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Swiss franc online casinos

Switzerland enjoys a favourable attitude of the government to gambling, both online and offline, as this country’s mechanisms are developed enough to regulate and control this market segment. Plus, a certain reserved culture of gambling makes it less problematic and more of an entertainment for locals.

However, there is a fly in the ointment, and more specifically – while online gambling has been stated totally legal, this is true only for local governmentally licensed casinos accepting exclusively Swiss francs. In other words, access and betting at web casinos operated from abroad was offered to be considered illegal. Due to the active opposition of the locals, the government has suspended this statement about all foreign casinos being illegal, but till today, the safest web platforms for gambling are local ones taking only Swiss francs.

To be sure you reach out and gamble only at legit, safe, and reliable Swiss franc online casinos, you don’t need to research each and every site you stumble across. We have already done all the work for you, and here in Casinority list, you will find the best online casinos that take Swiss franc.

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Best online casinos that accept Swiss franc


Swiss Franc Currency - History

Before the end of the 18th century, when current Helvetic Republic was formed, more than 70 agencies were issuing coins in the country. In addition to this variety and abundance, foreign trade coins were used for larger payments, making the whole monetary system very complicated.

In 1798, the Helvetic Republic introduced the franc, but in 1803, it was replaced by several other variations until 1850, when the Swiss Confederation issued its own new franc. This new franc was another attempt to unify the monetary system in the country: by the time the Swiss Confederation formed, around 8,000 different coins were functioning in the country.

The franc offered by the Swiss Confederation is the same franc used by Switzerland today. It has lived through certain changes, including changes in the standard of silver. Nowadays, both coins and banknotes are used. The currency is stable and enjoys high value. It is most often traded against USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.

What Countries Use Swiss Franc

These days, Swiss franc is officially used only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. However, this does not mean that one will face any difficulties when trying to exchange this currency anywhere in Europe. Swiss francs are easy to buy and sell almost in every bigger European city, and the exchange rate is decent enough.

Current Situation With Swiss Franc On The Market

Switzerland is a pretty small country, but at the same time, it is one of the oldest still existing countries in the world. Plus, it is currently one of the richest countries in the world, and in fact, it enjoys the title for long years already. As a result, Swiss franc differs with its unprecedented stability on the market. The country boasts some of the highest GDP-per-capita statistics globally, which is a reliable basis for strong currency.

Yet, if we talk Swiss Frank online gambling, the situation is a bit worse due to the government’s trend of banning access of locals to foreign casinos taking francs. Since only two countries in the world use Swiss francs, and both countries are small, and moreover, one of them considers banning access to foreign casinos, no wonder many foreign casinos are reluctant to allow CHF for betting. This is the thing Swiss gamblers have to keep in mind.

Advantages of Betting With Swiss Franc

The main advantage of depositing and withdrawing your national currency is no currency exchange, and no hidden commissions caused by difference in the exchange rates. Betting with national currency is very convenient, as well, because the player can easily count the percentage of payout, assess the bets, and manage their finance more effectively.

Popular Banking Methods For Swiss Franc

Swiss players can use the whole array of payment methods, from bank cards and prepaid plastic cards, to e-wallets and other online types of payment. While depositing to an Swiss online casino with a bank card may be a bad idea, especially if this is a foreign CHF deposit casino, other methods are pretty convenient, and include, among others:

  • PostFinance
  • PayOne
  • HiPay
  • BlueSnap
  • QHWR/BillriantPay
  • Ingenico Payment Services
  • Heidelpay
  • Mollie
  • Stripe
  • G2A Pay
  • PayPal
  • PaysafeCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • ecoPayz

The more banking options are offered, the better. Plus, consider having more than one method available to you.

Sum Up

One way or the other, Swiss players have more freedom in their choice of web casinos than gamblers of many other countries. So we believe they should take advantage of the best online casino offers available to them!

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