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A man lands $367,000 at a Poker tournament while skipping out on niece’s wedding

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A sixty-three-year-old man named Harlan Miller recently made a decision that may seem unethical to some but turned his life upside down in just one night. Miller is an uncle to a young lady that was getting married in Montana during the weekend of early June 2021. As she invited him to come to the wedding, he happily agreed and was planning for it until he found out that the MSPT Venetian $1100 Main Event was happening during that exact time. So he did what any Poker lover would do - ditched the plans to attend the ceremony and went to the tournament to test his luck. But of course, it wasn’t a decision based on mere desire to gamble, but the intense feeling of luck he felt.

A man lands $367,000 at a Poker tournament while skipping out on his niece’s wedding
Harlan Miller. Photo: Mid-States Poker Tour

Harlan Miller was no newby and has won over $500,000 playing Poker over the course of fifteen years, although he claims that he had only started playing “a few years ago”. So the man clearly had a niche for knowing when fate is about to play its cards. On the week of the wedding, Miller decided to join the Poker event and didn’t expect anyone to notice his absence. He previously owned an office supply company, but life had something else in store for his future. Little did he know, he made the decision of a lifetime.

There were 2,790 other participants in the MSPT Venetian $1100 Main Event Poker tournament that was happening on Wednesday, June 2 through Sunday, June 7. Miller just so happened to beat the runner-up, Ryan Dodd, a professional Poker player who’s won $378,47 in total live earnings. A straight hand served Miller well on the night of the tournament, as he walked out with a prize amounting to more than three hundred thousand dollars.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad idea to skip out on the wedding, and the newly-wed couple will most likely get a sweet gift that will make up for the uncle’s absence on the day of the ceremony. Needless to say, the Poker tournament was a successful event that may prompt many uncles to skip their niece’s weddings for future contests.

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