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South African gamblers have certain issues when looking for a reliable and reputable online casino South Africa, because, unfortunately, South Africa is not among the countries that allow Internet gambling. In fact, online casinos do not operate on the territory of the country. However, local gamblers have a good opportunity to reach out to online casinos operated from abroad – in fact, this is the only opportunity to play favourite casino games online.

Yet, the next question that arises is what web parlours accept South African Rand? This currency is not as internationally popular as, say, US dollars, or Euros. But no worries, we have done all the research already, and we know for sure what are South African rand casino sites. Check out the Casinority list of best online casinos that take South African rand below and choose the one you like most – all of them allow South African rand for deposits and for withdrawal!

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Best online casinos that accept South African rand


South African Rand Currency - History

South African Rand currency was first introduced back in 1961, so it is comparatively new if we mean old currencies, but it is older than, say, Euros. ZAR was most often traded against US dollar, and for many years, it enjoyed stable position on the market.

Before introduction of ZAR, RSA used British pounds, as a former British colony. Back in 1961, ZAR had value of 72 cents against US dollar, which is impressive even now.

However, the system of Apartheid caused decline of rand in the next years. Even despite the boom in the value of gold in 1980s, the rand continued to give away its positions slowly.

In 1994, in the post-Apartheid situation, the government returned to a healthy approach to internal and international relations, which resulted in higher position of the local currency, but it failed to improve its rate against the US dollar much, for many years.

Starting from 2007, ZAR experienced two contradictory processes - the development of local economy that strengthened the currency, and general economic crisis that undermined the position of weaker currencies. Since then, the rand continues to struggle. Today, the rate of ZAR is 0,068 against USD, which is much lower than back in 1961 when the rand was first introduced.

What Countries Use South African Rand

Today, ZAR is used in South Africa, Lesotho, and Namibia. Not many countries, in fact. However, this does not mean that web parlours operated from abroad, that is, from neighboring countries, cannot allow ZAR for deposits and withdrawals.

On the contrary, web parlours that accept South African players as real money customers know that web casinos do not operate in RSA, therefore they use this situation to their own advantage and take measures to attract South African players. Naturally, one of the measures is to allow to deposit, bet, and withdraw ZAR.

Current Situation With South African Rand On The Market

Nowadays, rand is weaker than it used to be before, but it is comparatively stable. This currency is used in three countries, and is most frequently traded against US dollar (and sometimes against GBP as well).

Advantages of Betting With South African Rand

The most important advantage of making bets with ZAR is that the players will have no hassle, no losses, and no hidden commissions caused by the need of currency exchange. In most cases, if the player cannot bet with their local currency, they need to go through exchange when they deposit, and then again when they withdraw.

This double exchange is often very unprofitable and causes additional losses and headache. But when South African rand online casino accepts ZAR, these problems never arise.

Popular Banking Methods For South African Rand

RSA follows a strict policy of forbidding online gambling, and no local bank is allowed to send money to, or accept money from any web parlour. Therefore, local punters have no option of using plastic cards or bank wire transfers. The only way out is e-wallets.

In South Africa, the following options are available:

  • MyGate
  • SagePay
  • Skrill
  • Hipay
  • BlueSnap
  • Ingenico Payment Services
  • QHWR
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • ecoPayz
  • G2A Pay
  • Western Union

If you prefer one or more of those banking options, check out casino sites that accept PayPal, or PaysafeCard online casinos, or ecoPayz casinos.

The Future of South African Rand Online Casinos

Most probably, South African rand deposit casinos will continue to develop, and the number of them will increase, because the South African government is unlikely to change its policy towards online gambling anytime soon. So, the demand will stay, boosting the casinos that are friendly to real money customers from RSA.

Sum Up

Gamblers from South Africa should not be upset because of the government’s decisions. While they are left without legal options, and have to bet at foreign web parlours at their own risk, there are some decent platforms that will accept them and allow winning real cash in ZAR by playing favourite casino games.

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