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Matthew Gover

Matthew Gover was born in 1992 in Bristol, England. He studied at the University of The West of England where he completed a Criminology and Sociology degree. Throughout his time studying he found matched betting which helped him save money and this lead him to discover one of his other main loves, Poker.

For years Matthew has been looking into the best strategies available and remains as fascinated as ever by the world of gambling. He believes that although gambling should be considered fun it becomes more so when you know as much about it as possible. There are so many things speculated about this world and Matthew likes to separate fact from fiction.

Matthew was also a very keen writer and after teaching English around the world including in countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, and Spain he made a decision to turn his attention full time to writing, and what better way than mixing his love for writing and his love for all things gambling-related.

Matthew loves subjects such as matched betting, casino reviews, gambling strategies, and advice pieces.

Matthew Gover’s Latest Posts

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