Daniel Williams

Daniel is the best storyteller we have ever met; he can retell one story in five different manners and you would still want to listen. This is the reason why Dan is our content manager. To be honest, reading casino reviews is often a boring activity; we know that being reviewers ourselves. We know how painful it is to try and find a review on a casino you would like to try out, and take huge efforts to simply read through this review without falling asleep.

Daniel Williams makes writing and reading the reviews easy and fun. It was his initiative to write every review in the manner of a friend telling other friend about every casino site. This is why you will never get bored reading our tests, because we care to give you the most recent and important information yet in the way that will make you able to read without yawning.

If the casino is bad, Daniel will tell you about that (but he will call it shitty and smart-ass), if the casino is good you will know for sure. We love writing our reviews because we can be honest and straightforward with the readers, while the readers are able to find out our real attitude towards this or that site.

Daniel Williams’s Latest Posts

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