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Czech Republic Gambling News

Jirkov town
By Rebeka Kulakevich
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Czech City of Jirkov to ban gambling to cut down the crime rate

Jirkov is a peaceful town - for the most part. However, recently the crime rates have been going up, especially for theft. It’s possible that the increase in criminal activity was prompted by the lockdown. But one thing that certainly fueled offenses is gambling. People began stealing more, pawning stolen items, and gambling all the money away. Others with gambling addictions would pawn items of their own and drown themselves in debt with no way out. This serious issue began disrupting the tranquility and prompted the officials to take action to finally ban gambling altogether, with only minor exceptions. 

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By Alex Gambler
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Betsson’s Focus at LatAm: Record-Breaking Revenue in Q2

Betsson AB announced its latest report with numbers and statistics. The second quarter of Betsson’s work turned out to be record-breaking as the Q2 revenue was as significant as €186.3m (£158.9m/$189.5m), with the net income equal to €28.6 million or €0.21 per share. Though the results in Western Europe fell by about 40%, the market that succeeded was Latin America.

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