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Refer friend casino bonuses

Whether you just want to spread the word for a great online casino you have found or you want to earn yourself some bonus funds, the option to refer a friend to join you is a great one. Refer a friend casino bonuses are a great way of building up your own bonus funds so you can play the latest casino games without risking your own money.

The problem many people have is that not all online casinos in the UK have this type of bonus, and of those that do offer this promotion, some come with restrictive conditions. That’s why we have put together this article to help you find the best online casino refer a friend bonus and which casinos you will find them at, starting with a list of all the casinos that offer this beneficial promotion.

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

Which casinos offer a refer a friend bonus?

Key information about refer a friend bonuses

So what is an online casino refer a friend bonus? Well, it’s a simple bonus that can be very beneficial both for yourself and the new customers you help sign up. They are a tool used by UK online casinos to help get existing customers to refer new customers to sign up. You do this by sending friends and family members your unique referral link. For each one that successfully signs up, you will earn a bonus which is added to your account.

The benefits of claiming this type of bonus?

The biggest bonus for players who use a refer-a-friend casino is that, unlike some bonuses that require you to deposit and wager your own funds first, this one does not. Instead, it relies on your friends who you refer to sign up and register. Depending on the UK casino you use, sometimes you will benefit alone, and other times both you and your friend can benefit from signing up through a refer-a-friend bonus.

However, as with most things in life, it’s not always a positive experience. Some casinos may have large wagering requirements with bonuses, and although you may be able to successfully refer a friend, it doesn’t mean they will always meet the requirements so sometimes you can miss out on your bonus.

How can you get a refer a friend bonus at UK casinos?

The majority of the top UK online casinos all use a refer a friend bonus scheme to reward existing customers to retain them, as well as helping them to attain new ones. The process at all of these casinos is very similar, and the below step-by-step guide should apply to the majority of online casinos in the UK:

  1. Head to your chosen refer a friend online casino.

  2. Go to the promotions page to find the refer a friend bonus.

  3. This will direct you where to find your referral link to send to your friends, some online casinos may just ask you to enter a friend's email to send it to them directly.

  4. Your friend must sign up to your chosen casino through your referral link.

  5. Once they have created an account and met the requirements for your bonus to be released, you will find your bonus waiting for you in your account.

Get these refer a friend casino bonuses

To save you the time trying to find the best refer a friend bonus casino, we have put together this handy table to highlight some of the best refer-a-friend bonuses that are available:

RankCasinoBonusFriend's depositAvailable time meet requirementsMax. Bet
#1MrQ20 free spins£107 days0.1 per spin
#2mFortune Up to £110 Bonus£107 daysN/A
#3Unibet£150 Bonus for Three Referrals£30, £50, £7060 days N/A 
#4JammyMonkeyUp to £5 Bonus£107 daysN/A
#5BetFred£15 Bonus£5 on Bingo14 daysN/A

Want to learn a little more about the above casino bonuses and how to get them? Let’s take a look:

Invite a friend and get 20 free spins from MrQ

The MRQ casino refer a friend bonus is a popular one that is very easy to benefit from and rewards both you and your friend who signs up. All they have to do is sign-up using your unique referral code and when they deposit and wager a minimum of £10 within the first seven days of opening a new account, you will both split the 20 Free Spins reward, each getting 10 free spins.

These spins can only be used on the Fishin' Frenzy: The Big Catch! Slot game and each spin is valued at 10p.

Invite a friend and get up to £110 from mFortune

An existing customer at mFortune can refer up to six people, and the bonus comes in two parts. Firstly you get one of the best no deposit bonuses in UK casinos with £10 awarded instantly to your account as soon as a friend joins using your unique referral link to sign up to mFortune.

As soon as they deposit though, you can earn an additional referral bonus with 50% of their first deposit up to £100 given to you in bonus funds. In order to reach the full £110 bonus, your friend must join through your link and then deposit £200 into their account to play with. You can do this with six friends so that’s a total of £660 available.

Invite 3 friends and get up to £150 from Unibet

On first appearance, Unibet would have the best refer a friend casino bonus with an offer of up to £150. However, there are some big restrictions with this which is why it falls lower down in the table. The £150 is made up of three lots of bonus for successfully referring a friend; 1st referral is £30, 2nd referral is £50 and 3rd referral is £70. All of these amounts are added as bonus money although they only have a 1x wagering requirement which is incredibly low.

However, your friend doesn’t just have to sign up for you to get your bonus, they must also meet certain requirements. Depending if they choose to sign up and use the sports betting site or play casino games, they must wager £500 or £1,000 respectively.

These requirements must be met in 60 days for you to receive your bonus and different games count as different percentages towards that amount. For example, table games count as 10% towards it, slots are 100% and bingo is 200%. This means if you were to bet £100 on each type of game, table games would only count as £10, slots would be worth the full £100 but bingo would be worth £200 of the required amount.

Invite a friend and get up to £5 from JammyMonkey

Whilst JammyMonkey may offer one of the lower amounts as a refer friend bonus casino, the thing that makes it stand out is there are no limits to how many people you can refer. Want to refer one friend for a £5 bonus? Fine. Want to refer 50 friends for £250 in bonus funds? That’s ok too.

All they have to do is successfully sign up through your referral link which can be sent to them using email, Twitter, Facebook or text message. Once they sign up and deposit and wager a minimum of £10, you’ll get a bonus. However, it isn’t guaranteed to be £5. Once a successful referral is made, you’ll have to spin a prize wheel to see how much you actually get.

Invite a friend and get up to £15 from BetFred

One of the biggest names in sports betting and online casinos in the UK is BetFred and its casino refer a friend bonus is a great one that rewards both you and your friend when they sign up. All they have to do is sign up through your referral link, spend £5 on bingo tickets (they get a £10 welcome bonus too) and then you will earn a £15 bonus to use yourself.

Your £15 bingo bonus does come with a 2x wagering requirement though and this means to be able to claim any winnings you’ll need to play at least £30. But, with no limit to how many friends you can invite, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and can keep earning more bonuses for the more friends you refer.

Pay attention before choose a bonus

When signing up for a refer a friend bonus, there are a few different things that you really need to look out for to make sure you’re not being ripped off and that offers are as good as they seem. Here are a few key things to keep an eye on when making use of a refer a friend bonus:

  • Wagering requirements

    Any bonus you or your friend receive may have wagering requirements attached. This means that you must wager your bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings from it. Take the £15 bingo bonus from BetFred as an example, it has a 2x wagering requirement which means that you must wager a minimum of £30 before you can withdraw winnings. You will find all this information in the T&Cs of your bonus.

  • Casino license and reputation

    Check that the casino you are referring someone to or are being referred to has the appropriate licenses to legally operate in the UK. This should be identified at the bottom of the web page and should have a license number from the UK Gambling Commission.

    It’s also important to check out the reputation of casinos, so if it's not available on the Casinority UK site, then look at places like TrustPilot and Reviews.io to see what existing customers have to say.

  • Available time

    Nothing lasts forever, and casino bonuses are the same. They will all have to be claimed in a certain time, then used in a certain time, and if these requirements aren’t met, you’ll lose any bonus. So, if you refer a friend, let them know what requirements they need to meet and when by to make sure you get your bonus.

  • Games

    Some casinos like MRQ offer a refer a friend bonus only for use on certain games, whereas other sites such as mFortune allow you to play any game as long as the minimum requirements are met. If you don’t like playing table games or slots, check the T&Cs first to see where you can use your bonus before claiming it.


The refer a friend bonus is one of the best around because it involves very little effort on your part unless you have unreliable friends and have to constantly remind them to meet their requirements for your bonus. It’s so easy to send referral links out, and with many of them having no limit to how many referrals you can make, it means you can keep reaping the benefits.


The best bonus of all the ones listed has to be mFortune because you get £10 for your friend just for signing up, then up to an additional £100 with a 50% match on their first deposit.

This depends on each casino operator. For example, Unibet only allows three referrals, whereas JammyMonkey has no set limit.

Casinos offer this bonus to offer existing customers a reward for sticking around, whilst also trying to encourage them to invite new players to build their customer base up.

This will vary from casino to casino. Some like the first part of the mFortune bonus will appear as soon as your friend signs up. Others depend on how long it takes for your friend to deposit and wager through the required amount.

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