Stress-Testing Online Casinos in Canada

If you are a regular casino gambler and you are staying or permanently living in Canada, you have scored. Over there you can find a number of online casino places where you can experience some adrenaline one a weekend or after you work day is over.

One of the biggest advantages is that the variety is immense, from slots to card games, you can find everything to thrill your nerves. What is more, almost every day a new game is released which makes your chances of winning even higher if you manage to find the most suitable internet casino for your needs.

Casinority is here to help you in this well, not so easy task as there are thousands of different casino sites offering gambling experience. Fortunately, thanks to years of experience in gambling our experts are able to distinguish only the best and most reliable from them and to present every single casino in a straightforward and engaging way for you.

We provide guides, useful information about the bonuses and rewards as well as the latest news about the casinos. Simply pick the one that best fits you from the top 10 online casinos listed below and show your talent while enjoying some risk games. We never take money from casinos or affiliated websites, which means we are 100 % unbiased. Sites we list in our top-10 really deserve their place.

How we pick only the best Canadian online casinos for you?

The process of choosing the top 10 Canadian online casinos that are going to lead our list is long and exhausting, but in the end, you are provided with top quality sites to gamble in Canada. only lists casino that have:

License and Registration

If a Canadian online casino is reliable and trustworthy, it will most surely have all the needed documents and regulations covered. Needless to say, when our specialists review a certain online gambling place, they will never forget to look closely for all the laws to be obeyed and nothing to appear suspicious. We want you to be able to just choose one casino site at random, based on our research, and to start gambling never worrying that someone is messing with your account or money.

Payout Rate

Quite common for the gambling industry that almost any casino you play in claims that it has tremendous payout percentage. However, many places tend to lie and fraud you so that you go on their site and gamble. And lose. It is quite obvious that in the end you will leave with no money, frustrated and you will never want to gamble in online casinos.

In order to prevent such regrettable outcome, we are going to review the payout percentage and if there is something wrong, we will never put it in our top list. For example, if top online casinos Canada are stating that their payout rate is around 96 %, we will immediately do our research and try to prove it.

Rewards and Bonuses

In order to have calm and entertaining experience when you gamble for the first time, most online Canada casinos provide impressive bonuses after the first deposit. They could be in the form of money, percentage of the invested amount, free spins and many more.

One thing is for sure, if you are a newbie you want to be sure that you will receive everything promised to the last penny from the online casino. And if you choose a casino from ones listed above that’s the only outcome that can happen. Casinority have manually gone through every single one of them and tried their bonuses and rewards in order to prove that there is not a scam going on.


Should I download software or am I free to play exclusively online?

This is unquestionably one of the most argued questions when it comes down to online casinos. Many people say that you should download the software or you’ll lose some gambling options. Well, not so fast. Not only you will be able to play purely online, but you will have almost the same experience as with the software version of the casino. Presumably the greatest difference between the two methods is that when you are playing from a browser you may experience lower performance in games or few games may not be available due to performance issues.

On the other hand, after you download the software, you are given the chance to experience various games and stakes as long as you are satisfied. On the whole, both ways will work for you and your computer but keep in mind that there are some slight changes in the games between the versions. Choose the one you prefer and feel the adrenaline rising.

Can I try a casino without having to invest money?

Of course you can. This is called a no deposit casino gambling. Basically, you create your account, preferably in one of the casinos listed above and follow the online casino guide in order to complete your registration.

Later, you are provided with virtual funds which are yours but you could not withdraw them until a number of games are passed. This way you are given the chance to experience some of the games without having to use your own money. Needless to say, a considerable number of bonuses and rewards are expecting you.

What is the game that gives best odds to win?

Some will say that the answer to this question is known only to casino owners and that it is a secret to the regular gambler. Well, the truth is that everyone is allowed to know these facts as they are based on simple mathematics. However, we are not going to test your math skills but simply point you out which are the games that will give you the most.

Needless to say, slots are not the one that we are looking for, by contrast to many people’s opinion. The games that have greater odds are the table games. The game that might give you the highest profit is Blackjack. Craps and roulette are following.