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Philippines Resorts World Mania casino reports 73% staff vaccination rate | Horrifying threat from the president

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While the US is still in its developing stages of relentlessly trying to force the vaccine, countries like Philippines and Indonesia are on a full-blown madness roll. Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, is threatening jail time, or an injection of Ivermectin (essentially meant for pigs) to residents who fail to comply. Being that a good portion of countries in Asia are forced into submission with fear tactics, it’s not surprising to see major businesses obey the orders at the snap of the government’s fingers. Resorts World Mainila casino representatives are boasting about their success in carrying out the commands.

Philippines Resorts World Mania casino reports 73% staff vaccination rate | Horrifying threat from the president

Financial crisis prompts alternative measures

Resorts World Manila casino is a well-known, successful establishment based in the Philippines capital, which has approximately 5,475 employees, including the hotel staff. The luxurious gambling experience has kept the business on its feet for over a decade. Unfortunately, the pandemic took a severe toll on the revenue, resulting in a $23M loss in 2021. Now, the company is putting in the hard work to keep the casino afloat as the COVID-19 situation is continuously backing its operations into a corner.

This month Resorts World Mania representatives reported to GGRAsia that they have successfully reached herd immunity by vaccinating 73% of the casino’s staff during a three-day countermeasure program spree. As anyone can imagine, this achievement will gain favor in the eyes of the officials, and will make for a “good name” for the company. But considering the president Duterte's recent threat, free will was never going to be an option in the first place. In other words,  Resorts World Mania is simply bragging about following orders.

The three-day second dose vaccination program that happened earlier this June was followed by an announcement from Resorts World Manila’s head of human resources, Theresa Llamas.

“We are happy to share that our team has achieved herd immunity...73 percent of our team members have already been fully vaccinated against Covid-19,” she shared.

Resorts World Manila and their partner firm, Alliance Global Group Inc, accomplished this ultimatum of a goal hand in hand along with assistance from a medical team and various staff members from the Pasay City Health Office and local government unit. Lliam highlighted that no third-party service providers were involved in the pandemic countermeasure program.

Why the sudden panic?

The initial reason for increasing the vaccination rates in the casino was a 19% increase of COVID-19 numbers in the National Capital Region.  Philippine's Department of Health reported 5,724 new cases that added to a total sum of approximately 1.54 million infected individuals. The panic seems somewhat overplayed, considering that there are over 11 million people living in the country. That’s cases overall cases don’t even amount to 2% of the population. Not to mention, 1.49 million of the infected recovered.

The overwhelming survival rate of over 90% in most regions of Philippines truly makes the head spin at the thought of the leader’s threat of jail, or forced Ivermectin injections. Perhaps concerns regarding the new Delta variant may be reasonable, but we now know that even the individuals with both vaccine doses are prone to carrying and spreading the mutated virus.

With that in mind, if the overall COVID-19 cases in the country went down since April, and the new threat can’t be eliminated by the double-jab, what exactly is the reason for such aggressive oppression? Even in the US, 125,000 fully vaccinated individuals have tested positive for Covid, 1,400 of which died. There is now data that shows proof of the vaccinated potentially carrying significant “loads” of the Delta variant. The jab certainly does not seem like the solution if government officials worldwide have an undying agenda of protecting the vaccinated from the rest of the “disobedient population”.

Positional power eliminates resistance

Philippine’s officials have no reason to worry about any opposition, as the harsh leadership already established dominance over its people throughout the years. Accordingly, multiple casino resorts in Manila are willingly complying with the efforts to distribute Covid-19 vaccines among their staff. City of Dreams Manila casino in the Philippine capital, recently informed GGRAsia that they are working on a plan to vaccinate the employees as well - for free! . Okada Manila casino, however, wasn’t as generous, as they only granted free jabs to the qualified dependents for the next months to come.

Metro Manila will be undergoing the most restrictive stage of the pandemic quarantine yet starting this for most of August, as reported by the presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque. The failed, oppressive governance in Philippines is nothing new, as the country began spiraling since the Spanish colonial period. However, the pandemic-powered rule poses a much greater danger than anyone can imagine.

Last year an audio clip began roaming the internet. It showed up in edited videos across various social media platforms, and received a massive amount of criticism along with thousands of coinciding comments. It went like this,

“So this is how it’s going to go in the next year. See, they’re going to give us our summer. They’re going to let us feel what it’s like going back to normal. Then in fall, they’re going to pull the rug out right from underneath everybody...The people who took the ‘you know what’ are going to start getting infected again from this disease to a much higher capacity, and there’s going to be a lot more deaths because of the ‘you know what’ - not because of the ones who didn’t take it... However, what they’re going to try to pull is that the ones that didn’t take it are the reason why people are dying… It is very sinister. Enjoy your summer, enjoy your time with family while you still can. This is an attempt to destroy the world’s economy." (Author's name disclosed for safety reasons)

Whether this prophecy-like prediction is true in its entirety is still uncertain, but one thing that unquestionably aligned is our summer ending with worldwide plans to go back to square one.

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