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In Gauteng gambling is popular enough, because it is the smallest province in South Africa, and yet it can boast nine brick and mortar parlours, which is more than in several much bigger provinces put together. So, finding Gauteng casinos offline is not a problem at all. However, if you are looking for a fun, safe, and reliable Gauteng casino online, this one is harder.

Firstly, finding a safe and reliable online casino is a complicated task regardless of where you are located. Secondly, strict online gambling rules in South Africa make it even harder. However, no worries, as we have already explored all possible options, and have gathered the best online parlours that accept players from Gauteng. Check out the list of offers below, and choose those online parlours you like most!

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Gauteng online casinos


History of Gambling in Gauteng

Gambling has been strictly prohibited in RSA since the middle of the 19th century, and only by 1990s, the new democratic government decided to legalize gambling activities for the benefits of economics. Yet, before that happened and the country started to benefit from taxes paid by legal gambling businesses, hundreds on illegal gambling houses flourished all over the country, especially in poor regions.

Gauteng was one of the boiling points of illegal gambling, because by the end of the 19th century, gold was discovered in the region, near the city of Johannesburg. People from other provinces went there to find employment, or even to try their luck and fortune in mining. After hard hours of work, especially if they were paid, workers wanted to entertain themselves, and visited illegal venues where different table games were played for real money, or even for gold nuggets. Until all offline gambling activities were eventually legalized by the government, Gauteng and especially Johannesburg were the center of criminal gambling.

Current Situation

Today, Gauteng follows the same rules and laws that work for the whole country. It means that all offline punting is allowed - bettors can play casino games in brick and mortar houses, can make bets on horse racing at race cources, can take part in local lotteries, and also make bets on sports, both offline and online. However, best casino sites are not allowed; local monopolist supports only legal bookmakers sites, and the majority of reliable web gaming platforms operated from abroad by international companies is simply blocked.

This situation makes online gambling for real money almost impossible. This is why finding some best paying online casino South Africa is such a hard task, so if you would like to play some casino gambles in the web, research carefully, and explore objective reviews before you risk your money.

Popular Cities in Gauteng for Gambling

Those who loves playing casino gambles in brick and mortar facilities, making bets on horse racing actually while on the racecourse, and in general enjoy this festive and feverish atmosphere of trying their luck would definitely enjoy visiting Gauteng. First of all, this province is a historical area, and had had lots of important events happening on its grounds in the previous centuries. So, people who enjoys touristing pastime would love seeing its museums and memorials.

Secondly, the province has a decent number of parlours, and most of them are situated in or near to the biggest and most interesting cities in Gauteng. Therefore, everyone will be able to find and enjoy exactly what they like.


Johannesburg is the largest city in RSA, and also one of the largest urban areas in the world. It is the capital of modern Gauteng, one of the wealthiest provinces in the country, partially because gold was discovered here two centuries ago. Since the city was founded back then, it always was part of all important events in history, and it also played an important part in economic and cultural development. Today, Johannesburg is a big cultural, industrial, and touristic center. And it also has four big parlours.


Pretoria is an administrative capital of RSA, and a former capital of the Gauteng Province. This city is a scientific and research hub, having three big universities and a research center on its grounds. It is also famous for its parks and gardens full of beautiful Jacaranda trees. There are two impressive gambling houses in Pretoria.


Vanderbijlpark is an industrial city which main industry is steel. It stands on the Vaal River. This city was founded back in 1940s, when the country started planning its industrial development. After the WWII, the demand for steel increased dramatically, and eventually a whole city grew on the place of steel works. While there are few entertainments for tourists in Vanderbijlpark, there is one big land based casino.

Land Based Casinos in Gauteng

The majority of land based parlours in the province of Gauteng is located in smaller towns - or rather, in huge hotels outside big cities - and the highest concentration of those is around Johannesburg. However, there are gambling facilities situated in the cities, as well, and these are definitely easier to find. For offline gambling in Gauteng, check out these venues:

  • Montecasino, Johannesburg - 70 table games, up to 2000 slots machines, 8 separate poker tables
  • Emperors Palace Hotel Casino Resort, Johannesburg - 68 table games, 1700+ slots machines, 15 poker tables
  • Gold Reef City, Johannesburg - 51 table games, 1700 slots machines
  • Time Square Casino Menlyn Maine, Pretoria - to table games, 2000+ slots machines
  • Carousel Casino, Pretoria - 19 table games, 650+ slots machines, 1 poker table
  • Emerald Resort & Casino, Vanderbijlpark - 21 table games, 600+ slots machines, 6 poker tables


Most fair sites pay real money; the main task is to find the most reliable platform to play at.
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