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Fans of online gambling may be surprised, but in Mongolia, they will most likely meet zero restrictions in access or winnings from online casinos. Online casino Mongolia may be hard to find, but there are really few regulations in the niche, so, residents and guests of the country are free to play for real money at both locally operated online gambling sites with real money, or foreign platforms.

Mongolia online casinos accept local and foreign players alike. There are chances of playing favourite casino games, grab some lucrative casino bonuses and loyalty promotions, refer friends, and win real money without any limitations. This is important difference, because, compared to some neighboring countries, Mongolia enjoys some unprecedented freedom.

So, if you are looking for the best Mongolia online casino, you are in the right place! Casinority has done the work for you, and below, you will find top Mongolia online casinos and also platforms opened for Mongolian bettors.

Best Mongolia online casinos

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History of Gambling in Mongolia

History of gambling in Mongolia is rather hard to track, because historical turmoils brought Mongolians all over the place in the wars with neighbors. Most probably, some games of chance and games of skill were pretty popular since old times. The country borders with China, which has always been known for its rich gambling traditions and especially for their passion towards all types of gambling.

Obviously, all those games were very welcomed in Mongolia, because honestly, until recently when sollac cells and Internet made life easier and more fun for locals, there were not many entertainments on the majority of territories of the country. except few big cities where people had stable jobs and housing, the majority of the population were, and still are, nomads travelling all around with their herds and horses. So, cards or craps could be the only thing to entertain with in the evening.

Horse racing, on the other hand, was part of the culture since ancient times, and it is an important part of the culture today. However, no official horse racing tracks were constructed for competitions.

Current Situation on Gambling in Mongolia

Today, the situation with gambling, both offline and online, is at the same time simple and complicated. In terms of offline casinos, there were initiatives on building some official facilities, at least in big cities, to gather tax and attract tourists. Yet, really big and reputable land based casinos were not constructed. If today one can find a small casino somewhere in a nightclub, it is illegal and unregulated.

In terms of online gambling in Mongolia, it is not regulated at all, as well. The authorities made attempts to develop some comprehensive regulations on this niche, but simply failed, and decided to leave the issue alone for some time. The point is, except for bigger cities where people use local Internet providers, nomadic families connect to the Internet via satellites, so, it is incredibly hard to control, regulate, or limit access of these users to any websites, unless the website itself decides to limit this access.

During the recent years, Mongolian authorities made gambling come and go from the country. When brick and mortar facilities were allowed, for a short period of time, the corruption immediately flourished in these facilities, so, they were banned. When slots and video poker machines were legally allowed to be established in clubs or bars, the country literally drowned in imports of such machines. Social issues started to arise, as some families literally lost everything they had to the gambling addiction.

As a result, the Mongolian government decided not to allow the gambling venues legally, to avoid development of this market, and not to provide any clear comprehensive regulations on the topic - probably for the same reason. It is impossible to run a legal gambling business in Mongolia, while illegal businesses can be prosecuted as violation. On the other hand, individual players are not known to be prosecuted, and this is especially true for those entertaining online.

Oh, and by the way, you can play state lottery legally. Just in case you wanted to know.
Horse racing is still a very popular type of entertainment in the country, but it is unclear whether residents are allowed to make bets during the sporting events that include racing.

Laws for Gambling in Mongolia

Mongolia plans to build two brick and mortar casinos in its capital, for Russian and Chinese tourists. Yet, they still have to develop legislation for that market. Currently, all laws issued for this niche before are not applied, because due to negative consequences, the regulations under these previous laws failed to improve the situation. There are no laws regulating the market but the laws that forbids gambling.

The authorities, however, are perfectly aware that citizens still play games of chance and games of skill at private venues, or play casino online in Mongolia. These bettors are not persecuted, at least for now. However, there is one particular law on gambling that results in persecution of the gambler - the civil servants are not allowed to engage into any gambling entertainments.

Regulatory Authorities in Mongolia

Most of the regulations are provided according to the Criminal code, so there are no particular authorities that are responsible specifically for gambling crimes.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Mongolia

The tax on winnings in Mongolia is huge and comprises 40%. This tax is paid only by the state lottery winners, and it is said that it is applied to wins that surpass a certain sum only. Online punters never pay a thing from their winnings.

Land-Based Casinos in Mongolia

There are no legal brick and mortar casinos, or official horse racing courses, in the country. Those bettors who can afford it usually travel to Russia, or to other neighboring countries, where gambling offline is possible. But most often, it is easier to reach out for a decent casino that accepts Mongol customers, and win real money at Mongolia online casino for real money.

Banking Options for Gambling in Mongolia

Since there are no legal regulations for the niche, local banks may be reluctant to process transactions with approved online casinos. In any case, if you are not sure about that, you do not want to double-check it by having your transaction suspended. Even playing at minimum deposit online casinos does not mean you want to lose your deposit to a bank. Online payment systems are the best channel in this case. In Mongolia, the following options are available:

  • 2Checkout
  • BitPay
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • GoCoin
  • JCB
  • Union Pay
  • Skrill
  • PayPal

Please keep in mind that Mongol customers may fail to get access to games by some providers, for example, at Microgaming online casino, or at NetEnt online casino, simply because these providers do not operate in countries with unclear regulations. But this also depends on the operator of the platform, and on the license owned by the platform itself. So just double-check.

Facts About Mongolia

Mongolia is a mysterious country, and not only in terms of gambling regulations. There are many amusing things there, so, to find out more, check out several fun facts:

  • on average, the density of population is 4.3 people per square mile
  • the country is a bit smaller than Alaska
  • the local stock exchange is the smallest in the world
  • there are more sheep and horses than humans
  • more than one-third of the population is younger than 18 years
  • there are over 260 sunny days in a year
  • Mongolia is one of the highest countries in the world

Hopefully, legalization of gambling will bring more tourists to Mongolia, and more people will be able to see the wonders of this country.


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If the platform is operated by a reputable company, and has a license issued by the relevant agency, then yes, it is safe.