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If you are looking for options to gamble online in Slovakia, please be aware that currently, the country is going through a complicated process of gambling market restructuring, and you have to keep an eye of what is happening, in order to be on the safe side with your gambling.

Firstly, despite the fact that there are around 30 land based gambling houses, the country seems to reject all licenses to offline operators after these licenses expire, and allow only online punting on its territory (expect horse racing which is traditional).

Secondly, the country-s market is rules by the monopolist – TIPOS – yet they are about to lose their power and allow numerous private operators to the niche. And thirdly, the process of licensing Slovak online casinos by Slovakia government is still rather tricky.

All these factors lead to the result that playing games of chance and games of skill online is legal in Slovakia, but choosing a decent online casino Slovakia can be a tough task. However, have no fear – we have already reviewed and listed the best online casinos SK for players from Slovakia. You can opt for trustly online casino with free spins, play for real money, and win real cash without leaving your house, at top online casino Slovakia.

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Best online casinos in Slovakia


History of Gambling in Slovakia

In fact, Slovakia has a rather rich gambling history, because since the middle of the 19th century, it hosted horse racing tournaments that eventually became traditional. The first horse racing was organized in Bratislava, and since then, betting on horses is considered more a traditional entertainment rather than gambling for money.

When Slovakia found itself under the rule of the communists, obviously, no parlours and no gambling were possible on the territory. Casino games and the gambling market as it exists today, started to develop only in the 1990s, after the end of the USSR rule over the country. Many businesses started on those old days have turned into huge companies that are among the biggest operators nowadays. These include Casinos Slovakia and Olympic Casino Slovakia.

In the 2000s, rapid development of the Internet caused fast development of numerous online parlours. The government of Slovakia went through all the usual stages of managing this phenomena, from total absence of regulation, to total ban on all types of gambling, both online and offline. Eventually, the government ruled that most land based venues are to be prohibited, while all online platforms have to obtain a state license and, as part of their business obligations, are to pay huge taxes for the priority of offering services to Slovakian punters. Today, the gambling niche is in a bit of turmoil, and it is not yet clear what future awaits the betting entertainment in this country.

Current Situation on Gambling in Slovakia

Today, most of the land based parlours in Slovakia are operated by those old big brands that can afford paying taxes and support decent service. However, their licenses expire soon, and it is not clear whether these companies will be allowed to continue their operation. Smaller brick and mortar venues that had any type of gambling entertainment - like halls with slots machines or terminal playing - were banned altogether.

In terms of online gambling in Slovakia, there is only one legitimate local operator that cannot compete with international platforms neither in entertainment nor in quality.

International companies running online gambling platforms are available from Slovakia, in the majority of cases, but the situation is not much comprehensive, either. On the one hand, the locals do not violate any laws by betting at foreign sites. On the other hand, the government takes effort to block unlicensed operators who gives access to punters from Slovakia, and allows them online gambling for real money.

Technically, any international operator is legally allowed to offer and advertise their services to residents of Slovakia. However, in practice, they are expected to pay tax so huge that no operators is interested in becoming licensed. Since Slovakia is the part of the European Union, most operators working from other EU countries assume that having their local and also international gambling license is enough. They lure locals with bonuses and provide service good enough to make Slovakia citizens deposit to their sites, regardless of the prohibition.

One important aspect that has to be considered is that the state government decided to prohibit any gambling activities for poor families that receive financial aid from the state. The same will apply to students that receive social scholarships.

Laws for Gambling in Slovakia

The first gambling Act in the country was adopted in 2005, and it stated that locals could make bets at offline and online venues alike, but the venues should have been licensed by the state.

In 2011, the state decided to blacklist and block all foreign operators that reached out to local citizens. This decision put some of the best online casino Slovakia companies out there at risk, and prohibited Slovakia locals from access to some of the best gaming experiences available. However, the European Commission has rules that such move would be unfair within the laws of free trade in the EU.

In 2016, a new Gambling Act was developed by the government. According to the improved law, the state has the right to notice operators - whatever reputable and quality-providing - that offer their service to locals, and blacklist the unlicensed ones. The blacklisted companies were to pay 500.000 Euros fine. This time, the law was approved (surprisingly), and Slovakian online space started lacking proper foreign operators, as no one would be happy to pay huge fines being unlicensed - or pay huge tax being licensed.

Another consequence of this new law is that local Internet providers are expected to block unlicensed sites within 10 days after having detected them. Moreover, local banks are free to block user’s transactions to and from online platforms that can turn out to be casino online SK.

Regulatory Authorities in Slovakia

In Slovakia, the main authority that is responsible for the gaming sector is the Gambling Committee. This Committee, in its turn, is overseen by the Ministry of Finance that takes the main decisions about functioning of the sector.

The Gambling Committee does all the main work about the segment - issuing licenses and overviewing violations, controlling the expired licenses, and offering persecution and fines for violators. This regulating body also collaborated closely with the biggest local companies and monopolists in the niche. It also offers drafts of the laws, and works with EU authorities on any questionable issues.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Slovakia

Taxes are very high for the Slovakian gambling businesses. As for the time of writing, the tax is 27% for the company, regardless of the type of gaming entertainment provided.

It is not clear whether the players are to pay any taxes separately from those already included by the operators into the size of minimum bet allowed, and the sums of the winnings. So, before you gamble online, better seek advice from a lawyer.

Land-Based Casinos in Slovakia

The majority of land based facilities are run by big and well-known brands that have been founded years ago, after Slovakia regained its independence from the communists. So, little wonder that there are same name parlours in different cities. On the one hand, it means less variety, and less freedom for the owner of every particular casino in offering something new and enticing for their visitors.

On the other hand, by betting with an old and famous brand, you can be sure that you will get fair gaming and high quality service. So, in case you enjoy the atmosphere and rush of a real luxurious brick and mortar gambling house, you may want to check out some of the most popular venues out there.

Olympic Casino Carlton
Phone number:
421 917 314 807
Hviezdoslavovo námestie 185, 811 02 Bratislava

Opened in 2008, this facility is backed by the Olympic brand existing in the country since its independence. There are 11 table games, 2 poker tables, and over 50 slots machines. There are also two restaurants, a bar, and a hotel. Entertaining events are held on a regular basis.

Olympic Casino Eurovea
Phone number:
421 907 750 327
Pribinova 8, 811 09 Bratislava
9 AM - 5 AM

Another facility by the Olympic company, opened in 2010. It features 6 table games, 50 slots machines, and three poker tables. There are also sportsbooks available. You can get a hotel suite, and dine at a restaurant.

Casino Admiral Bratislava
Phone number:
421 911 044 690
Studena 16, 821 04 Bratislava

Another big brand casino located in Bratislava, can offer 11 table games, and up to 300 slots machines. There are also a hotel, a restaurant, and a bar.

Banking Options for Gambling in Slovakia

If you prefer making bets offline, you will face absolutely no problems paying with your plastic card, or even with cash. In case of plastic, all land based and also online casinos Slovakia accept the following cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

If you would like more safety and protection for your sensitive data, and also your bank account, you may want to use payment processing services that enable you to pay by the card, but without exposing your sensitive data to the merchant. In Slovakia, the following services allow to do that:

  • Trustly
  • SEPA

If you want to gamble at foreign online parlours, like Zodiac casino, remember that bank transfers may be rejected or blocked. So, to deposit and withdraw, consider using one of the following online payment processing systems:

  • Payone
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • GoPay
  • PayU
  • EcoCard
  • Paymill
  • AstroPay
  • Poyolution

Whatever company you choose, make sure it is freely available to you, casino-friendly, and supports fast secure transactions.

Popular Cities in Slovakia for Gambling

Most cities in Slovakia that can boast a casino have only one casino. You can definitely find a casino in the next cities:

  • Poprad 
  • Prievidza 
  • Ružomberok 
  • Skalica 
  • Trenčín

However, if you want some choice and variety, check out cities that offer two and more facilities for punting:

  • Bratislava - 11 
  • Kosice - 2 
  • Nitra - 3 
  • Piešťany - 2 
  • Trnava - 2 
  • Zilina - 2 
  • Zvolen - 2 

Facts About Slovakia

Slovakia may be not the most perfect location in the world for gambling activities. However, it is worth visiting and viewing as a fascinating touristic destination! For example, did you know that:

  • there are over 6000 natural caves in Slovakia 
  • its capital, Bratislava, has direct borders with two countries 
  • there are more than 1300 natural mineral springs in the country 
  • the oldest archaeological toy was discovered near Kosice 
  • there are 9 National Parks and 14 Natural Reserves in the country


Most likely, you will be able to deposit and withdraw Euros.
Unfortunately, currently there seems to be no legal online casino Slovakia, at all, let alone a mobile one. However, you can play for real money at licensed foreign trusted online casinos that are mobile compatible.

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