Review of the gambling possibilities in California

California is a major US state. It has a significant population of 40 million people and is the 3rd biggest US state area wise. It has a larger population than any other US state. It covers an area of 163 thousand square miles. Its capital is Sacramento. It has the country’s 2nd most populous metropolitan region, Greater Los Angeles, and also the 5th most popular metropolitan region, San Francisco. It also contains the notorious Hollywood hills and the biggest country of the United States, both area and population-wise, Los Angeles country. California is known for its Hollywood studios, Modeling agencies, and celebrity residents. California has a long history of filmmaking, and it planted the grassroots of the Hollywood film industry. California’s economy is worth $ 3 trillion, which is higher than the UK, India, and France. California is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people and also to some of the world’s largest companies according to market capitalization. With achievements in every field of life, California is also doing a great job providing gambling options to its citizens with the help of online casinos that accept US players.

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List of online casinos for California


What is the extent of gambling in California?

As California is thriving in every field of life, it also offers fantastic gambling opportunities. One can find any kind of gambling in the state. To support a large population, California has 175 casinos, which collectively contain 3509 table games and 89,530 gaming and slot machines. California is second to Nevada only in having the highest number of betting spots. There are a lot of casino hotels where one can stay in a casino building and can gamble anytime he wants. California’s casinos are open 24/7, and they offer all the major games, including blackjack, poker, electronic games, slots, and many others. California state laws ban Craps and Roulette, but casinos have made their alternative versions using cards. CA’s casinos are unique in their offering of exciting electronic games, which include video poker and slots. California arguably has the most amazing and unique betting opportunities. Other than offering all the mainstream games, their casinos offer extraordinary experiences of wedding chapels and golf courses. To avail of these services, one must be at least 18 years old. They only offer drinks to people aged 21 and above.

The gambling culture of California

There are 175 brick and mortar casinos in California. They are all up to the standard. Some of them follow the Las Vegas standards because of native American and Indian origins. Most of the casinos have a long history, and they stand on Native American lands. Many of them are located in less-populated areas. One has to travel a lot of miles to get there, but the experience is unique. Every single one has its highlights and uniqueness. If you are a fan of the Vegas gambling life, you must give a shot to California’s casino as you will feel a slightly different vibe. It has a diverse experience to offer. California's culture is quite diverse, with the high life of LA, Hollywood Hills, and Beverly Hills and the uniqueness of its country lands. California's diversity Comes from its history of migration; one can find people there from all across the globe. The culture is a blend of different languages, foods, clothes, traditions, and values that came from all over the world with time. Some of California's gambling spots are as old as the 1860s. In CA, you would not miss any pleasure of the Vegas gambling life. California Grand Casino is the most former casino; it was a pony express in 1860; at that time, it also had a card room. Later it was converted into a fully functional casino; its poker room is the oldest in the world. It has been offering card games since 1854. As high life grew in California, a lot of casinos appeared, it became a gambling center just like Nevada. Some of the prominent casinos are Bay 101 casino, Casino Morongo and Larry Flynts Lady Casino.

Gambling online in California

Online gambling is illegal in California. The UIGEA legislation prohibits most US states from online gambling. However, some online gambling websites accept players; these casinos are Bovada casino, Club World Casino, and Drake Casino. Such sites are advertised with aims to lure more and more California users. They want to exploit the gambling habits of California citizens. It is always recommended carrying out individual research before signing up for any particular site. Below is given a brief overview of laws regarding online and offline gambling.

TOP-5 online casinos in California

Online gambling in California is made easy with our list of the top 10 online casinos. Enjoy games from the most popular software providers, excellent banking options, helpful customer service representatives, and wonderful bonuses. We made damn sure that you have only the highest quality options when it comes to igambling in Cali.It’s all safe, fun, and easy peasy.  Now, kick back your feet, relax, and find the most suitable provider from our banger of a list without doing any extra research. Cali is a vacation destination, gambling there should also feel like a spring break. We got you!

Casino Welcome bonusGamesLive GamesLicense
KatsuBet$500 + 100 FS5000+AvailableCuracao
El Royale240% + 40 FS200+AvailableCuracao
Cafe Casino$1500300AvailableNone
 Las Atlantis$1400200AvailableCuracao

Laws and legislations in California

Gambling is regulated and legal in California in most of its forms. Under the influence of section 330, some of the games are illegal, which include Faro, Rondo, Roulette, and Tan. Furthermore, the section states that anyone found dealing with, operating, or betting at these games with money, credit card, or any other valuable thing is guilty of a misdemeanor. He/she will be punished by a fine of $100 to $1000 or by a prison sentence of up to six months. Sports betting is allowed in the form of Horse race betting and harness race betting, but only pari-mutuel wagering is regulated. Off-track betting is illegal. However, CA's casinos offer a complete gambling experience because they have alternative games for the banned ones. CA's gambling culture provides a great experience because of the presence of cultural Indian Casinos, Card clubs, Pari-Mutuel Wagering, and state Lottery. All these forms are entirely legal. One can place a bet of a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $5,000 in the casinos. Millions of dollars of tax are collected annually from California's casinos. A flat tax of 25% gets deducted from gambling winnings. The IRS also requires you to keep a track record of your gambling. This record includes the winnings, losses, date of gambling, type of gambling, name of the casino, and amounts of your wins and losses.

A lot of people ask the question; is online gambling legal in California? Unfortunately, it is illegal to bet at an online casino in California. According to California online gambling laws, anyone one betting for real money, at an online site on fantasy sports, DFS games, Online poker or any other kind of gambling is committing an illegal act. Some sites like FanDuel and DraftKings do accept players from California, ignoring the law, but that does not mean that it is legal to use them. If any California online casino claims that online gambling legal in California, it is an obvious scam. Often no one gets arrested or prosecuted for gambling online. Due to this fact; some people do use online casino California services. We do not recommend using a casino California online. You might not be able to withdraw your winnings, and above all, you can get in legal trouble. People have tried to get online casinos legalized but without any success. The residents are not allowed to run an online casino. That is because of the 2006 Internet Gambling Act (UIGEA). It is the United States legislation which sets forward particular rules and regulations regarding online gambling California and other states. This legislation is a part (title VIII) of the SAFE Port Act 2006. According to this legislation, any gambling business cannot accept any payment related to a bet or wager over the internet. Such activity is considered a crime. So, if you were wondering, if online gambling illegal in California- the answer is Yes,- It is.

In 2018, a court declared an American tribe's online bingo website illegal stating that its operations are against the law. At that time, interested investors made efforts to push online gambling laws California into the favor of online gambling. No such efforts have been able to make an online casino California legal. That act against the bingo website implied that the state could take serious action against anyone operating an online gambling site in California. Some California gambling websites are still somewhat operational, and the state's action regarding their existence will decide what the future holds for online gambling in California.

However, there is an option that exists for legal online gambling in California. That is possible through sweeps cash casinos. These spots do not run on state-currency but on virtual currencies. To play at these websites, players need to purchase a virtual currency first. The bundles of these currencies come with sweepstakes tickets. Every such ticket can be used to bet at an online casino game and in case of winning these tickets can be used to withdraw real money. At the time of purchasing virtual money, sweepstakes tickets come as a promotional product for free. That is the reason this entire process of gambling online in California is legal. The process is a bit complicated, but if you want to play at an online casino California, then you should give them a shot. One such online casino California is Luckyland Slots.


The state of California is a great host for many activities, which include filmmaking, technological innovations, and politics. It is a pioneer in environmentalism and politics. It is arguably the origin of the Hollywood film industry, the internet itself, and the personal computer. Along with all these great activities, California is also a fantastic place for gambling. It has the 2nd highest number of casinos in a state. Most of California's casinos are similar to Vegas casinos, but California offers some more unique and traditional casinos as well. Facts show that 83% of California residents have practiced in some form of gambling during their lifetime. 20% of participants of a survey said that they gamble at least once per month. Unfortunately, there is no online casino legal in California, as of now. Many online services do offer casino games to California citizens, ignoring the law. We do not recommend using an online casino in California as it is illegal. There are a few sweepstakes casinos for legal online gambling. If you ask for our opinion; it would be great if you just stick with the traditional betting clubs and wait for the government to legalize online gambling. Critics hope that online gambling will be legalized in the future as California online gambling can generate massive tax money.

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