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Open a casino website, make a deposit and start gambling. This is basically how the process looks in most online gambling places. But not when it comes to no deposit online casinos, that’s a whole different story. For an unprepared player the offer may sound fraudulent or at least suspicious. Indeed, not investing a single cent you receive a bundle of virtual banknotes you can spend right away to play any games the online casino with no deposit bonus has to offer.

Casinority warns you against treating casinos that provide a no deposit bonus as charity. That would be a very big mistake that will eventually lead you to even bigger frustration. Undoubtedly, you should carefully choose places where to gamble. This principle is so true when it comes to no deposit casinos. That is why we have composed this ranked list of the best online casinos with no deposit bonus.

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King Billy Review
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King Billy Review
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What’s wrong with those online no deposit casinos?

Online casino no deposit bonus is huge opportunity to test any casino games for free, before actually investing any money to it. Think of it a little and you’ll shortly come to a conclusion that no deposit bonus is indeed a brilliant idea. In real life, if you want to experience some risk games, you go to Vegas. But when online, all you need is to click a few times and start playing! You don’t have to pay for tickets, for a hotel or for a rental car. In fact, you don’t have to pay at all as no deposit bonus casinos offer you to start gambling for free.

Is there a hidden catch? Or the no deposit bonus is indeed free cash, no strings attached? In fact it is part of both. To understand the entire mechanism underlying the no deposit casino offers, let’s review its pros and cons, advantages and drawbacks one by one.


  • You do receive a certain bonus for free;
  • You can spend this bonus money on games.


  • You cannot easily withdraw that bonus or can’t at all;
  • There is a win threshold for no deposit bonuses;

Now, let’s go into details a bit. When a no deposit casino says it gives you some free amount of money and doesn’t even request you to invest your own funds, that is usually true. Well, as long as the casino is reputable and secure, like the ones listed above. And you can really spend the bonus on playing games. The tricky part here is that playing games is the ONLY way to spend your bonus.

No deposit bonuses are not that trivial

You can’t withdraw your bonus the next minute you receive it. Casinos introduce no deposit bonuses for the sake of gaining popularity and attracting new clients, not for charity. Another drawback here is a maximum cap you can win with no deposit bonus money. Again, every casino is a business. They cannot allow you to win something out of nothing. So yes, you can win with no deposit bonus funds, but only a limited amount of money. All you win in excess of that limit is simply wasted.

What is the benefit of playing casinos online with no deposit?

Simply put, you should treat a no deposit bonus as an effective trial of casino’s games. Without investing your own money you can freely play just any game the casino has. You can test graphics, responsiveness, friendliness, overall enjoyment of play, take your subjective look to casino’s payout rate and so on and so further. Needless to say how much this improves your gambling possibilities and fun. Searching through no deposit casinos you can settle with the best one featuring the best selection of games and delivering the most fun gameplay. Who cares you cannot actuall win anything? As soon as you find the online casino you really like, you can switch to play there for real money at any time leaving the no deposit bonus offer behind.

No deposit bonus FAQ

Below you can find the essentials of no deposit casino specifics. It goes without any saying that ability to play with no deposit at all greatly extends your gambling options. Indeed, even if you already have some gambling experience in brick and mortar casinos, online casinos are a whole different story. Apparently, you need to get accustomed to casino’s interface, learn the basics of play and figure out game rules. Not that it takes weeks to master, but still risking your real money just for the educational sake isn’t the wisest solution. Especially when you have such an excellent opportunity as no deposit casinos.

Casinority answers the most popular questions about no deposit bonus below.

What is the purpose of a no deposit bonus?

For you, the purpose is to try and test as many games for free as you can. Don’t be fooled by total winnings displayed on your screen while you play for no deposit bonus, though. You barely will be able to cashout these amounts. As for a casino, it uses a free no deposit bonus to attract new visitors. Anyone can take the bonus and enjoy gambling. And if you like how it goes, you can switch to real money play.

Is no deposit bonus in an online casino free?

Generally, yes, it is. The only thing you should care about when accepting a no deposit bonus is that you play for virtual money, not for real one. Some casinos offer to turn these bonus to real funds accounted to you, but you need to make a deposit at first. This effectively renders a no deposit bonus to a deposit-based one.

What is a wagering multiplier?

In case you received your bonus, a casino may ask you to wager it 30-50 times the amount of the bonus. This is typical and doesn’t really indicate the casino is a scam or tries to cheat with you. After you cover the initial bonus a certain number of times, you can cash it out.

A casino asks my credit card. Why, if it’s a no deposit bonus?

The casino just wants to make sure you haven’t already applied for the no deposit bonus. Also, a credit card ownership automatically verifies that you are of legal age to gamble.

Are chances the same?

There’s a school of thought that random numbers generated for no deposit bonus games in an online casino are adjusted to create an impression of easy wins. And when you start playing for real money, the odds will turn against you. But that is simply not true. Random number generators a legitimate casino uses are certified by third-party organizations like eCOGRA and are periodically verified for consistency. So, don’t worry – payouts and chances in a no deposit game and in a real money game are the same.

Can I test all games in no deposit bonus play?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. This solely depends on a particular casino. A common practice, however, is to provide access to nearly all games available in a casino, with may be just minor restrictions. Yet still, these are hundreds of them.

Am I eligible for a no deposit bonus if I play in a mobile casino?

Absolutely. In fact, that’s one of the best options of mobile caisnos, because it means you can test whatever game you want – from slots and keno to poker and craps – wherever you are and totally for free. Any time, any place!