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By Alex Gambler

Betsson’s Focus at LatAm: Record-Breaking Revenue in Q2

Betsson AB announced its latest report with numbers and statistics. The second quarter of Betsson’s work turned out to be record-breaking as the Q2 revenue was as significant as €186.3m (£158.9m/$189.5m), with the net income equal to €28.6 million or €0.21 per share. Though the results in Western Europe fell by about 40%, the market that succeeded was Latin America.

By Rebeka Kulakevich

Twitch poorly combats illegal gambling | New restrictions

The ongoing issue of illegal gambling streams on Twitch has seen little to no attention from the site creators until earlier this August. But despite the alarming need for strict measures, a slight regulation has been introduced in order to prevent streamers from engaging in unlawful betting activities. Being that Twitch makes benefits from channels like Trainwreck and xQc, it’s possible that this band-aid solution was proposed in order to silence the complaining public, and allow streamers to carry on with shady, money-making activities.

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