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Aria Resort & Casino climber now fights for Nevada's operators

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As Nevada’s casinos faced another wave of repetitive mandates, gamblers and right-winged freedom fighters began taking action against the re-imposed regulations. One noteworthy incident was reported earlier this August as Maison Des Champs, 22, scaled a Vegas casino building ropeless. After getting arrested, he decided to dedicate his time and efforts to bring back freedom to Nevada’s gamblers and casino employees. This week, Des Champs organized a protest that had astounding traction despite the media’s lack of coverage. Las Vegas casino fans join in to push for normalcy.

Aria Resort & Casino climber now fights for Nevadas operators
Maison Des Champs burns mask as a symbol of freedom form government's grip.
August 14,2021.

Young protester set out to protect casino giants and their employees

Des Champs has been banned from all casinos in Nevada due to this month’s illegal Aria Resort & Casino climb. Being that this was done in the name of protecting the state’s mandates, the young risk-taker isn’t willing to back down. The mandate went into effect at 12:01 am on Friday, July 30, due to the widespread Covid-rates. Some operators are considering vaccine mandates upon entrance - not just for the employees.

The young climber, being disheartened by the repetitive start-from-scratch regulations, took it upon himself to further the journey of bringing freedom to Nevada’s gambling entertainment. Des Champs believes that the reinstated mandates are hurting casino businesses. Not just operators but also employees that are at risk of losing jobs due to strict regulations and lack of business revenue.

According to the American Gaming Association, U.S. casino revenue decreased by 31.3% to $30.0 billion in 2020, hitting the record low since 2003. It’s understandable that operators might be oblivious to the upcoming plunge due to blinding revenue spikes in the past year. Americans regained their freedom, and are going all out to indulge in gambling entertainment since lockdown has been lifted.

As the U.S. is circling back to square one with mandates and regulations, it’s only fair to anticipate a massive decrease in clientele. Additionally, potential nationwide vaccine mandates may cut off a considerable chunk of consumers as only 51.1% of individuals are fully vaccinated in Nevada alone. The nationwide percentage rate isn’t any better, currently standing at 51.5%. It’s a double whammy for public gambling facilities, slower business hours due to upcoming restrictions, and loss of business from unvaccinated guests’ rejected entrance.

Despite Des Champ’s Nevada casino ban, it’s possible that it will soon be lifted once owners see results in his efforts to fight for jobs and success in the industry. As for now, the freedom activist will focus on raising awareness and getting supporters onboard with Covid-19 mandate protests.

This fall is expected to take a massive toll on Nevada’s casinos, as well as companies all around the U.S. The bold Aria Resort & casino climber may be unwelcome in gambling facilities for now, but a few months from now, operators might be begging for ready, fast-growing influential figures like Des Champs to back them.

First successful protest sets positive tone 

August 14, Des Champs gathered a hefty crew of at least a few dozen people in the morning, and more in the afternoon in order to protest Nevada’s mandates. It was a success as it went peaceful and raised awareness across social media platforms, which continues spreading as of that date. 

News reporters overlooked the efforts of the surprisingly civil protest; it only makes sense that the violent riots make it to the top of the list, and successful movements such as this one pose a greater threat to the government's agenda. It's much simpler to disperse a crowd smashing cars and destroying small businesses - slapping a bad label on such gatherings eliminates the danger of coherent, powerful individuals joining in to support potentially bold ideas.

The freedom activist announced an upcoming protest, Worldwide Freedom Rally, on August 29th, where he will be giving a speech after Joey Gilbert, a retired professional boxer from Chicago. Interestingly enough, Gilbert happens to be an attorney who climbed the Capitol steps on Jan. 6 and called out to Alex Jones, with plans to now run to be Nevada’s next governor.

Des Champs has shown no signs of slowing down in combating the lockdown's invasion of freedom, stating that he will keep up the good fight for as long as needed.

"...Yes, I am willing to risk everything. I already have," he stated in a phone interview earlier this month. 

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