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Poker pro sues Borgata Hotel & Casino for getting permanently banned over a few jokes

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The year is 2021, and we are experiencing a severe decline in people’s sense of humor. A poker pro named Scott Robins got the first-hand experience of this unfortunate decrease after making a couple of jokes at the casino facility that banned him for life moments later. His silly, goofy mood quickly changed after the incident, and he is now suing the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa for $1.25M. Perhaps it’s time never to joke again. 

Poker pro sues Borgata Hotel & Casino for getting  permanently banned over a few jokes
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America is a country that is unlike any other, and rumors about everyone suing each other left and right over ridiculous incidents are 100% real. There’s also no other place in the world where people get offended and triggered over silly things at such intensities, quite like in the US. It has gotten to the point where even children’s books by Dr.Seuss were deemed to be “racist.” In other words, the USA has reached a level where everyone has to be politically correct and as serious as Eeyore (that miserable donkey from Winnie the Pooh), and even obvious jokes that would slide 10-15 years back are now raising hell. One wrong move, and you are done for: banned, canceled, and frowned upon. 

However, this time, the incident that occurred inside the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa truly deserves a lawsuit. The company faces legal trouble for going way over the top after a pro poker guest got the wildest response for a joke he made at the facility’s front desk. 

Scott Robins, a professional poker player, was checking in at the Borgata hotel back in September, where he planned to stay for a few days for a gambling tournament. He approached the front desk employee to get the card keys to his room, and all was going as usual until the staff member asked whether Robins wished to stay on a higher or a lower floor. Little did the guest know that the joke he was about to make would wreck his entire stay. “If I had to jump from a high-floor window, would I make it?” Robins asked in jest.

The employee clearly didn’t get the comical bit and started begging the jokester not to end his life. Robbins clarified that he was simply kidding. However, he decided to lighten up the mood and made another banger joke asking if he would survive a leap from a room on a lower floor. 

As the awkward transaction was nearing the end, Robins decided to end it with a bang, “...but since I wouldn’t survive either, I guess it doesn’t matter what floor you give me”. The “concerned” employee ended up booking a room on the 30th floor, which would typically indicate that the guest’s point was made clear. Not to mention, the windows at the hotel don’t even open, and the ones that do aren’t wide enough to stick an arm through. 

There are a few reasons why you will rarely find hotels that have regular windows inside the rooms. For one, skyscrapers are typically built with un-openable windows to prevent destabilization of the structure caused by air pressure. Additionally, closed windows cut the cost of air conditioning in large facilities. Never-ending suicides and children leaping out of the the openings also prompted many USA buildings (even schools) to switch to glass block windows. 

After Robins finished fooling around, he went up to the room on the floor (where he would definitely not make it if he was to ever jump) and went on about his business. Moments after, it was confirmed that the front desk worker is utterly devoid of any sense of humor as an armed security force came knocking on his door. 

As the confused guest opened the door, he was told that he must undergo a psychiatric evaluation if he wanted to continue his stay at the casino. The dramatic scene didn’t stop there - an ambulance arrived at the facility and escorted Robins to the hospital, where professionals would determine whether Robins was a threat to himself or others. 

The forced evaluation wasn’t free either - Robins had to pay $2,000 of his own money to cover the cost of this mind-blowing hospital adventure. Sure enough, the medical experts concluded that he was mentally stable, and Robins returned to the hotel that welcomed him with yet another special surprise. 

Upon the arrival, Robins discovered that the staff collected all of his belongings and removed them from the facility. Suddenly everything became even less funny than when the armed forces came “to the rescue” - Robins was told that he was banned from Borgata forever while being escorted out of the hotel by security. 

This unpleasant situation at Borgata did not sit well with Robins, so he decided to sue the casino for $1.25M. That is understandable, as he missed out on a big gambling tournament (all thanks to the front desk clerk with no discernment skills). To explain the number, he stated that the incident would result in him missing out on $85,000 per year in poker earnings, plus $200,000 in sponsorship money. He is also demanding $200,000 for false imprisonment, interference with prospective economic gain, and libel. 

Suicide is a serious issue, especially in Vegas casinos where players often go into a spiral after losing considerable sums of money on bets. In fact, the world-famous Sin City is known as the Suicide Capital of America due to the overwhelming number of suchlike gambling-related incidents. With that said, there is a reason for concern when guests express any suicidal tendencies. However, the response to Robins’s joke Borgata was far too excessive. 

Robins later explained that his joke at the front desk was made in reference to a potential emergency situation that would require him to jump out of the window if there was no other way out. Throughout the conversation with the clerk, he explicitly mentioned that he was joking several times and explained that he wouldn’t actually do such a thing. Sure, the choice of satire may not have been entirely appropriate on Robin’s end, but it’s clear that the employee failed to read between the lines. 

As odd as it is, people joke about killing themselves quite often, and it’s not difficult to determine a joke from a serious threat. Many use this particular subject to express frustration, annoyance, or exhaustion. For instance, a student with an overwhelming amount of homework could say something along the lines of “this will take me hours to finish; I’m going to shoot myself,” and obviously not mean it. Or someone describing an awfully uncomfortable moment could throw in a casual “it was so awkward, I just want to die.” Same deal when it comes to teenage girls sarcastically saying, “I’m going to kill you” to their friend who’s about to post an unappealing picture of them on social media. All of this is simply a common speech pattern, especially in the USA. With that said, it all comes down to context. 

Is suicide an inappropriate form of expression? Some may argue it is, while others understand that it’s all about the way one says it. Regardless, Robins was not suggesting he would kill himself in the first place, and the lack of proper judgment caused an unnecessary ripple effect that served as a disadvantage to both parties. Whether the poker pro joker wins the case is yet to be discovered. 

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