Best Online Casinos in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the best places for all types of gambling and betting. This is true because, firstly, both offline and online betting are legal and allowed, secondly, because both local and international operators are allowed, and thirdly, because only licenses casinos are available on the market.

Therefore, you will be able to entertain yourself at a land based gambling house, on a horse racing track, bet on sports, play lottery or bingo, and everything is safe and legal. Moreover, online games of chance and games of skill are equally available. The majority of EU based international operators are allowed to offer their services to Slovenian punters, so the choice of entertainment is very rich.

Also also, you don’t need to go and search for a decent and fun casino Slovenia on your own. We have already conducted the research for you, to save your time and efforts. There are dozens of live dealer online casinos Slovenia available for real money play from Slovenia. Which best online casino to opt for?

Well, simply look at the list of the best online casino Slovenia below and choose the biggest bonuses, the largest games lobbies, and win real money online, without leaving your home.

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List of Online Casinos for players from Slovenia


History of Gambling in Slovenia

In fact, gambling has long been part of the local history in Slovenia. The first casino was opened way back in 1913 - it was the Grand Casino Portorož. Some years later, it got a competitor, which means that this market started to develop since the beginning of the 20th century.

However, between the WWI and WWII, and long after WWII ended, all gambling houses in the country had to stop their operations. Those casinos that remained only allowed foreigners (very rich foreigners). Moreover, as soon as the country found itself under the rule of the communists, all gambling activities were prohibited - at least for those who were not the top people of the political party.

As soon as Slovenia regained its independence in 1991, the gambling sector started to regain its positions, as well. The first land based casinos started to open its doors after decades of stagnation in this niche. Very slowly, gambling started to bring money to the state.

In the early 2000s, due to fast and booming development of the Internet, web platforms for punting started to arrive. At first, the government was not sure what to do with that, and by 2012, it took efforts to block all foreign websites. Yet, such policy came in conflict with the main European Union laws of the free market, and eventually, the government changed its approach. Currently, Slovenia seems to have some of the most adequate gambling rules, both for the players and for the businesses.

Current Situation on Gambling in Slovenia

Today, land based gaming is legal if certified. There are many land based casinos opened both for locals and foreigners. Moreover, there are horse racing tracks, lotteries, and slots machines. Sports betting and lottery in the country are regulated by two monopolists - Loterija Slovenije and Sportna Loterija. Their operations are closely regulated.

In terms of classic casino games, all games are allowed - including online slots Slovenia. Slovenia even takes a friendly approach to professional poker, and in fact, it started to host many high roller tournaments after Italy introduced new strict and limiting rules (now it is harder to find online casino Italy). You can also play poker online.

As for legit Slovenian online casinos, most local offline operators do not provide web services, perhaps because they already pay tax for offline operation, and in case a web platform becomes more popular, they will have to close their brick and mortar facilities. On the other hand, there are dozens of EU based companies that actually hold an internationally accepted license and a license by local government, which means they can legally provide betting entertainment for the local citizens in the web.

Laws for Gambling in Slovenia

The main law regulating the online gambling Slovenia situation in the country is the Law on Games of Chance. According to this law, all gambling is legal if they operator has a local license issued by the Ministry of Finance. The law applies to local and foreign operators alike, and as far as we know, there is no preference for locals or offshore companies, as any has to pay the same license fee. Such equality on the Slovenian gambling market means transparency and fair competition aimed to attract customers by the quality of service rather than other aspects.

One of the peculiarities of the market in Slovenia is that the state does not recognize international gambling licenses, regardless of the reputability of the authority issuing it. For example, they do not recognize licenses by Malta Gambling Authority, one of the most reliable agencies in the world. Even EU based companies from neighboring countries have to acquire a Slovenian license first. In fact, the same situation can be seen in UK, where the gaming business has to hold a UKGC license in the first place.

Also, according to the law, land based gaming facilities are allowed to sell alcohol, and hold entertaining events.

Regulatory Authorities in Slovenia

Until Slovenia has regained its independence from the communists, gambling was prohibited, so little surprise there were no adequate state agencies that would regulate this market, even if it actually existed under the radar at the times.

the first legal Gaming Act was introduced in 1995, and according to this act, the Ministry of Finance had to create an authority that would work on control and regulation of the gambling segment, in particular. Soon after the Act came into effect, the state formed the State Office for Gaming Supervision. Since then, this agency is responsible for issuing the licenses, overviewing the licenses in operation and expiring ones, and controlling all other legal and practical aspects of the niche.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Slovenia

In contrast to many other European countries, no matter how well-regulated they may seem in the niche of gambling - like gambling sites Hungary - Slovenia did a good job setting and explaining the taxes for players and businesses alike. Moreover, the taxes are not so huge as in some states.

Talking about taxes for punters, all winnings that exceed 300 Euros are subject to 15% tax. This rule is applied to lotteries, bingo, betting, and all games of chance. The good news is that the taxes are withheld by the operator after winning, so the punter does not have to fill any additional income declarations. If you are a professional poker player, and your regular winnings at the tournaments bring way more than 300 Euros, most probably you are expected to include these winnings into your standard tax on income.

As for gaming business companies, they have to pay the following taxes:

  • 5% tax on all games of chance, regardless of the deposits paid, or winnings of the punters
  • 15% tax on winnings over 190 Euros
  • 25-30% license fee, depending on the type of gambling entertainment provided
  • 25% on profits corporation tax

Money raised as taxes from gaming businesses are divided by the state according to the next scheme - two bigger parts to the state and the region, around 3% to charities, and around 3% on development of sports.

Land-Based Casinos in Slovenia

Here, we will provide a short review of the biggest and most popular gambling houses in the country.

Hotel Casino Perla
Phone number:
386 5 331 13 41
Kidričeva ulica 7, 5000 Nova Gorica

This casino has 108 table games, up to 1000 slots machines, and 30 poker tables at a separate poker floor. Besides, you can enjoy tasty meal, exclusive drinks, stay at the hotel and visit some spa centers. Plus, there are entertainment events held on a regular basis.

Grand Casino Lipica
Phone number:
386 5 731 06 00
Lipica 5, 6210 Sežana

Offering 12 table games and around 4000 slots machines, this facility also boasts luxurious location and tons of entertainment and fun. Take your time to enjoy dining and drinking, and visiting some musical events.

Korona Hotel and Casino
Phone number:
386 4 587 80 00
Vršiška cesta 23A, 4280 Kranjska Gora

This facility is way more than just a hotel and a casino. The casino offers 23 table games and almost 4000 slots machines. There are restaurants and bars in the hotel, and you can visit the spa. Moreover, being located outside the city, this venue offers tons of activities around the place, from hiking and tours, to summer and winter sports.

Banking Options for Gambling in Slovenia

Since all gambling is legally allowed in Slovenia, you will find tons of banking options available to you. The majority of venues, both online and offline, are likely to accept deposits and enable withdrawals to bank cards, and the most popular e-wallets. If you are not sure what payment methods are available to you in Slovenia, check out the list:

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • Maestro 
  • American Express 
  • Trustly 
  • SEPA 
  • Payone 
  • Paysafecard 
  • Ukash 
  • Neteller 
  • Skrill 
  • PayPal 
  • PaySafe 
  • Entropay 
  • GoPay 
  • PayU 
  • EcoCard  
  • Paymill 
  • AstroPay 
  • Poyolution

Regardless of the method you choose, please remember that besides your bank, you, and the merchant - the casino - there can be a fourth party, who would want to hack your transaction. Some fraudulent entities can do that, despite double safety measures taken by banks and websites. So make sure you opt for the most protected and reliable, and also the fastest payment method.

Popular Cities in Slovenia for Gambling

Slovenia is a popular destination for tourists, due to its impressive natural resources and heritage. However, gambling tourism is also incredibly popular, because the country has milder laws than many of its neighbors. In fact, there are more casinos per one thousand of residents in Slovenia in the whole European Union.

To explore the biggest and most popular brick and mortar casinos, you may want to visit the following cities:

  • Bled - 1 
  • Čatež ob Savi - 1 
  • Grosuplje - 1 
  • Kobarid - 1 
  • Kranjska Gora - 2 
  • Nova Gorica - 4 
  • Portorož - 2
  • Rogaška Slatina - 1 
  • Šempeter pri Gorici - 1 
  • Sežana - 2

Facts About Slovenia

And even more facts that prove Slovenia is worth visiting, regardless of whether you are a gambler or not:

  • the first war in Europe after the WWII was the Ten Days War of Independence in Slovenia 
  • Slovenia was occupied by both Nazi and Fascist Italy during the WWII 
  • the symbol of Slovenian people is the linden tree 
  • the country is famous for its beautiful white show horses 
  • the wine industry is very well-developed - there is approximately 1 winery per 70 people 
  • bears are very abundant in the local forests


Most offline and online facilities will accept Euros, but some international operators will allow you to bet in GBP and even in USD.
There are many decent online casinos for Slovenian players. Most Slovenian online casinos are operated from abroad, so you should check whether they have both international and locally issued license.

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