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Thailand is a paradise for those who wants to relax, entertain, and have fun. Little wonder that people who loves casino game also come here in search of pleasures. Thailand, despite being so exotic, collaborates with many reputable payment processing systems, and supports proper Internet connection, so you can deposit and withdraw without any problems. This is one of the best pastimes one may think about during their vacation!

However, it is not that easy to find a land based or online casino Thailand, because of the current situation with gambling in the country. There are different aspects that every punter has to keep in mind, regardless of whether they are residents or tourists, or whether they play offline or online. The rules are the same for everybody.

In case you are looking for the best online casino Thailand, want to enjoy your fav games, and play it safe, check the list of the top online casinos Thailand below! We have found only the most reliable platforms for you.

In case you want to make head or tail of all the nuances and regulations with online gambling in Thailand, then keep reading the post.

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Best Thailand Online Casinos


History of Gambling in Thailand

Generally, gambling was in place, and was enjoyed by different strata of residents, until 1930s. This is in these years, all types of gambling except lotteries and sports/horse racing betting were prohibited. The main reasons for that were religious. The main religion of the country is Buddhism, and Buddhism does not take kindly to games of chance or games of skill. Other religions of this region support this position, as well.

Another reason was lack of regulation. Despite being a very popular tourist destination, the Land of White Elephants lacks proper legal regulations and control in many spheres of life. So, instead of developing complex regulations on gambling, the government decided that banning it altogether will be a simpler and therefore smarter move.

This ban on games of chance and games of skill was very effective since it was issued back in 1930s. In fact, in 2014, five thousand people were arrested by the police because they were making bets at the FIFA World Football Cup. Honestly, it seems that the state spends more money on regulation instead of getting taxes from legal facilities and sites.

Current Situation on Gambling in Thailand

Thailand attracts thousands of people every year, and all those tourists don’t mind leaving some money at local parlours, but there are none. Interestingly, many locals actually support the government ban on games of chance and games of skill, mostly because of religious reasons. Yet, according to recent reports, during the recent years, the number of local residents voting for legalization of gambling constantly rises. People become aware that legal gambling is a powerful source of income for the economy.

Now, there are illegal parlours out there, for sure. There are tons of them, but we strongly recommend to avoid those venues, if you also want to avoid jail. There are legal horse racing tracks, and there is also local state lottery. The authority responsible for lottery plans to make a web version of it, as well.

Talking about top Thailand online casinos, as always, everything is way more complicated. All types of online games of chance and games of skill are banned as illegal, but in the majority of cases, the state lacks resources to effectively block foreign operators, and block locals’ access to foreign platforms. Say, South Korean online gambling platforms always welcome Thai players.

On the other hand, it must be said that even if the punter is persecuted, the punishments are far less severe than in many other Asian countries. For example, professional US players tend to opt for the Land of White Elephants in their activities, so, this is not that much risk. More risk if you engage into illegal activities somewhere in the streets, and almost no risk when you reach out to reliable foreign parlours on the web.

Laws for Gambling in Thailand

Thailand government is strict in terms of gambling policy, and the laws they have issued are carefully followed. The main law that influenced the development of current situation in the country is Gambling Act 1935. This acr is divided into two parts - List A and List B.

List A includes the following activities - bets on animal games like dog fights, plus slots, roulettes, and poker games. List B includes bingo and all types of sports betting. Citizens caught in the middle of activities included into List A face more severe punishment than those engaged into activities from List B. The punishment suggests fine, or prison, or both.

According to the laws, even play cards are forbidden in the Land of White Elephants. Making, owning, or selling cards will also lead to prosecution and punishment.

There are also other legal acts connected to betting, like Anti-Money Laundering Act of 1999, and the Playing Cards Act of 1943. As for online betting, there is no particular regulation for this type of entertainment, but all web gaming activities fall into the scope of those forbidden by the law.

Regulatory Authorities in Thailand

Thailand regulates gambling via collaboration of several authorities throughout the country. Yet, there is no clear system indicated - at least, foreigners are not provided with such information. This is probably because the main regulation stems from the laws we have already mentioned, and the main persecution happens according to the criminal code. Since no regulatory control is provided, and no tax is collected, there is no need in additional regulatory bodies.

On the other hand, the government is aware that despite the ban, gaming enjoys extreme popularity across the state, and, as a result, the society has to deal with Problem Gambling. As a result, there is Ministry of Public Health's Center of Gambling Studies that researches the phenomenon, and looks for ways to prevent addiction and unhealthy trends. However, this is hard to achieve, mainly because people are hesitant to reveal their interest to gambling and any negative consequences of it, as they know this makes them eligible for fine or imprisonment.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Thailand

Roughly speaking, only national lottery can be considered legal type of gambling activity in the country. The age which makes the person able to take part in the lottery is 18 years of age. Since lottery is state-owned, the winners have to pay 5% tax to the state, and this is the only tax required.

Land Based Casinos in Thailand

As it becomes absolutely clear from the previous text, there are no legal land based parlours in the Land of White Elephants. If we are talking offline betting, then lottery is the most available and the most legal option. Other legal options are horse race courses, and there are only two of them in the whole country.

Royal Bangkok Sports Club
Phone number:
(66)2 652-5000
1 Henri Dunant Road, Bangkok

In addition to the actual track, there are also tons of events and workshops taking place at this facility, including sport classes, Thai folk dance classes, etc. There are coffee houses and restaurants available, plus hotel and SPA.

Royal Turf Club of Thailand
Phone number:
+662 (0) 2652-5000
Phitsanulok Road, Bangkok

This horse racing facility was first opened in 1961. There are events and restaurants, and there is also a casino opened from 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

If you get really disappointed about absence of brick and mortar parlours in the country, and will be tempted to visit an illegal venue offering games of chance or games of skill, you’d better not. In addition to risks of meeting some unpleasant public there, you may also get into a jam with local authorities.

There is another pretty much legal opportunity for passionate gamblers, and this is boarding some international cruise ships that enter the ports of Thailand bringing tourists. While all parlours are closed, and playing is not allowed while the ship is in the port, getting a ticket to a short-term cruise along the shores of the Land of White Elephants will enable you to play some favourite offline casino games or casino games online Thailand while the ship is at sea.

Another option is to travel to Singapore, which is a gambling Mecca for tourists and locals alike. Such trip will not take much time, because the distance is really small, but you will be able to engage into your favourite entertainment without violating any laws.

Banking Options for Gambling in Thailand

Let’s make it clear about banking. When you take part in the local state lottery, you pay with cash or with plastic card, pretty easy. The same case is with horse races in the land based facilities.

If you visit cruise ships to gamble for real money, you are more likely to deposit using your plastic card there, because, more often than not, Dealers on these international ships accept currencies like USD, AUD, or EUR. If you travel to Singapore, most probably the conditions will be the same at local gaming houses.

Yet, the situation is totally different if you would like to play casino games at a casino online Thailand while being on the Thai territory. Keep in mind that neither local banks, not international banks that function in the country, won’t be able to process your deposit or withdrawal, so you won’t be able to use plastic card, or order Bank Transfer. What is left is international online payment systems.

Among web payment processing systems available for residents of Thailand, the following are considered the safest:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • BlueSnap
  • Paypal
  • Strategic Funding
  • PayPal RoW
  • Braintree

Please pay attention that there is a catch. Since gambling is basically illegal in the country, the majority of platforms accepting Thai customers will offer games by less known game developers, and rarely there will be internationally known service providers. You have more chances to find a NetEnt casino, or Microgaming online casino, if you reach out from, say, Singapore. This means that banking options is your main criteria of safety of your funds. Double-check the banking options offered to you by the casino, and make sure you have access to at least two of them. In case you are worried about your safety, bitcoin online casinos may be the most reliable option. Bitcoins are instant in terms of transfer, transparent and support safety, and yet, blockchain does not show the sender’s or receiver’s name and credentials. If you want new online casinos, better look for them at reputable review platforms like Casinority.

Popular Cities in Thailand for Gambling

As there are no land based gaming houses in the Land of White Elephants, it is hard to name any cities. As you already know, there are two horse racing courses in Bangkok, and this is basically all. Talking about legal gambling, consider visiting Singapore.

Facts About Thailand

To have a better idea about Thailand and maybe find something else to do f you cannot entertain yourself with gambling, learn some fun facts:

  • in contrast to many neighboring states, the Land of White Elephants has never been colonized
  • this state is the main exporter of orchids in the world
  • monkeys there have their own temples where people bring them food
  • this is one of the best locations, globally, for diving
  • all boys have to become monks for some limited time, for religious and philosophic reasons
  • this is one of few countries where tattoos are made in temples
  • there are five UNESCO heritage sites on the territory of state


If you want to play casino online in Thailand, look for the best online casino website in Thailand accepting local customers safely. The list of such sites is provided on this page.
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