Real Money Online Casinos in NZ for Real Fun

When it comes to online casino gambling, New Zealand is definitely one of the leading places. In this beautiful country you are provided with the opportunity of experiencing the latest games in the risk industry and to gamble whenever you want.

In order for you to have a good time and not to think about security, frauds, and any other factors that may ruin the feeling of adrenaline, we are here to present you with the top-10 online casinos in New Zealand.

All of the listed below have been carefully examined and tested under various conditions by Casinority. This way, we provide you with only the best. Casinos in New Zealand are perfect for a newbie to try as they offer great bonuses and impressive jackpots. Fortunately, we have picked the ones that will secure you the most pleasurable moments. Here it comes, the definitive unbiased and proven Top-10 list of the best NZ casinos available online.

How we decided that those are the best New Zealand online casinos?

Casinority’s team goes through every possible casino place and valuates it according various factors. The ones that score the most, get to be displayed here. Many people claim that this is an advertisement for the ones that got on the list. However, we can assure you that we do not take any royalties or any other forms of bribe to display certain casinos higher or lower. It is all up to their quality and reliability. Here are factors we consider: only lists casino that have:

The offered games

Isn’t it the most important factor? Let’s face it, if you have 10 games to choose from you will most surely not be satisfied and get used to them fast enough to get bored. On the other hand, in case you are given a chance to choose from hundreds of games, you will never have to play one and the same game over and over. Therefore, we are aiming at providing you with online casinos for real money that have tremendous variety of games and splendid quality. However, keep in mind that not only the number of games is vital but the type as well. We never forget to consider that factor as well.

Customer support

There is nothing more irritating than having to wait for a day or even sometimes a week in order to get your question or wondering answered. To give an illustration, you are a newbie and want to try a game, but you have problems signing in with your account. The initial and most logical thing to do is to contact the client support and ask for help. Well, if they have only one person online he or she will not be able to contact you fast enough and you will be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you receive a 24/7 customer support and lightning-fast responses, your gaming experience will be much more pleasurable. We directly contact the support team and wait for a response. If it is fast enough or the answer is in the online casino guide, we will evaluate the online casino with a positive mark which gives it a better chance to appear on the list above.

Jackpots and bonuses

What you need in order to be happy and entertained by certain online casinos for real money is for it to provide you with numerous jackpots, bonuses and rewards. On the whole, this is what makes a game interesting, to fight for the big sums and to try your luck. Well, not all casinos are loyal and some of them, even though they guarantee huge jackpots, tend to lie and manipulate you. Thanks to us, you will never have to face such problems again as every one of the casinos mentioned in the top 10 list is being given an online casino review by specialists on our site.


Are all these giant payout percentages real or is it a scam?

For most of the casino places they are real. Most casinos make enough money not to have to scam you. The regular amount of payout that most casinos claim is around 95 % which is not impossible. Do not worry about them, they have own ways of winning which are not very hard to be established either. Also, online casinos sites don’t have many personnel and don’t need to pay rent, so their costs are relatively low compared to brick and mortar casinos. Generally, yes, most of the times the casinos online do not lie to you because they want to be loyal so that you can recommend them to a friend.

Are the random algorithms really random when considering casinos?

Some of you might be shocked, but yes, most of the legal casinos are using certificated methods in order to produce random combinations. Therefore, you can be relaxed that the site does not manipulate the results from the pokies or any other game. Casinority team checks every single one of the top online casinos and does this more than once.

Am I safe when making a deposit in casinos in New Zealand?

You can never be sure if you are going to pick a casino at random. Someone might steal your personal information or credit card number if the casino site is untrustworthy. However, most trusted casino places are secure as they are built to entertain you, not to steal from you, especially the top 10 that are listed on this page. All of them have been tested and proven to work perfectly when it comes down to security and hacking. One thing is for sure, you have to obey some key rules if you want to be always safe and relaxed that nobody is messing with your account. Most important of all is: never trust your password to anyone. We are talking about big sums here, so literally no one, not even your best friends or family. Not because they are going to fraud you, but because they might not been as careful as you regarding security.