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The Bahamas is a small country, which is an island located between Cuba, Florida, and Hispaniola. The Bahamas used to be an English colony that has become an independent country with a membership in the British Commonwealth. The country’s population is not high in numbers, being that there are approximately 300,000 citizens. Most of the income to the state’s budget comes from tourism. That’s why gambling is legally allowed for tourists, yet it’s strongly prohibited for local people.

The Bahamas has been a real gambling paradise for tourists since 1969 when the first casinos in the state were established. That was the turning point that has drastically transformed a remotely unknown state into an extremely popular tourist destination that attracts myriad tourists owing to its divine climate, marvellous beaches, and favourable gambling conditions in the state.

This review serves to inform you about the top casinos in the Bahamas as well as all the legal and other important peculiarities of gambling in the Bahamas.

List of best Bahamas online casinos

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