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Best Online Casinos in Greece

Gambling has always been very popular in Greece. However, when it comes to online casino Greece, the majority of passionate gamblers have more questions than answers. The point is, online casino Greece has been banned, then allowed, then banned again, so legislation in this sphere is absolute mess.

However, current situation, and experience of real users gambling in the web from Greece show that, while formally even the best online casinos in Greece are looked down upon, in practice, no one bans locals from making bets online. No cases of persecution are known, and everybody who desires to play some casino games online Greece are free to do so. Therefore, the good news is that, if you are in Greece and would love to gamble online, there is no problem entering a foreign casino operating from abroad, which accepts Greek players, and win some money.

To save your time and energy, we have made a list of the best online casino Greece – or rather, casinos accepting Greek players – which you can see below. No need to make research on your own, as everything has already been done for you. Just check out which casino online Greek you like best, and which casino Greece provides the most attractive bonuses, register, and play!

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Best Greece online casinos


History of gambling in Greece

To be honest, we don’t understand why the Greek authorities make such a mess about gambling, because in fact, gambling has always been part of the local culture.

  • Firstly, games of chance were mentioned as early as back in the third century BC.
  • Secondly, according to ancient literature and myths, even ancient gods played dice.
  • And thirdly, the country is a set of international ports (and has always been!), so no wonder that ships from everywhere visited and foreigners brought their games to Greece, like dice and other table games.

However, today the situation is far from so favourable. While land based facilities have been allowed long ago, the online casinos in Greece saw no prevention (or rather, no regulation whatsoever) since the beginning of the Internet and until 2002. In 2002, though, the government suddenly recollected that and decided to ban online gambling in favour of land based facilities which were obviously easier to control and regulate.

From 2002 till 2011, the ban for online gambling was in place. In 2011, the new Gambling Act was issued, allowing reputable and reliable operators acquire official licenses from the government, and run online casino sites. However, the happiness did not last long, because already in a year, in 2012, the authorities have changed their mind and banned virtual gambling again to favour the monopoly of government-operated OPAP operator.

Current situation on gambling in Greece

Is online casino legal in Greece? Today, only land based venues are allowed to operate in the country, officially. Moreover, one can make bets only in EUR, and moreover moreover, all brick and mortar facilities are run by the monopolist OPAP. This situation makes the European Union very unhappy, as they demand Greek government to open the market to other operators and create some healthy competition in the industry.

Greece still tries to oppose this pressure, because obviously land-based facilities are easier to control, plus monopoly is advantageous for the government. But Greece is not in the position of opposing to the European Union for long, because of its recent financial problems as part of the Union. So, most politically aware gamblers expect positive changes in the legislation in the nearest future, but objectively, no one knows what happens and when.

As for online gambling, neither local nor foreign operators are allowed to run sites on the territory of the country, and the country does not issue licenses and regulations for web casinos. However, as it has already been mentioned, regardless of the official ban, there are no mechanisms of tracking or persecuting locals who makes bets at foreign platforms operated from abroad.

Laws for gambling in Greece

The Greek legislation states that making bets is possible only in land based facilities, while any gambling outside the brick and mortar facilities is banned and is criminalized by the law. All lotteries and spots betting are operated by OPAP, so whenever one gambles with them, this is 100% legal. The only problem is that they do not run online casinos.

Yet, the laws in place today fail to make difference between online gambling at casinos, playing video games in the web, and some other virtual entertainments. So, as a result, the current Gambling law does not cover Internet casinos properly. Plus, this ban on making bets anywhere except brick and mortar venues seems to work only for physical gambling - that is, locals are not allowed to organize private gambling parties, or make bets somewhere in the streets. At the same time, the same law is not efficient for regulating web gaming at all. Therefore, locals feel free to visit foreign platforms without any issues at all.

Regulatory authorities in Greece

According to Greece online gambling laws and agreements that are in place today, all the industry in the country is regulated by OPAP. This situation is about to end in 2020, as responsibilities are expected to be divided between several other authorities - however, it is not clear whether these authorities are independent from OPAP, or will they be pet agencies. Anyways, OPAP is the main regulatory body for now, and EU is very unsatisfied about that.

Taxation laws on gambling in Greece

Taxation system in Greece considers only brick and mortar facilities plus anything run by OPAP (that is lotteries, and sports betting). The previous tax for all physical venues was 22%, but now the situation is changing and the new regulations offer from 8% to 15% tax depending on the income of the venue, which makes more sense. As for players, the tax law is different as well. Nowadays, if the person wins less than €100 per year, no tax is paid at all. Yet, if they win €500 or more, they will have to pay 20% of tax. The regulation of tax for winnings between €100 and €500 is not clear, plus again, this is applicable only to land based venues.

Those locals reaching out for online casinos operating from abroad are not likely to pay any tax, at least as for today. There are no known cases of persecution for receiving casino Greece online winnings from foreign platforms.

Land Based casinos in Greece

As we already know, land based facilities are in favour in Greece. There are seven Greek casinos, three poker rooms, one bingo hall, plus recently, land based slots machines were officially allowed. Therefore, it makes no problem to find an offline facility if you are a fan of all this festive atmosphere and entertainment. To give you a better idea of what Greece has to offer, we have made a small overview of three land based casinos in the country.

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki
Phone number:
30 2744 060300
Posidonos 48, Loutraki Agii Theodori 203 00, Greece

This hotel hosts a casino since 2010, offering around 700 slots machines, all classic table games, video poker, and electronic roulette. In addition, there are four restaurants, a conference room, and very nice accomodation.

Casino Rodos
Phone number:
30 2241 097400
4 Georgiou Papanikolaou Street, Rhodes, Rhodes Island, Rhodes, Greece

This casino on the island of Rhodes has more than 300 slots machines to entertain, plus classic table games. The hotel of the facility is outright luxurious, and offers best suits for the guests. There are seven restaurants, bars, and cafes on the territory, plus a conference hall for different events. In other words, Casino Rodos is a hub of entertainment.

Regency Casino Thessaloniki
Phone number:
30 2310 491234
13 Km Thessaloniki-Perea, Thermi, Thessaloníki, Greece

Casino in this venue has been in operation since 1996, and by now, they have more than 700 gaming machines, all kinds of table games, poker, and electronic roulette for entertainment of the guests. The accommodation is provided by Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, and in addition to restaurants, there is SPA and theater.

Banking options for gambling in Greece

Greece is part of the European Union, plus this is an extremely popular tourist destination. As a result, the locals are lucky enough to have access to a bunch of well-known, reliable, and popular international payment systems. Therefore, one can take advantage and prepare for online gambling in advance by registering two e-wallets in addition to their plastic card. It is always a good idea to have more than one payment option; in fact, three options is the best, since not all banks support depositing to online casino for Greece.

So, gamblers of Greece can use the following payment options:

  • bank cards
  • Skrill
  • Hipay
  • BlueSnap
  • PayPal
  • G2A Pay
  • QHWR
  • cash transfers

While these options are not many, they are international, plus, they are safe and reliable.

When you reach out to an Greece online casino, make sure it offers well-known payment processing operators, because this shows the reputation and reliability of the new online casino Greece. Plus, watch out for options available personally to you. And thirdly, check if the casino online Greece actually supports instant withdrawal channels, or you will have to wait for a month to get your winnings.

Popular cities in Greece for gambling

Since there are not many casinos in Greece, far from every city can boast an official brick and mortar gambling venue. Cities that actually have such facilities include:

  • Acharnes
  • Elliniko
  • Kavala
  • Loutraki
  • Rhodes
  • Sylos
  • Thessaloníki

Besides those cities, you are unlikely to find any other official venues for making some bets.

Facts About Greece

In addition to being a place full of passionate gamblers, Greece is a desired tourist destination. So, to find out a bit more about this country, check out the following facts:

  • Greece was the place where democracy originated
  • evil eye is the most common superstition, so the most popular souvenir is even eye talisman
  • Greeks still like to smoke inside, for example in restaurants
  • name days are as important, or even more important, than birthdays
  • Greek coffee is made in a different manner
  • bakeries are everywhere
  • there are more varieties of olive trees in Greece than anywhere else
  • this is one of the sunniest countries in the world, having 250 sunny days per year, on average
  • the country includes more than 2000 islands
  • Greek language is the oldest written one that is still used
  • the actual name of the country is Hellenic Republic

So, as it becomes obvious, tourists and travelling gamblers will have lots of things to view and try out in this wonderful country, besides land based casinos.


Online gambling in Greece is not legal, but it is not fully banned. Online gambling market in Greece is developing, but the punters reach out to foreign platforms.
Due to lack of online casino license Greece, no local operators provide mobile platforms for gaming. One can try to reach out for sites operated from abroad, but it is not clear whether mobile operators will allow access.
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