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Gambling in New South Wales

New South Wales has several land-based casinos, and players from this state are legally allowed to play in trusted online casinos in Australia.


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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

New South Wales online casinos


History of Gambling in NSW

Nowadays, Australia is in the list of countries that legally allow gaming, both in land based and virtual facilities. Obviously, this is a huge advantage for the local gamesman, as they have a chance to entertain themselves in land based casino, or visit any available online venture, without any risks, frauds, and law violations. in addition, the country collects considerable taxes from gaming, which means entertainment is used for the advantage of all the citizens out there.

The history of gaming and betting is very rich in Australia in general, and in New South Wales in particular. It all began with horse racing back in 1810. Horse racing was a very popular event among many people (considering they had no Internet and television!), connected to sport, entertainment, and financial benefits at the same time. 70 years later, in 1880, the first official lottery was organized in the country. Lottery is a thing that always draws attention, because many people entertain themselves over the idea of becoming rich quickly.

Gaming means that can be considered more modern, like mechanic poker machines, were introduced much later, in 1950s, and they began the era of modern gaming that related more on mechanisms and machines rather than people. These machines appeared in many pubs and clubs.

In 1979, the first official land based casino was given a license for operation, and this type of entertainment was available only for rich citizens, despite the fact that gaming via table games and poker machines was insanely popular among common people. Land based ventures also collaborated closely with luxurious hotels and restaurants, that is why it makes sense to look for relevant casino accommodation in NSW. As soon as Internet enables global gaming industry to launch their first casino web sites, Australia joined the trend, making virtual gaming totally legal and thus pushing forward  the development of this industry. New South Wales is currently one of the most active regions in terms of gaming, hosting 11 big land based gambling parlours, and giving its gamesters access to numerous online platforms.

Laws for Gambling in New South Wales

New South Wales follows all general laws on gambling eligible for Australian territories. There is a long list of laws, to be honest, which is absolutely  understandable, keeping in mind that gambling has at all times been legal there, and in the middle of the previous century they allowed legal land based facilities.

The main  Aussi laws connected to gambling include: Betting Act (1964), Casino Control Act (2006), Gaming Machine Act (2004), Interactive Gambling Act (1998), Race and Sports Bookmaking Act (2001). New South Wales has several specifically local laws on betting and gambling as well, including:

  • Betting Tax Act (2001)
  • Casino Control Act (1992)
  • Gaming Machines Act (2001)
  • Gaming Machines Tax Act 2001
  • Public Lotteries Act (1996)
  • Unlawful Gambling Act (1998)

There are nuances, however, on gaming legislation in NSW in online casinos by Australian gamesters. Firstly, the online platforms are not allowed to advertise themselves as facilities for real money gambling online. Next, they are not allowed to offer interactive real money gaming. The gamesters, on the other hand, are allowed to access and play those games, including those provided by companies and platformes located elsewhere. Australian companies, however, can offer and promote their services to citizens from other countries.

Regulatory Authorities in NSW

Considering the fact that playing in all types of casinos in New South Wales (Australia) is legal (unless the facility is officially registered, of course), the state has a bunch of different regulatory authorities whose job is to check each facility in terms of honesty, fair play, protection of users’ data, safety of payments, meeting the standards, and paying taxes, of course. Ideally, each facility has to go through a certain checking on a regular basis, and get certification from the relevant authority.

Authorities responsible for this industry in Australia, and New South Wales in particular, include: ACT Gambling and Racing Commission that double-checks the conditions, mechanisms, and payouts of events, and Liquor and Gaming New South Wales agency. One may wonder why liquor is the point when we talk about games, but entertainment in casino usually includes drinking alcohol, and also smoking. Yet, facilities and restaurants cannot just sell alcohol and tobacco products easily, they must have the corresponding certification. As a result, gambling and liquor regulations mostly go hand in hand.

The agency reports directly to the Minister for Customer Service, so, if this or that facility does not comply with the norms, the consequences and responsibility can be quite considerable. It has to be noted, though, that this agency’s activity is not connected to functioning of online platforms, because they follow other rules. For them, the corresponding legislative acts are more applicable.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in New South Wales

Australia and New South Wales in particular are a paradise for any local gambler, because - surprise! - they do not tax players. At all. Instead, they apply taxes to companies that actually provide services and earn some healthy amounts of money. We believe this is only fair.

There are two main reasons why Australian government does not apply any tax rules to winners. Firstly, according to them, gambling is not a profession, it is not performed on a regular basis, and does not bring stable income, therefore, it is silly to tax people in winnings. Secondly, the wins in a casino in NSW, whether it is land based or online, are not considered income, because the government views them as pure good luck (this is very sane, since the government itself takes action to make gambling results random, therefore, winning is indeed just luck). If the person managed to win a considerable sum, in the majority of cases it means this gambler has spent lots of funds on previous playing.

Taxing service providers is another story. These companies, if they are successful, get impressive income from gamesters all around the world. Yet, if they are somehow based in Australia, it means they earn local resources like electricity, and therefore have to pay taxes to the government. Honestly, this is one of the best official positions in the world.

Land-Based Casinos in NSW

In addition to online platforms, that can often be reached by players from other parts of the world, land based casinos as something of a local attraction, that not everyone can afford. They are associated with festive atmosphere and luxury, and are located in grand restaurants and hotels. If you are into live gambling, offline facilities are just right for you. Where is casino New South Wales? Check out three of the best offline gambling parlours in NSW.

Adelaide Casino
Phone number:
61 8 8212 2811
North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

This facility is well-known due to its luxurious location and atmosphere, presence of numerous casinos represented in the same place, and by the fact that the facility releases new games on a regular basis, keeping their visitors wanting more. How far is casino from Sydney? Well, one has to travel a bit, but it is worth it.

Crown Sydney
Phone number:
61 2 9267 6793
160-162 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000
10.00am – 3.00am

This casino offers lots of games, provides comfortable conditions for entertainment, and generally is one of the local places each tourist has to visit. There is a hotel, so accommodation in casino New South Wales is totally acceptable.

The Star
Phone number:
61 2 9777 9000
80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Sydney

The Star casino is the most luxurious one currently open in Australia. Any gambler who is into offline playing should visit this facility, because it offers lots of entertainment, and some incredible atmosphere as well.

Banking Options for Gambling in New South Wales

Overall, Australian players can use the majority of banking options available all over the world. For example, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, BankWire, and BankChecks are available as everywhere else around the world. Next come the most popular online payment systems, including Neteller, 2Checkout, PayPal, Payment Express, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Trustly, Skrill, Rapid Transfer, NeoSurf, Interac, PaySafecard, Ecopayz, etc.

The availability of such a vast array of options is very advantageous for both the gamester and the casino. Firstly, most of these payment systems have very reputable companies behind, and if the gambling facility collaborates with a list of those companies, it is another way to show their reliability and security to the customers. On the other hand, the customers can deposit and withdraw money really fast, literally in the matter of minutes, without even disclosing their banking details. One is able to use a particular digital wallet specifically for online gambling websites, deposit from it and get withdrawals to it, without risking to expose their actual bank account to any scams, frauds, or security breaches.

There are also smaller local companies that offer their services for depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos, but they are not collaborated with often, because Australian companies are looking forward to attract a big number of foreign players, so having more international banking options is better than having local options.

Popular Cities in NSW for Gambling

Due to being able to legally offer their services throughout Australia, casinos tend to open new facilities everywhere they can expect demand. So, one should not limit themselves with New South Wales only. However, it will be fair to confirm that Sydney is the most popular city with gamblers. How many casinos are there in NSW? There are 11 largest and the most reputable offline facilities in this city, and they offer the best user experience possible. Other cities in NSW where one can gamble offline are Penrith and Rozelle.

In case one does not like any of the offered options, there is always an opportunity to access any of the reliable legal online casinos in Australia available for Australian users, and gamble there without any problems. You can even find a casino with Live Dealer games.

Facts About NSW

Enjoy some fun facts about gambling in New South Wales, Australia:

  • about 70% of citizens have gambled in this or that way during the previous year
  • gambling includes not only table games, slots, or australian online pokies - races, scratch cards, and lotteries are also extremely popular
  • each fifth citizen plays a machine (poker machine or slots) at least once a week
  • each third person participating in gambling activities once a week has addiction issues connected to gambling
  • almost 40% of all money spent on gambling in NSW is provided by addicted gamesters
  • More than half of the gamesters prefer to use electronic gambling machines or access websites, instead of live gaming
  • most frequent players spend something between $7000 and $8000 per year on their entertainment
  • according to research and statistics, online platforms offer much more variety in terms of games and other conditions, and this is the main reason of their growing popularity
  • online platforms usually offer better prices and bonuses to the customers
  • local gamesters still mostly prefer overseas websites, because local platforms are limited by Australian laws in many ways


Online casinos and betting in NSW are totally legal. The whole industry is allowed to operate officially on the territory of NSW in particular, having gambling license in NSW, and Australia in general. However, there are some limitations connected to online platforms. These platforms are not allowed to advertise their services as real money interactive gaming. Yet, this is true only for local players, so the websites advertise their services freely for players on the global scale.
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