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Ivan Potocki

Ivan Potocki was born in 1985 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After finishing a grammar school, he enrolled with the faculty of the English language and literature in his hometown. During his time at the faculty, he discovered the game of online poker, which would turn out quite significant for his later career.

He spent his college years dividing time between studying and playing poker, honing his skills at the table and learning about the game that fascinated him. After acquiring his BA, he spent a couple of years almost exclusively playing poker and making money grinding smaller stakes tournaments and sit and go’s.

Eventually, his two passions, for poker and for writing, came together as he started to write poker news and strategy articles for different sites, including the time spent at PokerTube as one of the main writers and editors.

Over the years, he has expanded his array of interest to the world of gambling in general, writing numerous articles on all sorts of gambling-related topics, from casino reviews, over blogs, to gambling strategy and advice pieces.

Ivan Potocki’s Latest Posts

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