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Finding a decent, fair, and reliable online casino is not a simple task. Finding a decent, fair, and reliable NZD online casino may seem even harder. It is always a bit of a trouble to spot an online platform for gambling that would accept local currencies. This is especially true for countries where online gambling for real money is not legal, or not completely legal, and the local gamblers have to reach out to overseas online casinos to make bets.

However, if you are here at Casinority, we already have your back covered. New Zealand players are allowed to visit foreign platforms for betting, so you have a wide choice of sites out there! Check out the list of the best online casino that take NZ dollars, and win real cash while playing your favourite games!

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Best NZD online casinos


New Zealand Dollar Currency - History

NZD was introduced back in 1967, and before it, the national currency was New Zealand pound. Since 1933, the rates of pound sterling and NZ pound were different, but the name stayed.

In 1967, the government decided to make the financial system more convenient and switched money to decimal currency. Back then, as well as today, the NZD is informally called kiwi, since kiwis are so strongly associated with the country.

From the very beginning of its existence, NZD had a strong position, and its rate against USD was US$1.12 = NZ$1. By 2017, NZD was trading at rate about US$0.71, which is still a very positive index, if we compare it to those of other world currencies.

What Countries Use New Zealand Dollar?

What countries, besides Shaky Isles, use local dollar? To be honest, not many. They include Tokelau, Pitcairn Islands, Niue, and Cook Islands.

Current Situation With New Zealand Dollar On The Market

Considering that very few countries use NZD besides Shaky Isles, and also considering that local players have no options for gambling at legitimate nationally licensed casinos, finding an online parlour that allows deposits and withdrawals with NZD may be a bit complicated. Despite the fact that New Zealand Dollar is stable and has a high rate against USD, it is not used widely, let alone in online gambling industry. This creates the need to look specifically for online gambling platforms that accept players from Shaky Isles and allow transactions in NZD.

Advantages of Betting With New Zealand Dollar

As we have just discussed, depositing with NZ dollars can bring local punters some juicy bonuses and promotions. However, this is not the only one benefit of making deposits with this currency.

The second advantage NZ punters get is no currency exchange. This is really cool, because if the platform does not accept local currency, the customer has to exchange money when depositing, and then exchange it again to withdraw. This scheme often suggests losses on currency rates difference, plus there may be hidden commissions from a parlour. Depositing with NZD, on the other hand, does not require currency exchanges.

And the third advantage of using NZD for betting at parlour is availability of both international and local banking options. If the customer bets with currency that is not used in their country officially, in the majority of cases this customer has to look for additional banking options to process the payment in non-national currency. When betting with NZD, the customer can choose their local payment systems and e-wallets, which is way more convenient.

Popular Banking Methods For New Zealand Dollar

Talking about banking options, let’s check out which international and local payment processing operators are available to Kiws. In addition to Visa and Mastercard plastic, these operators include:

  • SagePay
  • Skrill
  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree
  • Coinbase
  • NMI
  • Ogone
  • Paymate
  • Postepay
  • SecurePay
  • Worldpay
  • PayPal
  • First Data
  • HiPay
  • Ingenico Payment Services
  • BlueSnap
  • eWAY QHWR/BillriantPay
  • Stripe
  • G2A Pay
  • Strategic Funding

The choice is pretty wide, but always double-check whether you could have more than one banking option that are convenient for you. Some companies support faster transactions, some may require additional data, so make sure you have access to at least two methods of payment processing, both allowing deposit as well as withdrawal from the parlour (if possible). Such approach will always keep you on the safe side.

The Future of New Zealand Dollar Online Casinos

Unless Zelanian government changes its laws considering online gambling, the demand of Kiws for overseas casinos accepting them as real money customers is unlikely to reduce in the nearest future. So, we can only expect growth and development of online casinos NZD.

Sum Up

Having no local online casino NZ is not a problem for Zelanian gamblers. It is totally possible to find safe, decent, and reliable good online casino that accept NZD, and provide outstanding service and entertainment.


Best payouts at NZD is King Billy casino.
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