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Being one of the most successful players among female members of the poker community, Liv Boeree has over 3,5 million dollars earned in live tournaments. As well as other players, she got into the poker fever quite accidentally. Before becoming a star in tournaments, Liv achieved her degree in Astrophysics, which is already a sign that Boeree’s intellect is way above the average. However, later she decided to go the other way and find the desired fame being a model and a participant of TV shows.

In 2005 Liv was picked for the reality poker TV show in the United Kingdom where she is originally from. It was a turning point - after this show Boeree irrevocably fell in love with this card game. She was a host on various poker-related shows for a while, but eventually, she found the courage to try her skills in the game itself. Thus, in 2008 Liv won the European Ladies Championship. And this victory got followed with a string of other ones at the tournaments around the globe.

In 2009 she had one of her most impressive games at the Five Star World Poker Classic in Las Vegas. At this event, she took part in two side tournaments and got into top 40 finish. Shortly after that, Liv made a move that changed her life completely and made the poker world recognize her as a true professional. In 2010 Boeree traveled to Italy and took part in the European Poker Tour. It is one of the biggest tournaments, and in that year 1240 players took part in it. Successfully going through all the tables, Liv reached the final one and crushed her rivals taking the title and over 1.5 million dollars. Boeree has shown one of the best performances in the history of this Tour and confirmed that she deserves to stand among the finest players in the United Kingdom.

After that, Liv only continued proving that she is worth her reputation. Up until today, she had a win after a win taking down PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up where she became the best among almost 5000 players. Then she almost won a UKIPT title in 2014 and got the third place in the EPT Barcelona High Roller winning $449.383. 2017 became a year when Liv added a bracelet from World Series to her collection of awards.

Having such huge winnings, Liv doesn’t hesitate when it comes to giving back. In 2014 she created an organization called Raising for Effective Giving that offers a rational and logical approach to the charity. The organization doesn’t only raise funds but helps others to understand which charities are better to focus on.

Liv also educates people at TED Talks telling about the benefits of thinking in probabilities. Also, she was a guest speaker at Oxford University, Cambridge, and many other places, including Google HQ. Moreover, Boeree writes a lot of articles on different rationality and scientific topics. While it might seem that poker approaches and thinking are good only when you’re sitting at the poker table, in reality, such thinking patterns can benefit different fields from technology development to education. That’s why Liv is eager to share her knowledge.

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