important step is actually to choose a secure as well as reliable punting platform. You already have a list with the top Australian betting sites, but it is always nice to know what to pay attention to when you opt for trying a new platform.

What to consider when choosing Australian betting sites?

In case you are not sure what are the most important criteria when choosing a bookmaking platform, please pay attention to the following aspects:

  • do you want to make a bet only once for a special event (say, a championship), or you expect to make bets on a regular basis?
  • do you want to punter only in one sport, or different ones?
  • are there actually Australian sports betting sites that support the sports you like?
  • it makes sense to compare the platforms’ odds as well as prices. Some pay turn out more expensive than others while the features are almost the same
  • is there an in-play feature on this platform? Are you able to place your bet when the game already started, or pull-out of a losing bet to save your money?
  • do you need a mobile application and if yes, does this or that platform provide a decent app?
  • does the platform has a license, issued in Aussie or elsewhere?
  • is the platform protected by SSL encryption?
  • is there 24/7 Customer Support available?

It is always better to choose from already explored as well as tested Australian online betting sites. However, you may occasionally stumble across some new platforms that you would like to check out. If you feel that you have found the most suitable venue for you, then try your luck and make the bet!

Online betting sites Australia – Pros & Cons

Just in case you are more into online casinos, or perhaps lotteries, and explore the world of sports betting in order to maybe find something new for yourself, then it makes sense to assess the real advantages and disadvantages of bookmaking venues in Australia.

Aus platforms are regulated, licensed, and therefore safeAdvertisement and promotion are banned in Aussie, even for locals by local operators
You have a wide range of sports to choose fromThe number of bookies is limited
The customer support is local and most often 24/7Successful sports punting requires more knowledge as well as experience than online casino games
Huge competition on the market forces the platforms to improve their services as well as products 
Payment methods are local and therefore convenient 
You have higher chances of winning if you know your teams well 

Now you are fully aware that making bets on sports can be very beneficial for you!

Betting bonuses for Australians

The majority of big punting platforms offer deposit bonuses for new players. When you register with them and deposit your first funds to the site, they offer you either a fixed sum put onto your account, or, more often, a match bonus. For example, if the platform has 100% match bonus to the sum of $100, they will double your bet if you deposit $100 or less.

Yet, please make sure you check Terms and Conditions of the site as well as also specific rules applied to the Australian betting sites bonus you want to claim. Sometimes, the bonuses are not cashable, meaning anything you win by wagering the bonus money will not be eligible for withdrawal.

If you show up on the platform on a regular basis, you may become eligible for Loyalty program of some kind; if the site grants you loyalty points, you may exchange them for cash bonuses, get different perks, or even win tickets to a big sports event!

Sport betting types popular in Australia

As a rule, the biggest sports markets in Australia include:

  • The National Rugby League (NRL)
  • The Australian Football League (AFL)
  • The Australian Rugby Union
  • The National Basketball Association
  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket Australia
  • Golf Tournaments

There are also other sports markets that are a bit less popular, so the number of bookies supporting them will be smaller. However, they are still out there, so check some Australian betting sites reviews, or jump to the list of recommended best Australian sports betting sites and opt for the one or more that you like most.

In case you want some real variety, you can also consider making bets for Live sports or even Fantasy sports.

Live sports betting

Live betting is the ability to make bets during the game, when the game or competition already started. This is the main difference of live punting from pre-game punting. In the second case, you suggest the chances of the athlete or team to win, and bet on them. When live, you can make a more informed choice, or even draw the bet back if you see that your preferred athlete is obviously in poor shape, or if something goes wrong.

If you see that there is a clear trend for winning, you can make a bet on the potential winner in Live sports. Just keep in mind that the bookmaker’s margins are way higher in this case. This is totally understandable, because the more punters win, the more bookmakers generally lose.

Another important aspect of Live sports is that you cannot make bets all the time as the game continues. There is usually time periods when the bets are accepted; the bookmakers force delays in accepting the deposits, and raise the odds closer to the end of the game. So you have to monitor the situation carefully. Some punters become really good at Live sports simply due to their attention and deep knowledge of certain sports.

Please keep in mind that there are no local bookmakers offering Live sports bookmaking in Australia, but you are free to join European or other overseas companies.

Fantasy sport betting

Fantasy sports is the new black in the niche of sports punting. There are different subtypes of fantasy sports, but the main principle behind it is creating virtual teams and even leagues from well-known players, make a visual representation of the game (pretty much like computer game), and generate results depending on the statistical analysis as well as sports trends.

There are many advantages of the fantasy sports. Firstly, you can watch teams made of athletes that would have never played together, or against each other, in real life. Secondly, there is a wider choice of sports, and you can bet even on not very popular sports. Thirdly,
since fantasy tournaments do not depend on real schedule of world sports teams, you can access tournaments any time of the year (and day and night as well).

Fantasy sports take the market by storm, so in case you are curious about it, or in case you are tired and bored of regular sports competitions, you should definitely give this one a try. Fantasy sports is totally legal in Australia, and you can find a lot of like-minded people.

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