Top Android Casinos Reviewed

Winning real money while sitting relaxed on your couch with a smartphone in your hand, doesn’t that look fantastic? Yet in fact this is reality. Android is the second most popular mobile OS in the world with iOS being the first. That is why online casinos simply couldn’t overlook such a vast audience of passionate gamblers. As a result, there is an increasing number of Android online casinos offering gambling experience to all happy Android users.

If you are one of them, you are more than lucky. Among hundreds of online Android casinos we have picked the safest, the friendliest and the most paying online casinos available for the platform. Now, you can enjoy top Android casinos carefully selected for you by Casinority team. Blackjack, roulette, slots and video poker – all are here in the distance of a tap.

What are the best Android casinos?

When you look at the list of top casinos for Android you perhaps are asking yourself, why in the hell these casinos were named the best? Who decided that? What are the criteria? Don’t worry. Casinority never names a casino the best if it doesn’t meet our gambling standards. Yes, some casino ranking sites out there sometimes cheat and produce a randomly ordered list of the affiliated casinos. Casinority does the opposite in fact.

First of all, we never affiliate with casinos. Second, we never randomize our ranking or make it dependent on our tastes. The rated casinos are rated this way because they scored this way. And the final score of each Android online casino in the list depends on the number of factors, namely:

  • Security. A casino for Android ranks higher if it provides decent level of protection for both player’s personal and financial data. If the casino fails to secure the player (for instance, if its SSL certificate is outdated), we immediately throw it out of our list.
  • Legitimacy. The best Android online casinos operate 100% legally. Any shadow of doubt on the legit status of a casino leads to it being blacklisted pretty much instantly. We also check if the casino complies with the gambling regulation rules and adheres to responsible gambling conventions.
  • Software. What could be worse than playing for a few hours, raising a high bank and then lose it all because of software crash? Android casino apps must be extremely quality, so we stress-test each Android casino to see it works on a range of devices properly.
  • Banking options. Part of fun with gambling is playing for real money. An android casino that allows play for real dollars should definitely provide convenient ways to replenish your balance and to withdraw winnings.
  • Variety and quality of games. Spinning the same wheels over and over is dull. Nobody wants this. Casinority reviews Android casino games to make sure the variety is rich and that it doesn’t hurt quality of games. Intense gameplay and captivating graphics are also important for us.

Android casino FAQ

By playing top Android online casinos you can win some real money, and even if you don’t you can still have great time gambling. Casino slots for Android are fun and easy to play, so why not get a relief from everyday hassles with gambling? But before you do, we recommend learning the basics by reading the below FAQ.

How to play casino games on Android?

Even if you spend hours searching in Google Play, you will not find a single real money Android casino there. Why? Because gambling apps are basically restricted in Google Play. So, how do you play for real money in an Android casino? Basically, you should simply download Android casino apps manually from the casino’s website. Alternatively, you can play a no download version of the casino directly in your mobile browser.

Is it safe to play in Android casinos?

Yes, as long as they are legal and reputable. Your personal data are guarded by Android OS security. As you might know, Android is based on the Linux core, and Linux is one of the most secured systems developed. However, you should understand that fraud casinos and fishing sites can steal your personal and even banking information if they can catch you unprepared. That is why we recommend to always double check the casino you are about to play by reading reviews, searching through gambling forums or consulting with unbiased casino ratings. Also, avoid public Wi-Fi networks when playing.

Can I play both from the desktop and from Android?

Yes. With the same account you can enjoy gambling from any computer.

Is variety of games limited on Android?

Usually, no. You can enjoy pretty much the same variety of slots, card games, roulettes as on the desktop version of the casino software. However, if you choose to play a no download Android casino, it may have limited selection of slot games.

Can I gamble for real money in Android casinos?

Of course! To be honest, this kind of gambling is the only kind that can be called gambling at all! Android casinos can be very advantageous to a new player by offering generous welcome bonuses and multiplying his or her initial deposits. Thanks to that, you can gamble for much higher sums than you actually deposited and therefore greatly increase your chances to win.

Do I have to make a deposit if I want to play for real money?

Many online Android casinos allow you start off the bat even without a deposit. Simply put, the casino provides you a small amount of non-withdrawable money so you can spin some reels. At any time you may decide then to cease playing or to make a deposit and become serious. It is up to you.

What are system requirements to play in Android casinos online?

This depends on a casino and on particular games. Some may be very demanding to resources, while others will run even on low-end Android devices. As long as your gadget is 3-4 years old or newer, you shouldn’t experience any performance problems in most of Android casino games.