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Find out why Australian women play casino games more frequently

Find out why Australian women play casino games more frequently

Australia is currently the most gambling country in the world. Aussies spend more money on gambling (and also win more!) than other gamesmen in the world. However, until recently, there was a twist in gender ratio.

According to research in the previous years, most gamblers were adult and older males. However, today, the number of Australian women who made gambling part of their leisure constantly increases. At the same time, the local companies started to include females into their ads campaigns. In particular, famous actresses and models Nicky Whelan and Sophie Monk were hired as faces of the advertisement campaigns for the biggest gambling companies in the industry.

The question is, whether the market started to reflect the actual trends of women playing the games of chance more, or is it new marketing approaches than make women play more? Let’s find out.

Rise of Female Australian Gamblers

First of all, it has to be kept in mind that a lot of gambling goes on online today, and younger people, both men and women, spend a lot of time online in their mobile gadgets. According to research, while young women are less “technical” when it comes to their devices, they tend to spend more time online. Therefore, as soon as they hit some casino games, high chances are they will continue playing.

On the other hand, since online gambling in Australia massively, the stigma connected to gambling that may have existed before starts to disappear. Playing games of chance or games of skill is no longer an activity appropriate for a group of drunk men, somewhere late at night in a dirty club in the middle of nowhere. Today, playing casino games is associated with other fun activities, like music, dancing, shows, eating and drinking, singing karaoke, etc. Women become less judgemental about gambling, and eventually many give it a try themselves.

So the market tries to reflect the modern trends more by targeting their campaigns not only on men, but also on women. One of the worldwide trends is growth of women’s financial well-being, and Australia is not an exception. Women earn more than before, and can afford more entertainment, including casino games.

The other way around, marketing strategies change as well. Before, women played a more decorative role in all types of gambling advertisement. They were part of happiness and success of a lucky male gambler who wins real money after the game. This is one of the reasons why women mostly viewed gambling as male entertainment, and did not want to be “supplementary” elements participating in such activities.

As soon as advertisement campaigns started to depict females as protagonists who play the games and win real money themselves, females showing interest to casino games could eventually relate. As a result, more women started gambling.

Social Importance

Interestingly, women are believed to have less risks of developing addiction to gambling, and deal with problem gambling issues. Researchers believe that men tend to risk more money, and get easily carried away with the game. Female gamers, on the other hand, are less risky, and consider more factors when betting real money. They also demonstrate more sadness or distress when losing money, while men demonstrate aggression.

Women have a different reaction to losses. They arrive at the casino not to show their proficiency or toughness to the crowd. They come to try their luck, drink, meet people, have some slight adrenaline rush, without any desire to show off their competence or skill.

Another curious fact is that with new advertisement campaigns, not only women themselves, but also men started viewing gambling as an appropriate leisure activity for females. This may eventually lead to ability of the two genders engage into common gambling activities, and female gamblers may play a very healthful part, bringing their common sense into every game.

While most sociologists share the common opinion that more gamblers in the country is worse than less gamblers, because the government has to deal with problems related to gambling, it is possible to take a different approach to this. Due to the fact that more women play casino games, with time, the marketing campaigns may change completely in order to meet the needs of this section of the audience. And in no time, we may see ads that promote less risky, more entertaining and more socializing gambling than before. Less risk-supportive and aggression-supportive marketing will eventually shape a more responsible attitude to gambling as such.

What Games Do Aussie Women Prefer?

Statistics shows that women are less into games of skill, and are more into games of chance. They prefer slots, lottery, Keno, and other specialties. While for most men, the size of win is the decisive criterion, many female players consider the aesthetic pleasure they get from playing a particular game. This is not a secret that software developers make some stunningly beautiful products these days, and some games do a good job of entertaining, almost like a nice movie.

More interestingly, women display more socializing behavior when playing casino games. They often visit in groups, several players play the same slots together, and look forward to having fun more than to winning real money. This is the reason why female players prefer games of chance over games of skill - they just do not want to bother with numerous rules and complicated strategies. Fun is their main goal.

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