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Please note that: Online Casinos that accept Ukash are now called Paysafecard casinos. In 2014, Ukash was sold to Skrill Group and merged with Paysafecard casinos (owned by Skrill). Thus, today, Ukash gambling venues and Paysafe casinos are a single entity.

With large numbers of new gamers joining every year, online casino games are gradually replacing their land-based counterparts at breakneck speeds. Credit goes to the convenience they provide, as well as convenient and streamlined payment systems like Ukash.

Ukash is a well-reputed voucher-based payment system, often used internationally for online casino payments. As you have probably guessed, it was developed in the United Kingdom. The Ukash e-wallet provides a wide range of fascinating features, all aimed at making the system a great choice for various kinds of payments.

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Where is Ukash popular?

Most of the Ukash users come from the United States of America, the EU, South Africa, and Australia. Almost all countries have access to Ukash, except for Andorra.

Depositing Money to Ukash

Ukash uses a prepaid system where users purchase money in the Ukash system. After doing so, they receive a unique 19-digit code. The code is used as the key to the money you have bought from Ukash. In fact, the code (key) represents your real money that's stored online in the Ukash system.

The Ukash system can also be called a voucher system. Thus, when users pay for something using Ukash, they are actually paying with the vouchers they bought previously.

Using Ukash

You can use the "key" at any place where Ukash is accepted. Nevertheless, you should be careful, to keep it as a secret because if scammers or fraudsters learn your code, you can easily lose all your money.

There are over 42 000 outlets around the world that users use for depositing money to Ukash. These include stores, ATMs, and other third-party payment outlets.

How to deposit to online casinos using Ukash?

First, you should browse through all online casinos that accept Ukash on the web. After you have found the one that suits you, do the following:

  1. Obtain your voucher
  2. Register with a Ukash online casino of your preference.
  3. Go to the Cashier.
  4. Click the icon with the required payment method and subsequently type how much you want to cash in under the title ‘Voucher Amount’. 
  5. Finally, enter the number of your code/voucher, that’s all.

Apparently, making Ukash casino deposits is not difficult. In fact, it's quite the contrary and takes just a few minutes. As soon your transaction is done,  your money will be instantly transferred to the online casino Ukash account and you are good to go.

This payment service is among the most convenient ways of making deposits online. With the rapid growth of online casino and sports gambling, moving your money to and from the internet gambling accounts is now easier than ever!

Pros and cons of using Ukash to make a casino deposit


One of the advantages of Ukash casino sites is security. The payment method gives you instant banking when making a gambling deposit online.

Furthermore, this payment service plays a crucial role as an intermediary between online casinos and gamblers. Ukash receives your real money and converts it into a unique code (voucher) that you can use to place a deposit.

Additionally, the best Ukash online casinos available today enable gamblers to securely and swiftly make withdrawals.


If your voucher "unique code" falls in the wrong hands, you can lose all your money in a bit.

Which casino is best to deposit with Ukash?

888 casino is one of the best casinos to deposit with Ukash.

Ukash Casino FAQ

Of course, most online casino sites and gambling venues provide high-security standards.
Not all Online Casinos accept Ukash. As mentioned before, this service is now under PaysafeCard. Before you commit to any online gambling site, look for this payment processor. It might be found on their lists of provisioned banking methods.
The minimum/maximum acceptable amount can only be established by your gambling facility. You can approach the managers before you opt for their services.
Of course. When a deposit transaction is complete, your funds are instantly moved to your online gambling balance.
Absolutely. You can use Ukash at mobile casinos, so long the service is in your country.
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