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Minimum System Requirements for Online Casino Play

Minimum System Requirements for Online Casino Play

Online casinos keep improving their software online. This allows the players to play new games with enhanced graphics and sound effects.

Of course, to fully enjoy all the pleasures of the images, sounds and get a real winning pleasure from the game, you must have a computer with a certain configuration to play successfully and win bigger. So, you should know the minimum system requirements for online casino play.

There is, however, a distinction between the minimum requirements of particular program and the recommended requirements of particular program. The base framework requirements will permit you to play at the favorite club and appreciate the majority of the advantages of playing there.

The suggested requirements will guarantee that you will have the capacity to take any extra game variations or components that the casino programming suppliers have a tendency to apply from time to time. That's a recommendation for advanced gamblers.

Casino Game System Requirements

As a rule, every software is designed for computers with the different performance level. For example, slot machines with rich graphics can show many colors which calls for a much better system requirements than other more ordinary games with two-dimensional graphics, for example.

Casino Game System Requirements

At the same time, slot machines to play online for free without a registration can be rather primitive in terms of sounds and graphics to try on the website any time of the day or night for fun.

Today, the vast majority of online casinos use the games based on the flash technology. As a rule, these games can be played using a website browser without installing anything to your pc. There are also games which need to be downloaded, however. Often they are represented in the form of the downloadable version of the casino, with plenty of different games: baccarat, video poker, slots, roulette, and so on. Flash games are known to be much more demanding games that are available in the downloaded versions of the casinos. That is why you must consider a software and system requirements on your PC.

Along these, the Internet casino suppliers and suppliers of gaming programming for the online clubs do their best to convey the players a ton of delight from the games and the energizing winning gaming experience. In any case, this experience is not available if your PC doesn't meet the base necessities.

Casino Software Requirements of Major Providers

The leading manufacturers of the electronic gambling may set different requirements for the computer systems and a complete set of the end-user, and primarily due to the differences in the game itself that they offer.

The following are the system requirements of the major providers and developers of gaming software for online casinos:

  • Microgaming:

Pentium III 800 MHz or more

128 MB of available memory

32 MB of graphics memory

800 x 600 video resolution

500 MB free hard disk space

The speed of Internet connection at least 56 KB/s

  • Playtech:

OS Windows Vista / XP / 2000/98 / NT / 95

32MB RAM graphics memory

16-bit color video card

20 MB free hard disk space

  • Cryptologic:

Operating system: Windows 98 or higher

Pentium 200 MHz or higher


4 MB video card with 16-bit color

DirectX 7 or higher

Macromedia Flash 5 or higher

35 MB hard drive space

  • Vegas Technology:

Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / Millennium Edition / XP / Vista

Pentium 200 MHz


16 bit card

100 MB free hard disk space as a minimum

Thus, at any time, you can compare these data with the parameters of your system and see if it fits the minimum system requirements for the casino or not. However, as you can see for yourself, these figures will not be acceptable for the 5 years old computers, rather mention the ultimately modern machines that have even higher capacity.

If the user's system does not meet the minimum requirements, the software will not work or will work, but very slowly and of very poor quality. If the screen resolution is low, the quality of the graphics can also be affected, etc.

Please note that online play will not work if the flash player is not set in a correct version on your computer. Besides, the program moving graphic elements can cause a slight hang of the system. This is especially true of old computers with the older system versions.

The minimum and recommended requirements may increase as soon as the online casino software updates or changes its functions or features. It's not necessary, however, to upgrade the system every time the software manufacturers change its requirements. Therefore, it is still better to have a certain "safety margin."

If you do not know how to install a flash-player and your computer does not have any flash-player installed, the system will detect it and prompt you to automatically install it. Detailed instructions how to do that can be found on the web and it ain't be a trouble to set the requirements on your own.
Some casinos may also advise you what browser to use for this or that online casino game.

Generally, it's possible to cope with the majority of casino games with the help of the following recommended browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher.

Users Cheklist

  • Visitors of gambling establishments may be offered two versions of software: a downloadable client program and an online flash version to play.
  • There are no restrictions or deficiencies of flash versions found. Therefore, if you do not want to install additional software, you can start an online game.
  • It's pretty quickly to download the online version. The only difference is that the online version is inferior in graphics to that which can be downloaded.
  • Download casino will take a few tens of megabytes on your hard drive.
  • If you choose to download the casino, then get ready for a little wait. The installation is done via the Internet and the program will make the resume of the files necessary. The entire installation process usually takes from 1 to 3 minutes.
  • After you install the software, you will be offered either to select the game for real money or for fun, it's up to you to choose.
  • Naturally, it is better to start with practice.
  • Thus, you can explore the full range of games offered for practice, fun and saving your own money before the big hit ad win.
  • You register an account. You may need to specify the basic personal information during the registration.
  • Now you can start your favorite game, enjoy the colorful graphics, features, and win big.
  • It will not be difficult to understand the program if you have already experienced online casino play before.

Users should also keep in mind that there are online casinos of poor quality with the unknown software. You can use even a relatively old computers with lower system requirements for gambling there. All you need will be a web browser: Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other web browser that supports Adobe Flash, as well as a computer connected to the Internet. However, keep in mind that the use of the poor quality software may affect the quality of the games and the potential winning. That is why it is always recommended seeking for the leading software technologies, their games and to up grade the personal computer accordingly to play and win with the maximum pleasure.


As we know, the vast majority of online casinos use the flash technology in their games, allowing gambling directly in the browser. In addition, some online gambling establishments use the downloaded versions of the casino and its gaming products, which use the other technologies.
Playing at online casinos through the browser using the Flash technology is much more demanding on computer resources than the game in the downloadable version of the same online casino.

For our part, we have done everything possible to check the online casinos, and make sure they work steadily and smoothly in virtually any environment (including extreme). They should be well optimized and efficient in use of your pc resources, so that even the highest load will not affect the speed of your system because the management of an online casino should be not only profitable but also an enjoyable process. Always remember that before gambling and check your minimum system requirements for the top online casino play. Good luck!

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