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A New Boom: Pennsylvania Gambling Revenue in October 2021

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The Keystone state has been a mecca for gamblers for a pretty long time, and it’s no surprise because the state is really able to provide the casino panthers with an incredible variety of legal gaming options.

A New Boom: Pennsylvania Gambling Revenue in October 2021
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Cast a glance at the high revenue rates in Pennsylvania in October 2021.

What Are the Proofs?

You’d be eager to know that overall the Pennsylvania gambling revenues are estimated with a 33% growth within October 2021. Nonetheless, this number is not that convincing. We’ve prepared some more top-notch stats on how PA benefited from online and brick and mortar gambling.

Revenues from Games

In compliance with the most recent October reports by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the most popular games in the state that generated the biggest income are:

  • Slots (both online and offline)
  • Table games
  • Sports wagering
  • Fantasy contests
  • Online poker, and
  • Video Gaming Terminals.

It’s evident that some digits would suit well in this case.


Compared to 2020, with the retail slots revenue of $154,725,850, in October 2021, this rate has already been $203,344,187.

When it comes to the online slots (the ones accessible from the virtual casinos), in 2020 they generated $40,349,548 revenue. Nonetheless, in October 2021, this number is as big as $70,721,778. Yes, it’s almost doubled.

Table Games

In October 2020, the table games at the onland casinos brought $63,335,846 but in the same month of 2021, this rate has been $89,078,876.

The iGaming table games generated $29,315,882 this year in comparison to 2020 with the mark of $16,988,378.

Yes, the same: the revenue almost doubled.

Fantasy Contests

Fantasy contests seem to be the least financially successful but still they have been marked with the positive dynamics of revenue growth with a jump from $3,203,005 in October 2020 to $3,695,341 in the same month in 2021.

Video Gaming Terminals

Similarly to DFS contests, VGTs have not made a mind-blowing contribution but still they showcased positive income: in 2020, they accumulated $2,416,180, while already in 2021 this digit has been $3,373,559.

Isn’t this information surprising and amazing? Sure, it is. Nonetheless, the income generated by the casinos in PA also requires much attention, as it would also serve as a nice proof that Pennsylvania gambling has been booming in October 2021.

Revenues from Casinos

Land-based casinos located in PA are, as it’s actually predictable, also promising from the point of view of revenues. Just consider some of the most prominent examples showcased below and you’ll be fascinated by how the gambling industry has been flourishing in the state.

Mohegan Sun Pocono

One of the most famous gambling spots in the Keystone state—Mohegan Sun Pocono—demonstrated pretty high revenue accumulated from the slots games in October 2021—$16,152,263. In comparison to the same month in 2020, the income was dramatically lower at the rate of $12,512,002.

The same casino showed 10% higher revenue from the table games—$2,922,014.

Rivers Casino Philadelphia and Wind Creek Bethlehem

These two casinos are also known to be leaders in gambling revenues in PA, as their official reports exhibited the following numbers in October 2021:

  • Rivers Casino Philadelphia — $46.3 M
  • Wind Creek Bethlehem — $46.2 M.

These rates are higher at about 15% compared to 2020 autumn of 2020.

Rivers Casino Philadelphia

Rivers Casino Philadelphia has been as successful as its competitors in the state and has been able to accumulate the revenues being higher at 38.4%, which is more than $26 M.

FanDuel in Partnership with Valley Forge

FanDuel is believed to be one of the most promoted PA-based gambling brands. Partnered with Valley Forge, they generated $11.6 M in October. The overall amount of deposits made is estimated at more than $275 M.

Penn’s Hollywood Casino

Penn National Gaming’s Barstool Sportsbook in partnership with Penn’s Hollywood Casino made all possible attempts to attract as many gamblers as possible. In October, the overall amount of bets at Penn National Gaming’s Barstool Sportsbook reached the maximum rate of $204 M. It led to the revenue of $7 M just within a month.

Bottom Line

The data provided by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on the matter of gambling revenues in the state are indeed surprising. The experts in gambling have no common point of view on why such a jump has been registered.

Some of them believe that the pandemics served as a trigger, while some of them consider the economic crisis deprivation as a vital aspect.

In any case, the gambling industry has been one of the leading sources to accumulate revenues, and October 2021 serves as a more than ideal demonstration of this statement.

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