Best Online Casinos in Argentina

Argentina is particularly passionate about all kinds of gambling and betting, and, in contrast to many other countries – like gambling in Brazil, for example – it actually allows all these activities legally!

So, when you decide to gamble while in Argentina, nothing can be easier. There are numerous land based facilities, and you will also find dozens, if not hundreds, of like-minded people. However, when it comes to Argentina gambling at web casinos, certain controversies with legislation arrive.

Technically, there are local online casinos operated by companies in Argentina. Yet, unclear regulations make their functioning complicated and limited. As a result, their casinos cannot provide such a wide range or entertainment. However, there is good news, as well.

In Argentina, you can freely gamble at online casinos operated by foreign companies from abroad. Some of these sites are blocked by the government, but the majority of them are free for access and accept Argentinians as real money customers. There is no law preventing you from playing there, and the government currently lacks technical capabilities for blocking all those foreign sites.

Which means, you can choose from the top world online casinos out there! To save your time, we have gathered an impressive list of online casinos for Argentina. Check out the list, choose the most reliable casinos and the biggest online mobile casino no deposit bonus, and win real money online!

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List of Online Casinos for players from Argentina


History of Gambling in Argentina

Ancient history of gambling in Argentina is unclear, but we do not need to dive so deep. Gambling as we know it was first documented back in 1882, with the Jockey Club being founded for placing bets on racing horses. Already by 1979, a comprehensive system of betting on sports was developed.

The government seemed to never really limit this segment of the market, so betting entertainments and businesses developed naturally. All kinds of betting facilities, including brick and mortar casinos with games of chance and games of skill, were opening around the country.

In 2002, the first local casino online Argentina was officially launched. It was a licensed platform, run by reputable and reliable Casino del Norte Group operator.

While the state avoided limiting the gaming market, certain changes still took place. After licensing the first web casino Argentina in 2002, and offering license to more sites later, in 2008, the state shut down license issuing completely. Moreover, the state government delegated its authority in the sphere of Internet gambling to provinces. Since 2015, each of the 23 Argentinian provinces has its own online gambling rules.

As it becomes clear, Argentina is totally gambling-friendly, and we can expect the situation will only improve with time. However, the past of this market was a bit complicated, and to play safely and successfully, one should be aware of the current situation.

Current Situation on Gambling in Argentina

Besides brick and mortar casinos, Argentinians are crazy about sports - and particularly football - and about horse racing. So, you must not be surprised that this stuff is mostly regulated by the government (and regulated properly). There are responsible agencies that take care of these entertainments, pay taxes, etc.

Also, finding an offline venue for making some bets is not a problem; the state seems to stimulate the players to make bets offline, because this activity is easier to regulate.

As for online gambling, the rules are quite blurred - or rather, there are no clear rules.

There are several local operators that managed to acquire a license and keep it, and they are allowed to offer their services in the country to local residents, officially. However, there is no overall state legislation, and each of the 23 provinces has its own approach to betting in the web. As a result, operators feel their work is restricted by limitations, and some companies even decide to stop their services.

For players, this is no good either. In some provinces, players are free to access local sites and foreign sites, in other provinces, only local sites are allowed; in other words, every province has its own combination of dos and don'ts. The players become confused, and unless they are particularly attached to a certain local online casino, more and more local bettors prefer offshore platforms.

Some time ago, the government took effort to block access to foreign casinos, but this is a complicated task in technical aspect. Also, there is still no law prohibiting the local bettors to play at foreign casinos. So, for now, these sites are in free access.

Laws for Gambling in Argentina

In terms of land based betting, most activities are allowed for the players. Just make sure you follow the rules of every particular activity or facility. The majority of the laws are applicable more to the businesses rather than to the users.

State and local lotteries, and also all types of sports betting are under the regulation of the National Lottery called Lotería Nacional Sociedad del Estado. Regardless of the region where you would like to participate in these activities, you are to follow the National Lottery rules. Provinces are to cooperate with this authority, and cannot apply their own local laws to lotteries and sports betting.

As for online gambling, your dos and don'ts depend on the province you are based at. Make sure you are aware of what laws apply in every particular location. This is true for both local online casinos and those operated by foreign companies from abroad.

As for foreign online casinos available from Argentina, there are currently no laws prohibiting these sites, or limiting access of local bettors to these sites, legally. So, if you can register a real money account at a foreign casino Argentina online site and play for real money, you do not break any laws of Argentina.

Regulatory Authorities in Argentina

The official authority responsible for all gambling activities in the country is The Board of Association of Lotteries, Pools and Casinos. It also controls smaller local agencies and provides comprehensive collaboration.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Argentina

Today, gambling businesses in Argentina pay from 17 to 27% of tax on their gross revenue, depending on their area of operation and their income level. Interestingly, taxes from the gambling market make one of the primary sources of the government income in Argentina.

Now, when you take part in offline betting in any of the local facilities, your player’s tax is already included into your deposit. Technically, there is no state rule about players taxation on winnings (at least we haven’t found one), so we can expect that the percent of tax is imposed for every type of gambling activity, separately.

Talking about local online casinos, there is no information about the necessity of paying taxes on your winnings if you are a real-money customer. This is even more true when you play at foreign online casinos operated from abroad.

Land Based Casinos in Argentina

At the time of writing, according to the different sources, the number of brick and mortar betting facilities and gambling houses in Argentina reached from 100 to 150. This makes us think that the fans of festive casino atmosphere have no chances feeling lonely or bored while in this wonderful country. later in this post, we will talk about cities with the biggest amount of different betting venues. Here, let’s talk about three the most well-known land based casinos in the country.

Casino Buenos Aires
Phone number:
+54 11 4363-3100
Av. Elvira Rawson de Dellepiane s/n, C1107 CABA
Casino Club Posadas
Phone number:
+54 376 442-8686
San Lorenzo 1950, 3300, Posadas, Misiones
10 AM - 5 AM

Opened way back in 1998, this club can offer 10 table games, 150 slots machines, and one table for poker players. You can also have a snack and a drink in the bar.

Casino Golden Palace - San Luis
Phone number:
+54 266 453-0808
San Martín 578, D5700 San Luis
10 AM - 5 AM

Banking Options for Gambling in Argentina

When you make real money bets in local offline venues in Argentina, you can easily pay with cash, or use your bank plastic card. It also makes no problem paying with plastic online, if you make bets at online casinos operated by the few Argentinian companies. The most popular plastic are cards by:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

In case you prefer online games of chance and games of skill, you are probably a fan of web casinos. In the majority of cases, foreign platforms operated by international companies turn out to be much more entertaining, and offering way more games that local sites (alas!). If they accept bank cards, you are free to deposit with your plastic directly from your bank account.

However, some people avoid showing their bank account information to third party merchants like online casinos. Moreover, many internet gambling sites allow depositing with bank card, but withdrawals to the same source are impossible according to the casino rules. In any of these cases, you may want to use an e-wallet or other online payment systems, including:

  • AstroPay
  • Rapipago
  • Click2Pay
  • Entropay
  • Safecard
  • Ukash
  • Skrill
  • Payu Latam
  • PagoFacil
  • 2Checkout
  • Mercado Pago
  • Worldpay
  • PayGol
  • Hipay
  • BlueSnap

Before you deposit to any real money online casino, explore it and make sure it is reliable. Abundance of scammy and unsafe casinos out there is exactly the reason why we at Casinority make these lists of casinos at the beginning of the review. Sometimes, a reliable platform is hard to find.

Popular Cities in Argentina for Gambling

There are around 60 cities in Argentina that have only one land based casino. Which means, there are also cities that have more than one facility! Here, we’ll list those cities that have 2 or more gambling venues:

  • Buenos Aires - 8
  • Comodoro Rivadavia - 3
  • Corrientes - 3
  • Formosa - 3
  • Mendoza - 3
  • Misiones - 2
  • Paraná - 4
  • Posadas - 8
  • Puerto Madryn - 3
  • Río Ceballos - 5
  • San Luis - 6
  • Santa Fe - 2
  • Ushuaia - 2

These numbers represent mostly casinos. If you are interested in local lotteries, sports betting facilities, and horse racing tracks, these are many more. This makes a good contrast when compared to other countries; if you are wondering is online casino legal in Mexico, or elsewhere, please feel free to check our reviews.

Facts About Argentina

To get to know Argentina better, check out this list of extraordinary fun facts:

  • it is the 8th largest country in the world 
  • political parties in the country make their own craft beers 
  • the state is famous for its grape wines 
  • 37% of population are Italians by origin 
  • the dance of tango originated here 
  • there are more cows than people in the country 
  • radio is still insanely popular here 
  • local beef is famous all over the world for its quality 
  • local consume more red meat than any other nation globally 
  • the country boasts the highest rate of movie watching in the world 
  • one third of local women make plastic surgery 
  • Argentina is said to have the highest rate of infidelity, and also the highest rate of divorces, globally 
  • 40% of the workforce in Argentina is female


Yes. The majority of international online casinos that accept players from Argentine allows to make deposits and withdrawals in Argentine Pesos. Other most popular currencies include USD.
Most likely, no. It depends on the province where you reside, but overall, sports betting in the country is allowed only at brick and mortar venues.
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