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Pennsylvania or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a well-known state of the USA. It spans an area of 46.058 sq mi and has a population of nearly 13 million people. Some famous cities of Pennsylvania include Detroit, Pittsburg, and Lancaster. Its capital is Harrisburg. When it comes to gambling, Pennsylvania is easily one of the most progressive states in the USA in terms of the legislation and other similar aspects. The first form of gambling that started in Pennsylvania was horse racing. However, all of this was before the 1950s. Then, in 1971, Pennsylvania began to the lottery. This change paved the way for a higher level of liberalism when it came to the area of gambling. This trend continues even today. When it comes to the laws about gambling, Pennsylvania is one of the most progressive states in all of the USA. It recently became one of the very few states in the USA to legalize online casinos. It has now become the most populous state in the USA, where it is legal to indulge in online gambling. Governor Tom Wolf signed Pennsylvania online gaming bill in 2017 due to which several gambling games that include a casino, lottery, fantasy sports, and sports betting on websites became legal. Online casinos were also made legal as a result of this law. The signed law, however, took some time for implementation. At the start of 2019, predictions were that the bill would take effect soon with the creation of the first online casino in PA. PA online casino news was circulating online, claiming that the first online casino will be launched soon. Then, finally, on 15th July 2019, the first US online gambling sites in Pennsylvania were launched by the name of Hollywood casino, Parx casino, and SugarHouse casino.

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List of Pennsylvania online casinos


Gambling laws in Pennsylvania

When it comes to the legislation of gambling laws, each state in the USA is free to choose which games it wants to legalize and which games it wants to outlaw. The specific regulation to be imposed also depends upon the state government. The gambling laws in Pennsylvania have gone through some drastic changes over the decades that have turned them into some of the most progressive ones in all of USA. The code sections of the state constitution that deal with the gambling laws are 18§5513 et seq and 4§325.101 et seq. While the rules are very lenient when it comes to the realms of gambling, still there is a room for various illegal activities to be carried out. For example, social illegal social gambling spaces may be created. The state is strict in dealing with such unlawful activities. Any such criminal activity is treated as a first-degree misdemeanor. A regulatory body has also been made by Pennsylvania to keep a check on the gambling activities within the state to ensure no illegal activities are carried out.

Regulatory body in Pennsylvania

The regulatory body made for this purpose is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board or the PGCB. The task of this regulatory body is to keep a strict check on the gambling centers and activities to make sure that they adhere to the laws of the state. The PGCB is also tasked with the regulation of racings of different sorts. These types of racing include horse racing, hound racing, and so on. Any illegal activity caught in gambling is treated as a first-degree misdemeanor by the state. The punishment for such a crime carries a prison sentence of up to five years as well as $10,000 in fines. The exact sentence of the crime depends upon the extent of the gambling activity. Also, the PGCB is responsible only to provide these cases before the appropriate body of law. It cannot give sentences as per the rules of the USA.

Land-based casinos in Pennsylvania

There are various prominent land-based casinos in Pennsylvania that excel in providing the different casino and gambling services to its visitors. People come from far to enjoy the atmosphere and services of these casinos. Due to the lenient laws, the gambling industry in Pennsylvania is thriving. It generates huge revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars each year. However, now when online gambling in Pennsylvania is legal, it is forecasted that there will be a significant impact on the land-based casinos in Pennsylvania. Basically, they are to lose customers since most of the customers prefer igaming nowadays. Playing from the comfort of your own house is much more convenient than going outside. That is why online casino sector is so popular today. However, the top-rated casinos will continue to thrive due to the sublime level of services they offer to the market. There are several prominent land-based casinos in Pennsylvania. The total revenue generated by these casinos is in the hundreds of millions on an annual basis. A significant portion of these revenues goes to charitable purposes. Each casino has a different ratio of the total earnings that goes to charitable purposes. The following are some of the best-rated casinos in Pennsylvania:

Wind Creek Casino
Phone number:
+1 484-777-7777
77 Wind Creek Blvd, Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA
Lady Luck Casino
Phone number:
+1 724-329-7500
4067 National Pike, Farmington, PA 15437, USA
Hollywood Casino
Phone number:
+1 717-469-2211
777 Hollywood Blvd, Grantville, PA 17028, USA
Mohegan Casino
Phone number:
+1 570-831-2100
1280 PA-315, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702, USA
River’s Casino
Phone number:
+1 412-231-7777
777 Casino Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA

The best online casinos in PA

So far, there is only a handful of online casino Pennsylvania. Apart from these, the gamblers of Pennsylvania can also play their favorite online casino games at other websites that are based outside of Pennsylvania. This wide range of selection provides the users with several different options which they can choose from. However, not all of them can provide the same level of quality and features. As a result, some are much better than others. Hence, it becomes difficult for the players to decide which websites they want to try their luck on. However, you need not worry about the selection of online casino PA anymore. We bring you this list of the nest selection of Pennsylvania online gambling websites that fully adhere to the Pennsylvania online gambling laws so that you have nothing to worry about:

SugarHouse online casino:

SugarHouse is one fog the three online casinos that were launched in Pennsylvania after the change in the law. It was launched on 17th July 2019. It is available on iOS and Android systems. The existing partners of SugarHouse casino include Kambi and Rush Street Interactive. SugarHouse offers its players a bonus amount of $250. Different games like slots and roulette are also available to play here.

Hollywood casino:

Hollywood casino is also one of the three Pennsylvania online casino launched recently. It was launched on 15th July 2019. As it is still new, developments are being made to the website. So far, it is only available on Android devices. However, an iOS version of this site is expected to launch soon. Their online partner of Hollywood casino is IGT. It offers its players a bonus of 100% up to $500. A diverse variety of games are there for the players to play on this website. These games include Stellar Black Jack and slot games. The players can choose from these games to find the games best suited to their specifications.

Parx casino:

Parx casino is the third Pennsylvania online casino launched recently. It has partnered with the GAN. Parx too was launched on 15th July 2019. Also, it is only available for PCs and Android devices so far. Soon, a version compatible with the iOS will be launched as well. Parx offers its players a bonus of $250. A wide range of games is provided by the website to its players. For example, table games, as well as slots, are available for playing on this website. Also, the developers of the game have indicated that once the game develops with time, significant additions will be made to the portfolio of the games offered on this website.

Banking options in Pennsylvania

Especially for starters, online casino real money Pennsylvania can prove to be highly complex and confusing. However, you do not need to worry. This article will help you to understand the different dynamics of the online gambling scene. A critical aspect for any player looking to gamble online is the options available for banking. The websites mentioned above use various reputable digital platforms for this purpose. These include Mastercard, Skrill, Visa, and Neteller. There may be some other tools being used for this purpose as well, such as Bitcoins, but these are the most commonly used tools for this purpose. All four of these tools are fast and reliable. The aspect of safety is the prime focus of the companies mentioned.
Moreover, these payment methods are free in many cases, as well. Hence, the utility of the consumers in every area is maximized by them. As a player, these four options are not the only banking methods that you can use to deposit or withdraw payments. You can also use other methods such as bank cheques, electronic transfers, and other similar tools. You can also pay in the form of cash at any outlet of 7-11. When you pay the money, it is transferred to your online casino account. The option of Cash at Cage can also be used for a website such as SugarHouse Casino. However, it is likely for payments to get delayed as a result of using these tools. Hence, it is preferable for you to use the banking mentioned above options for depositing or withdrawing sums.

Pennsylvania online gambling security

PA online casino real money also needs to be effective in the area of security. It would help if you made sure that the online casino website you are using has a standard 128-bit SSL encryption. In the case of the absence of this encryption, it is highly likely for the website to have various security risks along with it. You should not even touch such a website with a ten-foot pole. In case of any successful security breach, your personal information like credit card details and other critical information may be targeted by hackers and other similar malicious threats.

Payout rates in Pennsylvania gambling

When looking for the best online casino, you need to make sure that the pay-out rates are high. The higher a payout rate is, the more likely you are to be benefitted from playing at the website. The websites mentioned above of online casinos in Pennsylvania have a high level of pay-out rates.

Bonuses in Pennsylvania online casino

One other feature you need to look for during the selection of a suitable online casino is to look for the rates of gifts. It is advisable to choose casinos that have high bonus offers. In the above mentioned online casinos, the highest bonus if being offered by Hollywood online casino.


Yes, after the recent changes in the law, online gambling has been made legal in Pennsylvania. Like most of the USA, gambling was not permitted in the USA for quite some time. Even today, a vast majority of the states in the USA have outlawed gambling and treat it as a criminal offense. However, a new law is passed in Pennsylvania that make online gambling legal in the state. This new law has resulted in the creation of various new online casino websites.
The legal age for gambling in Pennsylvania is 18 years old. Even when it comes to the PA online casinos, the legal age has to be verified before the players can gamble. For this verification purpose, it is essential for them to provide their information such as SSNs (Social Security Numbers) or any other similar government verified document that shows their age.
Now that Pennsylvania online gambling has been legalized, it can be said safely that the online casino industry of Pennsylvania will continue to expand at an exponential rate. There is no shortage of demand in Pennsylvania. The only thing left to do for the online casino Pennsylvania is to provide a high level of online casino services to the players and continue to expand.
Like many other states in the USA, sports betting was not legally allowed in Pennsylvania. However, in October of 2017, a bill was passed by the Governor of the State. As a result of this bill, sports betting was legalized in Pennsylvania. An activation clause was contained within the law passed due to which sports betting was legalized.
The quality of the different aspects, such as the graphics and variety of games is high. Although the websites of Pennsylvania online gambling were only introduced recently, still they are better than many other sites that have been in the market for quite some time now. This fact is because the new sites of Pennsylvania have dedicated many efforts to make sure no area is left untouched when it comes to aspects like quality. The sites face negligible issues of slow loading and lag. However, there are no significant issues with the sites. The initial reviews of the sites have proven this notion.
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