If you are in UAE and would like to gamble, the best idea is to avoid this activity whatsoever. Online gambling is strictly forbidden in United Arab Emirates, and the punishment is severe, even for foreigners. There are cases of arrest, of both locals and foreigners, due to their gambling online.

There are numerous websites that actually allow players from UAE, but these websites are definitely located elsewhere. United Arab Emirates online casinos are all banned, while mobile casino in United Arab Emirates is also not available (unless you have a VPN installed before entering the country, but it is all risky still). So please avoid online gambling while you are in UAE. If you would really want to visit UAE casino sites, winning real money in UAE casinos, it is better to visit a legal land based gambling house. And still, be ready that the majority of legal facilities (and there are only eight in UAE) are racing facilities.

We provide the list of online casinos accepting for UAE players, but you have to keep in mind the legal situation. These are the best UAE gambling sites.

Online Casinos for Players From UAE

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