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Best Online Casinos in Myanmar

While online gambling in Myanmar does not seem to see any clear regulations in the nearest future, the locals keep gambling at foreign online casinos, because there is no punishment or persecution of any kind for cases of private Myanmar gaming in the web. So, as for today, it is totally possible to visit best online casino websites in Myanmar operated from abroad, and accepting players from Myanmar.

It can be hard to find a decent online casino Myanmar, though, because the government policy does not provide any regulations whatsoever, and local players may feel overwhelmed with the choice of options. However, we’ve got your back already, and created a list of the best Myanmar online casinos available for local gamblers. No more worries, no need to look for a web casino online Myanmar, and wonder whether it is legal, fair, and reliable. All you need to do is just jump onto the list, grab a juicy welcome bonus for players from Myanmar, and play your favourite games! Easy-peasy.

According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

Myanmar online casinos


History of gambling in Myanmar

The situation with gambling in Myanmar is twofold, especially in historical terms. On the one hand, local culture (pretty much like the culture of other neighboring populations) suggests gambling as usual table games, an entertaining activity most of the time, that many people pursued for the sake of fun (because, you know, no TV till the 21st century and stuff). While it does not seem that in Myanmar, the culture of gambling has evolved so powerfully in the previous centuries like, say in China or Korea, locals have always had it included into typical pastime.

However, on the other hand, the official religion in the country is Buddhism, and, as a result, most of the time the governments tended to ban gambling officially and on a large scale. Which means that the locals could gamble sometimes in private for own entertainment, or to make some money, but no official gambling houses, or official events, were allowed.

In the times of contemporary history, the wannabe casino operating companies have long been looking forward to proper casino legalization in the country. The very first tries to persuade the government to allow at least land based gambling everywhere in the country were made in 2014. However, the main problem is that the government and the authorities responsible for this market segment still fail to amend the old 1986 Gambling law that regulates taxation. And it seems that without a comprehensive taxation law, the authorities will be able to endlessly postpone the legalization.

Current situation on gambling in Myanmar

Is online casino legal in Myanmar? Today, gambling in Myanmar drifts under very complicated circumstances. On the one hand, locals are legally banned from playing at any land based casinos, and no brick and mortar facilities can be found on the majority of the territories. On the other hand, there are fully legal and legitimately operated brick and mortar casinos along the borders of the country, where they are visited mostly by tourists, and those tourists are mostly from China, where all forms of gambling are illegal, and the gamblers are officially persecuted.

The government of Myanmar believes that this way, it will prevent issues with problem gambling among local citizens, at the same time attracting tourists to the country, but this does not seem like a good strategy, because Chinese gamblers sneaking to make bets at locals casinos only make trouble for the governments.

The only legal form of gambling for players in Myanmar is state lottery. In terms of online gambling, only the web variant of the same lottery is allowed. No later than 2018, the authorities issued an official notice to local telecom companies about penalties to those operators who tries to launch an Myanmar casino online on the territory of Myanmar.

Luckily, it is still possible to reach out to online gambling sites for real money operated from abroad, and run by proper online casinos for Myanmar companies, that accept real money players from Myanmar. As for now, cases of official persecution of gamblers making bets at foreign casinos are not known of.

Laws for gambling in Myanmar

The main law in operation is a very outdated one. This is 1986 Gambling Law that is simply inapplicable by now because the market has changed beyond recognition. The government of the country still cannot take proper measures to amend this law and make it correspond to objective reality of modern industry.

Unfortunately, this means that the industry segment will not see any considerable changes in the nearest future. The brick and mortar facilities along the borders of the country serve as support for tourism, while all local gamblers are free to access foreign web platforms, but this situation leaves much to be desired. The first problem is that no gambler is protected by local licenses or comprehensive laws, plus, illegal Myanmar online casinos still bloom in the country to satisfy the demand of the population. According to recent statistics, more than half of the population at least once have been engaged into illegal gambling, either offline or in the web.

Therefore, Myanmar desperately needs clear gambling laws, so little surprise that companies take efforts to persuade the government to make some.

Regulatory authorities in Myanmar

Considering that the gambling market is not regulated and not controlled properly, there few agencies responsible for the industry. Generally, all issues are handled by the Myanmar Home Affairs Ministry.

It remain unclear, though, what laws and what agencies regulate those brick and mortar facilities that operate along the borders to attract tourists (Chinese, mainly). Despite the fact that the government holds a strong position of strictly banning all gambling activities but lottery, there must be some established ways of regulation. In other words.

The situation is unclear, and from our own point of view, local gamblers will be safer gambling from home at online casinos operated from abroad by legitimate and reputable companies, rather than trying to find legitimate ways to gamble in their own country.

Taxation laws on gambling in Myanmar

All possible taxation laws applied to gambling are listed in the 1986 Gambling Law, which means, ironically, that they cannot be applied today. The market has changed dramatically in terms of land based venues, let alone in terms of all the possibilities and technical aspects of online gambling. So, there is no clear set of taxation laws for individuals in Myanmar.

Lack of taxation legislation that would correspond to the realities of the market serves as the main roadblock to developing a clear set of gambling laws in the country. At the same time, the brick and mortar casinos operating for foreigners are expected to pay some taxes somehow, which again hints on twofold situation with gambling.

Land-Based casinos in Myanmar

Before we discuss land based gambling houses, it must be said that, in addition to officially allowed lottery which is available offline and online, the local bettors also have the possibility to make bets on sports. In contrast to casino Myanmar online casino games, the authorities of Myanmar take sports betting more easily. For example, back in 2006, many Thai bookmakers crossed the border to accept bets on the 2006 World Cup. Thai people are especially active in the aspect of sports betting, and many come to Myanmar to make bets on football or soccer.

That being said, we have to admit that the situation with land based casinos is more than humble. Please check out three of five gambling houses available.

Grand Andaman Hotel (Resort&Casino)
Phone number:
95 1 572 535
Thathay Kyun Island, Pulo

Grand Andaman hotel combining resort and casino is located on the picturesque seashore of the Andaman Sea. This is a luxurious facility in a beautiful location. Gambling entertainments include Casino, Slots Machines halls, and Gaming rooms. Every gambler will be able to find something to their taste at this Hotel.

Allure Resort & Casino
Phone number:
95 84 51 909
Baydar Street, Ponghtoon Quarter, Tachilek, Myanmar

Allure is one of two facilities offering offline casino games in the city of Tachilek. This venue is located exactly on the border of Myanmar with Thailand, so it can be suggested that Thai visitors are especially welcome there. Besides casino, there are hotel, lounge, and restaurant. One of the main features of this particular venue is Slots hall offering around 100 slots machines.

Regina Golf Club, Hotel & Resort Casino
Phone number:
7/239 Makarhokham Quarter, Tachilek, Myanmar

This hotel, casino, and gold club is located near to the city of Tachilek, and has a bunch of different entertainments to offer. In addition to golf, casino, gaming room, restaurants, slots hall, the visitors can go sightseeing. The place is relaxing and promises a nice pastime.

Banking options for gambling in Myanmar

Regardless of the fact that the majority of Asian countries take efforts to develop their economy to fit digital payment systems that other advanced countries in the world use, Myanmar is still not exactly among those pioneering states. Unfortunately, most of the economy in the country is still cash-based. This is the reason why even online shopping can become an issue, let alone depositing and withdrawing funds to foreign online casinos based in other jurisdictions.

Some private companies take efforts to solve the problem, and some digital payment options already available in Myanmar include:

  • Cooperative
  • Myawaddy
  • United Amara
  • AYA Pay
  • KBZ Pay
  • CB Pay
  • MyanPay
  • OnePAY

Of course, in some cases it is possible to pay with plastic cards, including:

  • Visa
  • Verified by Visa
  • MasterCard
  • MasterCard SecureCode
  • American Express

These are payment systems functioning particularly in Myanmar. Yet, as we already know, for local players it makes more sense to make bets at overseas casinos, and therefore, looking for some international payment systems available at least across Asia is more reasonable. Currently, such operators include:

  • Alipay
  • Tenpay
  • UnionPay
  • BlueSnap
  • Hipay
  • eWay
  • China UnionPay
  • Citrus Pay

Not all of those methods will be available for citizens of Myanmar, but some of them are e-wallets that can be opened online almost regardless of location. So, local players can take advantage of those lists. Just one thing has to be kept in mind - it is always useful to have at least two different channels or wallets to deposit and withdraw from online casinos.

Popular cities in Myanmar for gambling

As it is already clear, not many cities in Myanmar can boast the presence of a land-based casino. Only those along the borders with other countries have several gambling facilities that operate under unclear laws and regulations, only to lure in foreign tourists. Nowadays, only four cities have working brick and mortar gambling houses. These cities are Kawthaung (one casino in operation), Myawaddy (one casino plus poker room), Thahtay Kyun (one casino), and Tachilek (two casinos in operation).

Perhaps in the future, telecom companies will persuade the government to allow gambling legally, online or at least offline all over the country, and more cities will be able to benefit from such economically advantageous venues.

Facts about Myanmar

Just in case you would love to know more about Myanmar, check out those fun facts:

  • in this country, you can try a tea leaves salad, one of most favourite local dishes
  • people protect their skin from sun with thanaka paste
  • in contrast to casino in Myanmar, astrology is a serious business in this country
  • metric system of measurements is not in favour here
  • the habit of chewing betel leaves causes great health issues in locals
  • 89% of population are Buddhists
  • in local restaurants, people draw attention of the waiters by making kissing sounds
  • wine is one of the popular industries
  • locals never cut their hair on Mondays, Fridays, and on their birthdays
  • people prefer to carry their belongings or heavy weights on their heads
  • driving is totally chaotic here
  • many areas of the country are closed from tourists


For now, web casinos are illegal in the country, so, to play Myanmar real money game, check out the list of foreign sites accepting local gamblers.
Many platforms accepting bettors from this country can offer a no deposit bonus.
Live Dealer games can be found at many sites operated from abroad, accepting local bettors as real money customers.
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