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Gambling in Turkey is a highly controversial issue, and to bet safely, the gamblers have to know the rules in order to follow or bypass them. First of all, land-based facilities are strictly forbidden, and only horse racing is allowed for making bets by the residents. As for online gambling, the situation is even more complicated – even the best Turkey online casinos are not allowed for operation.

This does not seem to be very surprising, since Turkey is not the only country in the world to ban web casino games. If you want to find a reliable, safe, and decent online casino in Turkey, certain research should be conducted to make sure that even the top Turkey online casino is safe to reach out for, and provides adequate customer services. Turkish government seems to continue to tighten the screws all the time, so gamblers have to be careful.

Since you are already here – have no fear. Casinority has already done all the work for you. We have found the most reliable, reputable, and fun online casinos that accept Turkish players. Check out the list of the best Turkey online casinos below, and don’t forget to grab your juicy bonus before registering an account!

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Best Turkey Online Casinos


History of Turkey Gambling

The history of gambling in this country is quite interesting. On the one hand, Turkey is a very progressive and advanced country in all aspects - especially when compared to other states there Islam is the main religion. Yet, on the other hand, they cannot ignore the main concepts of Islam, one of which is a belief that Turkey casino gambling is an activity that is causing a powerful addiction, and therefore should be banned.

While in the contemporary history of the country, every new government showed a stronger or smaller trendency of following the religious position on gambling, eventually, it all got banned. In 1984, they allowed Horse Race Betting. Then, in 1990, the country allowed brick and mortar casinos, but not for long, because by 1996 they all were already limited in hours of operation, and in 1998 offline venues were totally banned.

With web casino games, the story is basically the same. They were not regulated at all until 2007, probably because the process of this niche’s development was not obvious, and no one actually knew how to handle all those Internet platforms. But in 2007, web Turkey casinos were banned as well, and the only legal and official way to make bets was the national lottery and sportsbook.

Current Situation on Gambling in Turkey

Current situation on gambling in Turkey is as controversial as it was before. Talking about brick and mortar facilities, the state does not allow those legally. Despite the fact that the country is a popular tourist destination, and gambling houses would bring tons of taxes into the local economy, it is not possible. However, on the part of Cyprus that is supposedly controlled by Turkey, there are around 30 casinos that for some reasons are not subject to Turkish laws.

Until recently, local bettors could freely reach out to foreign Turkey online casinos for real money operating from abroad, and accepting Turkish players and local currency for deposits. Yet, since 2013, the Turkish government has tightened the screws for both businesses and individuals. Since 2017, say, all casino operators and also banks that allow transactions to casino sites face impressive fine plus time in prison. Moreover, individuals known to visit gambling sites, are to pay £ 100 to £ 500 fines and face prosecution.

While this is not pleasant news, the local punters should not fall into despair. There are still reliable and reputable web casinos that welcome Turkish players and allow lyras for transactions. The residents should definitely be careful and only choose the best online casino sites for real money, and the safest platforms, like mobile online casinos.

Laws for Gambling in Turkey

The law of 1996 limited operation hours and locations allowed for brick and mortar casino facilities in the country. Then, the law of 1998 banned all land based gambling houses whatsoever. Yet, this law does not work for casinos of Cyprus.

In 2007, web gaming platforms faced their first regulations, but by 2013, all companies running web casinos in and from Turkey were banned. In 2017, the new law established by the government banned access to all types of online gaming sites. According to the criminal code of Turkey, those residents who make bets at any online casinos or other betting platforms, whether operated from Turkey or from abroad, are to pay a fine to the government, and go through prosecution. Moreover, all Telecommunication companies and local banks are not allowed to assist in access to such sites, and their managers will pay fines and face years in jail for doing so.

Regulatory Authorities in Turkey

Currently, there is only one monopolist in the country that both has licences to provide some types of betting services to locals, and has the power to regulate the market to a certain degree. This is a state-owned company IDDAA, focused on sports betting and lottery. It supports land based facilities and also accepts bets online. This is the only operator allowed.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Casino in Turkey

Turkish gambling tax is paid together by both the operator and the individual who wins. The total amount of tax is 18%, and it is counted according to a strict scheme. It is possible to pay tax together with the operator, because there is only one monopolist on the market, and locals who want to gamble legally have no options but to collaborate with this company. Eventually, when the individual wins, the taxes applied to wins are withdrawn from their win, and the company adds this sum to its own taxes it pays to the state. Easy.

Obviously, the operator pays more than the individual. Another convenient aspect is that the bettor does not have to do anything like filling out the form or address the tax office. The provider of the lottery ot sports book takes care of the taxes.

By the way, the age that allows an individual to bet on races or to buy a lottery ticket is 18.

TOP-10 online casinos in Turkey

Safety first, especially if you’re in a place where gambling laws are tricky. To help keep you in the safe bubble, we suggest that you use our list of TOP 10 Turkish casino sites as a reference. Not only will you have a secure experience, but you will also be able to enjoy top-notch content from the world leading software providers. These best online casinos in Turkey include banger bonuses, vast payment options, and incredible rewards. Your accounted gambling money should be the only thing you’re putting at risk - never your personal info or your computer health. We made sure that these online casinos in Turkey are 100% trustworthy. 

CasinoWelcome bonusTurkish lang.TRY acceptLicense
1xslots€1500 + 150FSYesYesCuracao
22bet2000 TRYYesYesCuracao
Gaming Club€350NoNoMalta
Webby Slot4400 TRYYesYesCuracao
VBet Casino€500 + 300FSYesYesCuracao
KingBilly€1000 + 200FSNoNoCuracao
Golden Star€300 + 100FSNoNoCuracao
Loki€1200 + 100FSNoNoCuracao
BitcasinoNo welcome offerNoNoCuracao

Land-Based Casinos in Turkey

As we have already made clear, there are no legal land-based gambling houses in Turkey, despite the fact that this country is an extremely popular tourist destination - especially its southern coast. There are options of playing favorite casino games aboard some cruise ships that travel near Turkey. Now, we strongly recommend avoiding visiting illegal venues or events that include gambling.

If you would like to make bets specifically on the territory of Turkey, then horse racing facilities are your choice. There are currently nine of them, offering modern services and other additional perks.

İzmir Sirinyer Hipodromu
Phone number:
(+90 232) 444 0 855
Aydin Line Length Street Şirinyer, Buca, İzmir, Turkey

This course is located in Izmir, not far from the Menderes Airport. In addition to actual horse racing tracks, they have restaurants and coffee houses there. Please visit the website to find out more about upcoming races and competitions.

İstanbul Veliefendi Race Course
Phone number:
+90 (212) 444 0 855
Zeytinlik, Bakırköy, Gençler Cd, Istanbul, Turkey

One of the oldest racecourses in the country, İstanbul Veliefendi Race Course was first opened in 1950. In addition to tracks, it has restaurants and shops to offer. it is also possible to hold events there. Plus, there is a local gift shop, museum, and location for exhibitions.

Ankara 75. Yıl
Phone number:
+90 (312) 249 50 50 - 58
75. Yıl Ankara, Istanbul, Turkey

Ankara 75. Yıl was opened in 1998. Besides tracks and facilities that need for service of the horses and grooms, there are play hall, events halls, restaurants, and shops. The racecourse can facilitate 8700 people, 6400 standing, and 2300 sitting, which is impressive.

There are more racecourses in other cities, so if you are really into horse racing, please explore the course is the closest to you.

Banking Options for Gambling in Turkey

As we have already warned you, local- and international banks located in Turkey are prohibited from supporting transactions to and from best Turkey online casinos, whether these are local (which is impossible) or operated from abroad. This means that you will not be able to use your plastic card, be it Visa or Mastercard, to make a deposit, or to withdraw your winnings. There is also no possibility to use Bank Transfer or Cheque by Courier to get the winnings in cash. Western Union or MoneyGram are not available as well.

This leaves us with a somewhat limited number of options. So, if you make any financial transactions to or from an online casino in Turkey, these are the payment processing operators available to you:

  • HiPay
  • Ingenico Payment Services
  • BlueSnap QHWR/BillriantPay
  • G2A Pay
  • Alipay Global
  • Bitpay
  • Paypal
  • PaySafeCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin

Please pay attention not only to payment processing systems but also to game providers. If you prefer Microgaming or NetEnt casinos, then no problem. However, some casinos are powered by specific game developers, and legally, they can accept funds only via specific channels. Overall, always check whether the site has both locally available and internationally accepted systems in their banking options. This is convenient, and also safer for you as a customer.

Popular Cities in Turkey for Gambling

You already know that Turkey is not very rich in gambling sites; or, to be specific, there are only race courses. If you are interested in horse racing, then pay attention to the following cities:

  • Izmir
  • Istanbul
  • Şanlıurfa
  • Kartepe
  • Elazığ
  • Diyarbakır
  • Bursa
  • Ankara
  • Adana

However, if you are wondering whether it is possible to visit a brick and mortar gambling house to enjoy the festive atmosphere, but cruise ships are not your thing, well, there is an option for especially passionate gamblers. You can visit the part of Cyprus that is under Turkish control, and play your favourite games at casinos located there. Pay attention to the following cities:

  • Kyrenia
  • Çatalköy
  • Bafra

Kyrenia is the paradise for gamblers who misses playing their fav games in land based venues. It has the highest concentration of facilities than any other city in the Turkish Cyprus.

Facts About Turkey

Besides gambling, Turkey has other interesting things to boast about. Check out some fun facts for your education:

  • Turkey takes the third place in the highest number of Facebook users in the world
  • this country is the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world; on average, it is visited by 35 million people every year
  • Istanbul is the only city in the world located in two continents at the same time - 3% in Europe, and the rest is in Asia
  • the country has more mosques per capita than any other Muslim country in the world
  • the country has been a major producer of wine since 4000 BC
  • around ¼ of all roses grown globally come from Turkey
  • locals consume the highest amount of tea per capita, globally
  • more than ½ of the whole population is younger than 30 years of age

There’s a lot to see there!


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