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While the state of Taiwan, on the island of Formosa, holds a very strict policy about offline and online gambling, there are still games and betting entertainments that can be pursued legally without fear to violate the law. This is the reason why, despite strict laws, gambling is blooming in Taiwan, and so many bettors look for reliable and reputable web parlours. If you want to find an online casino Taiwan that would be safe and entertaining, this may be complicated if you do not know where to look for.

Yet, if you are here at Casinority, choosing the best online casino Taiwan is not a problem anymore. The point is, we work for the sake of finding and listing the most reliable and reputable online casinos Taiwan that accept bettors from Taiwan. So, to play your favourite casino games in the web, safely, grab some no deposit bonuses, and win real money, check out the list of offers with the best online casinos Taiwan we have gathered for you!

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History of Gambling in Taiwan

To be honest, it is weird that modern Taiwan is so unfavourable towards gambling entertainments, because, according to historical records, in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, games of chance and games of skill were extremely popular on the island. The locals were so passionate about games of chance and skill that gambling became a social issue: many unfortunate citizens became robbers in order to cope with their gambling debts.

Okay, now it becomes more clear why gambling is banned in Formosa today… Yet, when in the middle of the 19th century, the government tried to implement some restrictions, all reforms eventually failed. Moreover, illegal gambling activities were supported by organized crime mobs. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Republic of China introduced Criminal code that banned all gaming altogether, but for few exceptions. Later in 1951, a state lottery was allowed. Little surprise, though, that in a country where gambling was part of the culture and everyday life for centuries, it is hard to keep people away from this type of entertainment. Even regardless of all the new laws and severe punishments, illegal gambling thrived.

Current Situation on Gambling in Taiwan

Today, the situation with gambling, both online and offline, is complicated. First of all, yeah, gambling overall is prohibited by the Criminal code. The citizens are allowed to buy state lottery tickets, play cards for non-currency prizes (any valuable prizes are not allowed, as well; people can play for matchsticks or cigarettes or something similar). During the celebration of Chinese New Year, people are allowed to play the game of mahjong under the clause of “temporary amusement”.

Casinos, sport betting, animal races betting, game machines (like Video Poker) are held illegal. Online gambling in Taiwan, as well, falls into the definition of illegal. However, there are no resources to track the web platforms, and restrict access of locals to them via the web. This is especially true for legal web platforms like those operated by reliable and reputable companies that simply accept players from Formosa, without actually breaking any laws.

There is a discussion held currently in Formosa about opening several offshore parlours. While locals on the islands generally voted for open the facilities, it will take some time, and the authorities are still very reluctant. They believe legal gaming houses will help cover corruption and money laundering.

Laws for Gambling in Taiwan

The main laws considering offline and online gambling in the country is the Criminal code. The laws are collected in Chapter 21, articles from 266 to 270. The activities that are prohibited include gambling in public places, and unless there are no valuable items in the game, and the game is held only purely for amusement purposes, the bettors will have to pay fines.

Any gambling appliances or accessories, and any valuable items for bets will be confiscated immediately, regardless of who they belong to. This also works for web platforms, which are to be blocked and prosecuted (but this will only work for platforms operated from Formosa).

Professional gamblers like poker players, and also persons who holds any type of gambling businesses, will face imprisonment and a fine.

Lottery other than this provided by the state is forbidden. Any intermediaries between the official seller of state lottery tickets and buyers will face punishment. Public officials who fails to report other corrupted officials connected to illegal gambling business will face the corresponding punishment.

Regulatory Authorities in Taiwan

Since most of the gaming entertainments and businesses are illegal and are prosecuted according to the Criminal code, the main regulatory agency is the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

The state lottery called Uniform Invoice Lottery, is regulated by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of China.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Taiwan

We already know that the only legal way to play a kinda game of chance is to take part in the Uniform Invoice Lottery. This is how it works - for every good and service bought where tax is paid, the buyer gets a receipt and automatically takes part in the lottery. If the customer wins anything, they have to pay 7% of their win as tax. This is generally the only tax paid to the government in terms of gaming.

Obviously, no illegal companies and operators pay any kind of taxes, which is great loss for the economy. Yet, maybe currently it is easier to ban the whole niche than try to regulate it properly.

Land Based Casinos in Taiwan

Okay, folks, there are no land based parlours in Formosa, at all! This is a sad truth, but really, there’s no choice.

Currently, the authorities discuss the possibility to open offshore parlours on the islands, in order to boost the tourism, and to adjust the situation with games of chance, and games of skill, for locals. Four islands - Penghu, Matsu, New Taipei City, and Keelung - held referendums on opening official brick and mortar facilities on their territory, and provided proposals to the government. The majority of residents on every island did not mind having parlours, because this means an inflow of locals and tourists, employment and additional jobs, and taxes to local and state economy. Yet, this question is still to be decided upon, and in any case, building some facilities will take time.

Another option is to travel to Macau, China, to play casino games offline, legally, there. Many residents actually do so on a regular basis, because it is easier, safer, and even cheaper, than risking to violate the law and get caught at home in Formosa.

As it becomes pretty obvious by now, maybe playing online is the best option, even if web gambling is illegal. In fact, if you reach out to reputable, reliable, licensed online parlours accepting bettors from Formosa, most probably, no one even finds out that you gamble.

Banking Options for Gambling in Taiwan

Depositing and withdrawing money from web parlour via local bank is not an option at all. Local banks and even some local online payment processing operators are not allowed, legally, to process such transactions. Therefore, we are left with some local operators, and international companies:

  • Hipay
  • BlueSnap
  • QHWR/BillriantPay
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Strategic Funding
  • Braintree

Make sure you have access to at least two banking options offered at the parlour’s site. Better have one local and one international. Next, ideally, they have to support instant transaction, and have no hidden fees. Play for real money casino usually earns enough to allow its customers deposit and withdraw without gathering additional fee.

Software providers are your another criterion of safety and reliability of the site. Look for those powered by well-known developers - for example, Microgaming online casino, or RTG online casino. Please keep in mind that, if you access via a mobile phone, some games run better on certain systems. Android online casinos and iOS-compatible platforms are different.

Facts About Taiwan

Formosa may not be the most convenient country for passionate gamblers, and there are no online casino Taiwan for real money, but for sure there are things to love it for. Learn some fun facts about Formosa:

  • all receipts take part in state lottery; funny, but paper bags to collect dog poop on the street also work as receipts. This is done to reduce poop and wastes in the streets
  • the best Chinese movies are never shown in Formosa, because the number of Chinese movies is regulated by quota, and the movies are chosen by random number generator
  • teenagers of Formosa discovered plastic-eating microorganisms that could solve the problem of decaying plastic in the world
  • cat cafes are very popular in the country


Unfortunately, Taiwan online casinos are not possible to spot, because operating a web platform for gambling is illegal in the country. Even the top Taiwan online casinos are banned by the government, so, if you would like to play for real money, choose reliable and safe licensed sites operated from abroad.