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The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the Caribbean southernmost island country that shares maritime boundaries with Guyana to the southeast, Grenada to the northwest, Barbados to the northeast, and Venezuela to the south and west. The republic consists of many small islands and two main islands — Trinidad and Tobago — after which the state was named. The population of Trinidad and Tobago is only 1.7 mln. The history of the republic is quite impressive and diverse since it used to be ruled by various colonisers, such as Spanish, Dutch, French, British, and Courlander, and became an independent state only in 1976. Nowadays, it’s a high-income economy state with large oil and natural gas reserves and the third highest GDP per capita (after the USA and Canada) based on the American purchasing power parity. Trinidad and Tobago is globally known for its Carnival, which attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. Perhaps, that’s also the reason for the immense popularity of gambling in the republic about which you’ll learn all the details in this expert review.

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