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Loyal industry regulation and the absence of tax liable to players’ wins make Australians so enthusiastic about gambling sites. According to the latest statistics, Australian Northern Territory residents are considered to be the most hardcore gamblers. So if you are planning your trip to the Northern Territory of Australia or just want to know everything about the Australian gambling market, keep reading this post. How many casinos are there in the Northern Territory? We will reveal all the secrets – from industry regulation in NT to the best gambling venues you should definitely visit at least once in your life.

You do not necessarily need to come to Australia to play in a casino in Northern Territory. You can easily access any online casino, for example, SkyCity, from the comfort of your home without spending your time and money on the road. You will still have many options to choose from. Although Australian online casinos are not legally allowed to provide real-money betting services, you can still have fun playing your favorite games online. In case you are seeking gaming websites for more serious gameplay, you can always pick an international casino. For you not to waste your time on searches, we have prepared a list of best online casinos to choose from.

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List of Northern Territory online casinos


History of Gambling in Northern Territory

Australia has a rich gambling history that dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Being under control of the British, who were avid gamblers, the local population supported their passion for betting. As a result, sports betting events were regularly organized on the territory of Australia, with the first one taking place in Sydney in 1810. Seventy years later, the first land-based casino was opened in Australia, and games have become even more accessible to Australians. Since then, their love for gambling has never withered.

The betting industry of Australia has reached a new level. You can today access any casino games through the Internet and enjoy quality gameplay without leaving your home. Interestingly, the first casino in Australia opened in 1991, and nowadays, the number of Australian internet gaming venues is close to several thousand.

Here are some other prominent events from the betting history:

  • Horse racing was the first type of gambling in Australia;
  • It was the Northern Territory where online sports betting was first legalized in 1996; other states followed the trend afterward;
  • There was a ban on gaming in land-based gaming clubs until 1973 since the government couldn’t control their operation;
  • There was a legal restriction toward sports betting in Australia until the 1980s.

All these events have greatly contributed to the development of gambling in Australia and have made Australians so passionate about it.

Laws for gambling in Australian Northern Territory

The Australian government is quite loyal to gaming; there are no strict restrictions or regulations set up for the industry. Almost all forms of gaming are legally allowed in all the states throughout Australia. You can play in any casino or place sports bets on any racecourse unless you haven’t reached a gambling age.

The only exception from the rule is online betting, which has several restrictions. Thus, Australian online casinos are not eligible to provide real-money services to country residents. This means that you will be able to access an online casino in Northern Territory (Australia), but the real-money deposit option will be disabled for you in an Australian online casino for real money.

As for the gambling laws that regulate the industry, the following documents have legal force in the Northern Territory of Australia:

  • Gaming Control Act;
  • Gaming Machine Act;
  • Northern Territory Licensing Commission Act;
  • Racing and Betting Act;
  • Soccer Football Pools Act;
  • Totalisator Licensing and Regulation Act;
  • Unlawful Betting Act.

To operate in the local market, a casino must comply with each and every legislative act from the list below.

Regulatory authorities in Northern Territory

The industry is regulated in two different levels in Australia. State and Territory authorities take control of the betting industry in the country. Hence, ACT Gambling and Racing Commission regulates the market at the global level, and the Licensing Commission is responsible for the industry at the territory level. The local authority supervises casinos, issues permissive documentation, and ensures all gaming establishments adhere to the industry rules and standards. In case any operator doesn’t have a gaming license or cheats its players, it will be immediately closed, and its owner will be taken to court.

Taxation laws on gambling in Australian Northern Territory

Taxation laws of Australian Northern Territory oblige casino owners and gaming operators to pay four different types of taxes. However, in the state legislation, there is no single word about players winnings being liable to tax. In other words, if you win a jackpot in NT, you do not have to pay anything to the state treasury.

If you are a casino operator, be ready to pay the following taxes:

  • Sales tax - a casino is to pay sales tax if it sells alcohol, cigarettes, or any other products;
  • Net income tax just like any other business that brings financial profit, a casino has to pay net income tax;
  • Tax on players lose - each time a player loses money in a casino, you have to pay money;
  • Gaming license - you are to purchase a gaming license in order to be eligible to operate in the NT market.

With such a diversity of taxes, it is no wonder why the state receives about 15% of the entire country budget from the gaming industry.

Land-Based casinos in Northern Territory

Australian Northern Territory is just a perfect place for betting enthusiasts. Although there are only two full-fledged casinos in the area, you will still find tens of small pubs, where you can drink beer and play your favorite pokies. If you are looking for more serious gameplay and want to feel an atmosphere of a real casino, then you should go to either Darwin or Alice Springs. Mindil Beach Casino and Resort and Lasseters Hotel Casino are located there. Where is casino Northern Territory? Let’s take a quick look at what is special in both gaming venues.

Mindil Beach Casino
Phone number:
61 8 8943 8888
Gilruth Ave, The Gardens, Mindil Beach, Darwin 0820

Mindil Beach Casino is one of the biggest gaming houses in Australia. Apart from the gaming hall, you will find a hotel and spa, bars and restaurants, as well as many other entertainment options. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or just want a fun night out at the hottest place in town, Mindil Beach Casino Resort is just a go-to destination for you. With more than 600 gaming machines to choose from, you will find a full selection of your favorite games. The fact that this casino is open around the clock makes it just a perfect place for everyone.

Resort and Lasseters Hotel Casino
Phone number:
61 8 8950 7777
93 Barrett Drive, Alice Springs, 0870

There is something for everyone at the Resort and Lasseters Hotel Casino. With restaurants, bars, a sports theatre, pool-side cafe, night club, spa center, TAB facilities, and an international live casino, it is no wonder why this place is so popular around the globe. Find all the latest tables and electronic games in a single place. Take the maximum out of gambling buy playing against seasoned gamblers and experienced high-rollers.

Banking options for gambling in Northern Territory

Australian gamblers are lucky when it comes to banking options they can choose from. You will definitely find a payment method that meets your needs and expectations. When deciding on a banking option, we highly advise you to pay attention to withdrawal limits, associated feels, and transaction processing times. So if you do not want to wait for your win just forever, then do not hesitate this information with a casino.

Here are some of the banking options that are widely accepted in Australian casinos:

  • Credit/ debit cards - all the casinos in NT accept payments made with Visa and Mastercard. Thus, you can use your plastic card for both deposits and cash withdrawals;
  • E-wallets - holders of online wallet can benefit from reduced charges and minimal transaction time since most casinos support PayPal, POLi, Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer, and many other e-wallets;
  • Cryptocurrency - you can today easily find a Bitcoin casino or a place where you can pay in Litecoin. The popular majority of Australian gaming establishments accept BTC, LTC, and ETH;
  • Money transfers - this banking method by far the safest and transparent today. No surprise that it is still supported by many Aussie casinos.

Some casinos provide juicy bonuses to players using a particular payment method. So if you want to pocket some bonus money, check this information with a casino.

Popular cities in Northern Territory region for gambling

If you are going to the Australian Northern Territory, you should definitely visit some of the biggest gaming houses in the area - Resort and Lasseters Hotel and Mindil Beach casinos. So do not forget to add Darwin and Alice Springs to your travel map. You will definitely have fun there and will never forget your stay in NT.

Facts about gambling in Northern Territory

Australian gambling industry is interesting to explore and know something new about. It develops at such a high pace so that it is impossible to keep track of all the events and happenings. Excited to know something interesting? We have compiled a list of the most mind-blowing facts that you might not know.

  • On the green continent, around 20% of all slot machines in the world are located;
  • 80% of Australians are regular visitors of land-based and online casinos;
  • Australians spend more than $19 billion on betting;
  • Video poker is the most popular casino game in Australia;
  • The Australian government gets the highest profit from the gambling industry.


In order to be eligible to provide services to Australian gamblers, an establishment
The gambling age in the Australian Northern Territory is 18. This means that gamblers younger this age are not allowed to visit land-based casinos or engage in online betting in Northern Territory.
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