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Best Online Casinos in Seychelles

Seychelles is an extremely popular location in terms of tourism, so we can also expect it enjoys high demand in casinos. And this is true, but due to the fact that the Republic is mostly islands, land is very valuable there. So, there are only four brick and mortar facilities.

As for online gambling, there are good news and bad news. The bad news is that, despite the demand and also all the efforts of the government, the country still lacks a comprehensive licensing system for gambling sites. As a result, there are no legal local SC online casinos available. Yet, the good news is that locals and also guests actually have an unlimited access to any online casino operated from abroad, willing to accept bettors from the Seychelles.

Since there is no licensing, and activity of foreign casino platforms is literally unregulated, the players face the issue of finding a really reliable and safe casino. Luckily, we have your back covered in this aspect. Below, we have provided a list of the best online casinos for Seychelles; these sites are fun, entertaining, well-paying, and are actually safe to bet at!

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

List of Online Casinos for players from Seychelles


History of Gambling in Seychelles

To be honest, little is known about gambling traditions or habits of the Seychelles inhabitants before the 21st century - probably because these were not documented properly. It is known that Europeans came to the Seychelles comparatively late, only by the 16th century, and it seems that European gambling traditions were not really that popular in this place to make an important impact on the development of culture.

Technically, gambling in Seychelles became legalized and adequately managed only around 2003. This has happened mostly because of the global development of the Internet, and also because other countries started showing good results in collecting impressive taxes from gambling businesses. So, Seychelles also worked their way to the controlled market, and already by 2014, the state has issued the Gambling Act. The Act allowed land based casinos, and other offline gambling activities, under a bunch of conditions. Online gambling, however, was not regulated, and is not really regulated until now.

As for other betting entertainments, sports betting was allowed and regulated in the country back in 2011 - as well as lotteries, racing, and so on. However, partially due to lack of territory and cost of the land, partially due to lack of proper demand, there are no functioning racing tracks, or similar facilities. Sports betting is possible mostly online.

Current Situation on Gambling in Seychelles

Besides being an incredibly beautiful country, Seychelles is also visa-free. This means that anyone wanting to visit the islands does not have to apply for a visa, as they get it upon arrival. These two factors together made Seychelles a tourist paradise, and the country accepts thousands of visitors every year.

Passionate punters can entertain themselves in one of the brick and mortar gambling houses, in case they are lucky to be in the same location. However, those wanting to make some real money bets most often go to online platforms. There are no local online casino Seychelles operators, but luckily the country does not limit access to offshore companies, like US gambling sites.

As a result, both locals and guests are not prevented from playing at any real money casino that is ready to accept them as real money customers. There are no known cases of persecution for that. International casino sites, in their turn, are technically illegal, but they are not blocked, either.

It is unclear how long this situation lasts, but for now, Seychelles are very gambling-friendly, even being not regulated.

Laws for Gambling in Seychelles

The main law that is applicable to the gambling market in Seychelles is the Seychelles Gambling Act of 2014. It came into power in 2015, and by today, no known amendments were made to it. However, to be honest, even being in effect, this Act practically regulates only offline punting, as web gambling is not covered by it properly.

There are no local online casino operators in the country. The first reason is strict measures by the government, and high costs of operation. The second reason is that anyone wanting to run a casino online casino has to already run a brick and mortar one in the country, which is twice as expensive, to say the least. So, local and legal companies only run offline facilities.

On the other hand, international companies may be reluctant to obtain a local license for web casinos, because the population is not really large, and they will have to pay huge taxes and operation costs, only to be able to legally reach only this amount of people. Tourists may be attractive as target audience, but as long as access is not blocked by the state, foreign companies are unlikely to consider a legal license - again, keeping in mind that they will still need to open a land based facility first!

Regulatory Authorities in Seychelles

While there are no legal web casinos in Seychelles, there are some land based punting venues, which are obviously regulated. The agency responsible for those is the Seychelles Licensing Authority. This authority reviews and grants licenses, and enforced regulations. The main purpose of it is to ensure the reliability of the venues, and the security of gamblers. But considering the mostly uncontrolled online space opened for betting activities of all sorts, this effort to regulate the market seems to be rather inadequate. However, perhaps we will see change for the better in the nearest future.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Seychelles

There is not reliable and clear information about taxes imposed on players in Seychelles. If you make bets offline in a land based venue, taxes, if any, are withheld at source, so you are not expected to send documents to the tax office. In case you prefer betting in the web, this is only possible at foreign casinos. As a result, you are also not expected to pay taxes on your winnings.

Land-Based Casinos in Seychelles

Currently, there are only four brick and mortar full-fledged gambling houses in Seychelles. They are situation in three the biggest cities. Since they are so few, let’s check out each in detail.

Gran Kaz Entertainment Center - Victoria
Phone number:
248 430 3780
Mercury House, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria

Opened in 2016, this facility offers mainly slots machines, and only a few table games. Yet, there is a rich entertainment program, plus sports bar, grill, and restaurants.

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino - Bel Ombre
Phone number:
248 4 287 287
Beau Vallon Bay Victoria Mahe

This facility is more a hotel, but there is also a gambling houses included. There, you can enjoy over a hundred slots machines, and play 25 table games. The location is beautiful and luxurious, and offers dining and entertainment.

Casino Paradiso at Kempinski Resort - Baie Lazare
Phone number:
248 438 6666
Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare

This huge hotel and resort complex has a casino at its territory, as well. There, you can play several slots machines, enjoy ten table games, or plat at one of the two poker tables. Not much, but perhaps such a luxurious resort has other things to offer.

Club Liberté - Baie Lazare
Phone number:
248 2 605 462
Petite Anse, Anse Soleil
12 PM - 2 AM

Opened in 2015, this facility is not just about gaming, but about rest and entertainment as such. There is a casino hall, and also private gaming room. At casino, you will enjoy 11 table games, 30 slots machines, and poker - at private rooms. Events include musical shows, and there are also several bars around.

Banking Options for Gambling in Seychelles

Seychelles is a popular tourist destination, so the gaming venues will accept some of the payment options below:

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • Maestro 
  • American Express 
  • Neteller 
  • Skrill 
  • PayPal 
  • Apple Pay 
  • Google Pay 
  • Trustly 
  • Citadel 
  • Paysafecard 
  • 2Checkout 
  • Express Checkout 
  • GoCoin 
  • BitPay

Facts About Seychelles

Besides gambling, there are other things that make Seychelles unique. These include:

  • Seychelles are Africa, not Asia 
  • its capital city, Victoria, is the smallest capital in the world 
  • there are 115 islands in the state 
  • the country exports vanilla and coconut 
  • breadfruit is very popular dish


Most likely yes, because all land based venues will accept Seychellois rupees. However, if you reach out to foreign online platforms, ZAR and USD will be more widely used.
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